Into The Depths

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Just a short story I wrote for English using vocabulary words (Thats why it includes weird words like voodoo), hope you enjoy

Submitted: September 25, 2017

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Submitted: September 25, 2017



That night on the rocking boat, a tempest swirled around us. The diners were in the 1st class cafeteria eating langouste while the ballast rocked around the bottom of the boat violently. The captain was busy with the sextant while the rest of the crew were filling their mugs full of black coffee and distilled water. All of the sudden, on the starboard side, the cry came out.

“Iceberg!” screamed a passenger, frozen in fear like the giant mountain of ice they were heading for at a surprising speed. The loud thud and tearing sound fill the air as the sharp ice ripped a hole in the starboard side of the boat. It was too late! No amount of voodoo magic could save them as the bottom levels swirled with water. And before a reaction had even passed the frightened passenger’s minds, the boat vanished, into the murky black depths of no return. As the trade winds swirled, the tempest was gone, and the sun rose from its slumber. The traveler’s lives had ended as abruptly as the day had begun.


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