lessons Learned Young

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The Old Master is surprised by an answer. But why?

Submitted: September 25, 2017

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Submitted: September 25, 2017



The old Master entered the great hall and took his place at the far end of a long, low, table. He seated himself, crossing his legs in the process.

Along both sides of the table a total of 24 students were seated. And at the other end of the table was the Master's oldest and most able student; Jinn Sung.

There were other students, of various ages, but all were younger than those seated at the table.

All the students in these halls were in the midst of meditation, so none opened their eyes, or paid any attention, when the Master entered and seated himself. Yet, all were aware of his presence.

The Master placed his hands together and began to chant, and as he did the students began to chant with him; it was like hearing a vibrating echo within the room.

As the chanting stopped the Master asked a question. "How far have we come in our journey?"

"Only one step master!" was the reply from all the students.

"And what is the purpose of our journey?" the master asked.

All the students stated, "To understand what we do not know."

"Your answers are good," said the Master. And then he continued by saying, "Now let us review what we have already discussed during earlier days.

We have decided that Hope and Faith walk arm in arm, and that the weaker of the two may stumble. What was our conclusion to this thought?"

All the students answered together, "Hope and Faith walk arm in arm so if one stumbles it will not fall."

The master continued by saying, "We also decided that Wisdom was found lacking. Yet, the fact that Wisdom is still being sought gives rise to Hope for the future; so we have Faith that there shall be more seekers of Wisdom.

And what of Love Jinn Sung, tell us, what did we decide about that?"

Jinn Sung replied, "Love is like flowers, in full bloom, but Love's beautiful flowers are self serving. Even then, kindness is a part of both forms of Love and that leads us to Hope once more."

"Did we speak of Kindness, Din Twann?" asked the Master of another student seated at the table.

Din Twann replied, "We decided that Kindness is scarce and quite often when kindness is offered there are strings attached. But then we decided that wisdom tells us that a little kindness goes a long way, and is better than none at all.

So we shall have faith and will believe that some of the kindness that is given will be of the self-less kind, and will have no strings attached. That is good!"

"Very true, Din Twann, there is good in it," replied the old Master. "There is some good in all we discussed.

Now students, let us explore and answer this question. What human emotions do not contain or lead us back to Hope, Faith, Wisdom, Love and Kindness?"

"Without hesitation, one of the youngest students said, "Fear and hate, Oh wise Master!"

The old Master was stunned at such a quick and accurate response, so it took him a moment to gather his thoughts. Once he did he looked toward the student and asked, "How is it that a child so young knows these answers?"

The student replied, "My grandmother was a Leper."


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