Come Morning Time

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Submitted: September 25, 2017

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Submitted: September 25, 2017



In a few short months it will be a year 
Another piece of me will be left behind 

I stood on the edge of the deepest well i could find 
And I tossed down a dime
Ten cents for a moment in time 
The answer I got could never sound more cruel 
Silence in its deepest whisper 
Echoes in my mind 
You gone and I can't bring you back 
No matter how many clocks I unwind 

I could jump if I wished
But I doubt i would ever reach the bottom
My pain is so deep
Not a broken memory is forgotten

So stay with me 
Please stand close
 I can't do this again
Not on my own 

Your laughter is so loud 
Bouncing off the canyon walls of my empty heart
Hearing it again is so sweet
Yet it's way too hard

I hope that if I ever get to sleep
I'll get to tell you for the first and last time 
You are the richest treasure I will ever keep 
And the one I may never find 

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