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In the kingdom called Quella, a king conquered all the lands, but he must pay a price for these lands.

Submitted: September 25, 2017

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Submitted: September 25, 2017



My spirit is infrangible, it's as vigorous as titanium. In a fight if I'm going to taste defeat, your going to feel my defeat when the time comes. I’ll institute a pellucid hatred for those who come into my vision as a roadblock. With that said, no man or women shall step in my way when I take charge of my empire. With my majestic spirit and athleticism no putrid lifeform shall step in the way of their sophisticated king. I must stay confident or else. One day all in the world will be on their knees bowing and praying to me the god of Quella and all other empires.

With the soft swaying of the cherry trees as the blossoms swarm the air I, King LyleThe 5th, smell the repulsive air that seems be near my balcony that hangs high above the river that carries the cherry blossoms downstream. Its coming from the servants bedrooms. Of course those little mole rats think they have the power to let their own rooms to go unattended once again. Moreover, I know my wife will have ad hoc evening with me in the future about how these servants deserve pity but I don't care a bit because I a conscientious king knows whats right for us all. In fact, these redundant servants shall not give this castle a awful appearance. This stench that happens to come every week came from an absurd idea to have are master bedroom above the servants dungeons but, Queen Sorcha - my wife thought it was best to have a wondrous view of the cherry tree’s in the morning. Besides this room, I always prefered the stunning gold room that belonged to the former king of Qullea but, now it will reside in the possession of my son in the future.

I made my way down to the servants dungeons as I glanced at the art that situated on the walls after all these years. All the forty three kings of the Haywood family laid on these walls - each seemed to have quite similar facial features. Such as, having a strong chin and pulchritudinous hair. The art blends well with the chamotte brick walls. However, these antecedent kings had no ability to step forward with a powerful empire. I wasn't able to pertain like the rest of them as I grew up more “heartless”, as they describe. All the rest bowed to create a healthy city as I created a better army. In the past, the Haywood kingdom would get eradicated over and over by the are neighbor Mundilla - Mundilla reached this power by being ruthless so they could exceed.

I rule harshly because I know if I don’t they will murder me like they did to the former king because his heart made him blind. That day, watching an arrow impaled my father's eye made me realize how useless my father's actions where. The terror that raised in his eyes as he said farewell to the world made me see the harsh realities of his mistakes. My father taught me to not make the same mistakes as he did. In his life, the former king told me I had what it takes to rule the kingdom - he told the tales that this never ending for peace with the Mundilla will work in the end. He was incorrect, but he was accurate with one thing - my capability.

I scrunched my fist’s as I looked into the dark eyes of my father's portrait. People in the kingdom like him disturb me because they remind me of the ignorant fool he was. Those fallacious lower class citizens remind me everyday I have a excavated heart. They should be proud to have protection - I’m not here to tend to their utter wishes. I’m not one to construct farms and homes, not here to maintenance the homeless, and not here to make laws - that's their responsibility.  

I shake off these cockamamy thoughts. I need to comprehend the present not the past. I continue my way past all the corridor’s. Once I find my way to the hideous iron door I pull the handle. However, a Mundilla women steps in my way.

“Will ya’ excuse yourself away? They cleaning mess in they’ downstairs,” My wife blurts quickly in my face as steps between me and the door. Her gorgeous complexion memorizes me even after all these years but, I move away from the feeling as I see the fury burning in her eyes.

I then threaten her, “Isn’t it an unpleasant surprise to see you? I have important business to attend and if you don’t allow me pass I shall send you to work with them.”

She takes a moment to find the words as I can see the trembling fear in her eyes. Still after all these years, she has a hard time comprehending english. It’s as if she had no time to put into english - one lazy lady.

“You listen -,” I lift finger to her mouth to shush her but, she pushes my hand away and continues with her heavy accent, “People deserve no harm. Can’t ya teach insted of whipping?”

“I don’t know why you as a Mundilla care about abuse to others after all the years your family has done to mine? You where the princess of Mundilla and you even married me to help me conquer other lands!”

She then yells, “They your people!”

“That’s just another reason for you to not care,” I try to get past but she stands tall. These are her not her responsibilities, this happens when I leave her unattended she thinks she is a majestic ruler once again! She can’t straightforwardly understand the complexities of how to rule a kingdom.

“I'm trying with help!” This pushes it! I grit my teeth and push her to the ground and look at her in the eye. How could I have ever been in love with a beast that was so illogical? Her eyes glisten in the light as they fill up with tears. Looking in her tears remind me of the river full of cherry blossoms outside. It reminds of the inner peace I obtained once from my father. I need to remember be a king that gives protection for my citizens so they don't face death like their ancestor’s. I can not help them with domestic problems and laws instead, I shall help with protection because I didn't have a safe childhood and it’s all I desired for me and my family to live happily on our own. With that, it was time to end her said “heroic” outbursts.

The guards are already close behind ready to attack. I swiftly turn to them and tell, “Send my wife to the other dungeon with the other malefactors! I will attend to her later once my other duties are done. Don’t dare leave her in a cage with them though.” The words came out quick as they leave a rash in my throat. It feels as my emotions have created a sweltering pain in my heart as it’s beat by a hammer. I want to let the tears flow because seeing this woman who I loved once in my life. No, I must be a man and rule like a king to prove my ancestors wrong. I can’t trust this pitiful girl - tonight I need to put an end to this nonsense.

She does not fight as she’s dragged away but, she doesn’t stand she let’s them drag her across the tile floor. I turn to the iron door but, I look back because I can’t resist - I do not see a single tear run down her cheek as she is dragged down the hall. I decide to close the door to the servants quarters. Maybe it’s better to let go.




The news about the queen’s absence swiftly made it’s way around the castle. It did not reach my dear son, Alexander. If it was to extend out to my young apprentice my presence to him would became a nuisance that should be called as his father. Thus, this news shall shattered his representation of me leaving me as a unskillful baron.

Luckily, the guards keep it a secret. The thoughts composed the entire majority of my brain. Even looking into the well where I made my wish when I was nine. The wish I made was to have the empire in my possession. Moreover, this well was built by the former king’s great - great grandfather. He informed me that this well was constructed to be there for eons so the future kings can have a place to hope. This hope, it was said to bury in our hearts their to go forth and grant the courage we wished upon. However, when a king is to die with this wish he shall be buried next to the well so he can compose in love of his ancestor’s as they share their success or defeat. Either way, they believe this was how we would all be reunited in a new empire without evil.

That well is fallacious - it’s a cockamamy of their state of mind. It’s been about twenty years since I decided to visit this well. However, wishes are a waste of time not reality. Ambition does not come from a coin in a well. We have to do it ourselves instead of hope. Therefore, fighting is better than standing back and letting the enemy come forth. Even if blood is shed.

My ancestor’s where redundant believing that peace shall come to us if we hold them back until they shake hands. It’s not like we could join together and create an alliance. It’s all a joke we believed could come a long. They keep on with ways that were unsuperficial.  It made them a long row of imbeciles.

What utter importance do I perceive of this well? It just brings back my memories of the former king - my father. The overuse of pity I have for my father is quite absurd. It’s like a part of him is stuck in the dungeon that is called my heart. Today, I’m residing here with arms resting in the well as I stare into his grave. It brings back a flashback right into my mind.




The former kings sit’s before me in his old rocking chair that was placed in my old bedroom. His brunette hair glistens as the sun’s rays from the window beat down on his incredible face. The grey almond eyes he has been given in life makes him look peaceful and kind even though he has a strong jaw with a muscular body built. As he rocks back and forth, the long hair on his head sway’s back and forth. I, his dear son is memorized by his perplex beauty that even the wise couldn’t truly understand.

His eye’s are set on the window, he stares into the field of horse’s. While he enjoys solitude I play with the toys he handcrafted for me. These figures had hexutal heads and slim bodies. The thought of these deformed dolls made me nauseous. However, the toys were the most memorable part of my childhood. My eye’s light up with astonishment every time my father bestowed me another of his creations he made. Moreover, the last time I exhibited a childish spirit was when I played with those hideous monsters. Yes they were hideous, but they came from my father’s heart - he even took time out of his royal duties for this unnecessary hobby. He did it all for me his only son.

As I flung the doll to and throw as if it were on a nonexistent horse, the former king rose from his chair with great force. The chair slammed against the floor, but he didn't care as he grabbed my hand and rushed me out the door. My feet flew from the floor while my mind was left in the other room. I didn’t understand the complexities of the situation but, I felt fear bubbling in me as if it was boiling water.

Arrows, bombs, and screaming instantly traveled around the castle in a matter of seconds. The vibrating disperses all over my body, it’s like an invisible man is throwing me back and forth. The floor behind us start to crackle and explode while the walls are slowly slipping out of place. People that were blown to summerfings now had deary expressions as they laid upon the floor.

The corridor seemed to be a perpetual length. My younger self was petrified, even looking up to my father's shows he didn’t take precaution for another attack. In the time before the attack, my father offered the Mundilla’s gold from are mines so they wouldn’t proceed to attack once again. I guess it wasn’t as much as they needed.

Once we reach the end of the corridor, the former king of Mundilla stands before us. He is a burly man with dark skin tone. His eyes look like a deep dark pit - it's impossible for you to break your stare with him. A set of guards reside behind him. When we come to a halt he raises his hairy arm to speak. He “needs” to raise his hand in a formal matter while the castle is starting to collapse on itself.

“Hi Lyle,” hes says in his gruffy accent. It sounded as if he lost his voice.

My father gives a stare of utter disappointment before he speaks, “Lyle Haywood the 4th, your honor.” King Zarden of Mundilla chuckles hysterically. His huge belly inflates like a balloon as he breathes in and out.

“Do ya’ know what happens now? No pay is no good,” Zarden rubs his two fat things together to represent paying. My father stay’s expressionless, he doesn't want me to see him cower in fear. He is scared - his hands are clenched enough to have his knuckles turn white.

Before anything could go out of hand my father now raises his hand, “Where is my wife, Jasmine Haywood? Where’s my daughter’s - Linnette and Sarette?” Those question knocks the wind out of me. I couldn’t handle my breathing.

“Your daughta’s in hands of me men.”

“No, give them back! You can have the castle and gold! Just give me back my twin daughters!” My father roared with anger. Sweat drizzled down his face and off his chin. Spit flew from his mouth and all over the floor. My hand was gripped on his arm but, I couldn’t hold him back - I was just ten.

Zarden then continued, “I took all gold from mine - all done. Not all needed, daughters can be good server’s or good queen.”

“My daughter’s shall not marry your 19 year old son or scrub floors! They are four years apart and-”

“SILENCE,” boomed Zarden but that didn’t stop my father he raced forward on his feet. The guard's behind Zarden raised their bows at my father who stopped before them. “Shoot him or thy son, pay shall be gone!”

When son was said by Zarden  my father turned back to me, he tried stand between me and the guards, but had an arrow in his eye after he turned around to face me. The look on his face once the arrow sheared though his eye was unreadable. It was also unforgettable.




After the flashback was out of my head I threw my arms in the air. This well is a reliable source of miserable thoughts. My father’s out loving nature is not a matter of importance. I walked other to his grave. I hated these thoughts of mine. Why do I keep perpetually contemplating this topic? Am I unsure of it or am I pitiful? Did I handpick this role of a king right?

A cool breeze starts to set in on these mountains as the sun sets. The warm sun beats on my back while I’m kneeling down at my father’s grave. Is this what he’d want for me? To break apart and conquer of kingdoms like the Mundila has done to us just for survival. Is that even a way to enjoy living? Does my heart grow heavier every day I create more regrets? Is my life just the same day of perpetual mistakes?

I don’t know anymore. This is the trickiest situation I’ve dealt with in a long time. It’s almost supper and I requested the guards to alert my son to have supper on his own while me and his mother have a discussion. Today has been the most exhausting day of my life since, the day the former king passed on into the grave next to the well.




I could barely make my way to the dungeons, because I’m still confined to my own disaterful thoughts. This problem shall nevermore make it’s way into my thoughts once I discuss these issues with Sorcha. My mind became clear after this take, then I will not contemplate these issue’s once more. In fact, there’s been too much discursiveness that prohibited me from my royal duties today.

One thing stayed on my mind was my mother’s power. In fact, once the former king passed it was just me and my mother. My mother was a very predefined ruler - she had acquired many disease’s once she aged. She feared the Mundilla’s would come again, so she gave them all the gold we had in the mines. It was horrendous in that time, I got lots of solitude, hatred, and lots of labor work. I’ve lost the soft and kind look my father had in his grey eyes once, I was in the mines. My grey eyes now bear depression and anger. It was hard for me to love such a weak ruler that was my mother - Jasmine.

I didn’t just think for the former king - I missed my sister’s more than anything. They were the most sophisticated girls I meet. The two were inseparable. Linette was so exuberant, she had quick and witty jokes that the imbecile could laugh at. On the other hand, Sarette had a classicized personality - she had the mind of five philosophers. They’d boss me around, play games with me, read books to me, and give my heart a boost if I was down. They also had the most outstanding beauty. All of men would cower down to them. They would be great queens but, the last time I saw them was twenty four years ago. I miss them.

My eyelids felt heavy with tears. I can’t see my wife like this. No men shall not cry because they are giving off to these immature thoughts. I am invincible, I shall conquer kingdoms and protect citizens even if blood is shed. I shall not cry, because of the past. What’s done has been done. I will become the most rigorous and infrangible ruler these lands will ever see. I am the best ruler of Quella.

I’ve only made it halfway across the castle - what a lazy man I have been. I lift myself up from the window I’ve rested at. I then wipe these forms of sorrow of my face. Once, I turn back to the way the dungeon’s are in, my nine year old son is starting up to me with his emerald like eyes.

“Daddy I want to see mum. The guards said she had the flu,” he has a quite slim and tall body. He doesn’t bear much muscle but he sure does have long limbs - just like I did. I looked just like him in this same corridor. I just realized this is the corridor my father died in when I was ten. Now I stand here with him, I could feel a mess of emotion glide around me.

I tell him, “Alex, your mother does not wish to see you because she’s utterly afraid you will obtain the flu from her. Trust me, it’s a nasty cold.”

I try to get past him, but he stands in my way. He has a dreary expression. His eye’s look the size of the moon as he stares at me with worry. He lifts his hand to me - he wants me to stop but, I must proceed. This mess need’s be taken care of now. I lift my hands to gently push him aside.

“Why were you looking out the window?” he asks in a such peaceful tone, I don’t answer as I turn down another hallway. I could feel his eyes piercing my back. I knew he would follow, so to make sure I asked a servant to send him to bed.



The door that led to the dungeon stood ajar. I hope my wife wasn’t mealless this entire evening. The door stridor made my ears feel as if someone stuck a sword in them. Ignoring the sound, I finally had the courage to bring myself in.

The dungeon was dingy and smelt of rat’s leftovers. The elimination of these rat’s should be necessary in the future. Moreover, I'm quite unrelieved with these dungeons but, that’s not a necessary thought right now.

The way down the stairs seemed quite perpetual. My ankles ached as if my heart put tons of weight upon them. I been thinking about the same things all day including, former king, sister’s, wife, son, ruling a kingdom, the well, and my ancestor’s. It feels as if that sums up my entire life. I don’t know what's right anymore. Now I’m just shaking my head back and forth. This headache I have residing in my head shall never leave - It shall never leave.

I was finally on the ground level of dungeon. The cells lined walls, each full of brute’s that smell of decaying corpses. These diseased vermin known as humans shall never get a shower again once they live in these cold cells. However and the end of the hallway was one cell that had a person with decent blood from their ancestors.

Sorcha knew I was there, because she picked up her head. She didn’t care to turn her head as she spoke, “What do ya’ want?”

“We need to have a respectful discussion on your past actions. You will listen and try to corporate. If not we-”

I wasn’t able to finish as she turned her head and blurted, “Ya sheep herder, take the sheep away from the wolves but, do not provide thy food.” There were marks on her face and arms. She used the dirt in the cell to draw her old Mundilla markings.

“Excuse me?”

She then continued, “To rule thy kingdom, have to provide for life. Can’t just make life. Give food, organizing, and love.”

I pulled myself closer to the bars of the cell then explained, “Why would I take that kind of advice from a former Mundilla.”

“We in me old kingdom, we had love. We fend for us, not for others. Had strong king that gave organizing, food source, and love. He help all in his place even if we had to destroy other places. King does more than one task for all.”

“You didn’t need to destroy my kingdom for gold! It’s a necessary material for life! That’s your selfish actions! The gold was not yours, and you killed my family and many former citizens in this kingdom for gold and and……...” I yelled at first, but whispered in the end.

She stares into my eyes as I stare at the floor. “Gold to us is ritual. The gods gave us gold to be said as gold a ya’ heart. If no gold we shall perish. If no gold, gods shall bestow us as useless. Gold not in our lands.”

“Your religion, it says that gold represents the good in our heart’s? It’s just a mineral that adds to appearance. It’s a mineral for a mediocre ritual that killed my sister and father because we didn’t offer enough! You KILLED my family so you could please the gods. After they were gone, I had to work in the mines for ten years just to get the materials needed to rebuild the castle. In fact, It’s the DUMBEST thing I’ve heard yet! IT’S……….it’s…………” My hands now clenched the bar’s. Sorcha was crying, I mocked all she believed in.

“Gods sprinkled gold on the ground for us. For us to give thy gift of life. Life thy fight for with ruler. Ruler love us all. Gold turned to presents for thy gods,” Sorcha sobbed.

My head was spinning, this conversation went off quick. My family died so these people can give gifts of gold to the gods so they can survive? My family died, they perish for these people’s fallacious religion. Why did I never confront this with Sorcha?

Sorcha then confronted me with the answer I needed to know, “I married ya’ for no love. Once my love gone, gods with no gifts. I marry ya’ once ya’ killed me home and took me in dungeon’s. Marry ya’ because, I had no hope for me life. Father gone, mum gone, all gone because of thy! You take ma family and my family took ya’s!”

It makes sense now, I never felt love for anyone except my sisters and my father. Once they died I lost all hope. I plummeted into domination because of revenge. Filling that hatred brought me into a life not worth living. I don’t want to protect and build a massive empire. I wanted revenge and to prove my ancestors wrong. Therefore, I lost the kindness my father gave me and the happiness I sister’s gave me too. I never got anything I wanted again after my father was killed and my sister’s where gone.

“Ya’ ancestor’s shall be disapointed!”

“How do you know anything about my ancestors!”

“Thy well outside, gravestones, pictures on wall, history books! I see it all! I know!” I don’t say much. The beginning of today I was me feeling powerful, vigorous, and infrangible . Now I felt redundant, pitiful, ignorant, and an abolishment of mankind. Sorcha was intelligent.

She continued “Our son could went to thy well! It would bent helpful. Ya’ never there for he! He’ll rule like ya’! I had to try! Thy nonsense of selfishness and revenge need thy end in ya’. I do today - TODAY!”

I could barely comprehend a word out of her mouth. I pulled my head up and began to speak, “Sorcha-” I wasn’t able to finish once the same sound’s that I heard twenty four years surface once again in my ear.

Explosions made rapid vibrations throughout the castle. My ear’s instantly felt as if they were ripped off. All the hair on my arms sprang up. A guard raced into the room and turned to face me.

“King! The other kingdoms are sick of your selfish ways! Four of them are attacking now! Mundilla, Welton, Ravia, and Arronten! We don’t have enough troops to defeat all four,” the young guard tried to screech.  He waited for my word but, I said nothing as I took his key to unlock Sorcha’s cell.

Once Sorcha walked out I looked at her and nodded. She ran up the stairs without a look back. She was heading to Alex’s room. I faced the guard and instructed him to try to hold strong and save as much citizens as we possible could. When he left I unlocked all the cell doors to all prisoner’s cell’s. It’s better to have them free then blasted into smithereens.  




I take my time up the stairs. Screaming is heard all around but I keep my pace steady as I walk forth. I pass all the former kings picture’s. I smile and stare into their faces. I lift my hand and brush it against my father's face. Yes, I shall not call my father the former king no more. The former king was used for someone who is too far gone. I shall see him soon.

I turn down hallways until I’m at my destination. In this old room is my bedroom. The one that is full of old toys with misshapen heads - the toys my father made for me. There’s the shelf of all the games and books my sister’s spent time doing with me. Most importantly is the rocking chair that’s next to the window. It’s the chair my father sat in. Still after the attack my father died in, this room stayed unharmed.

The chair sways back and forth smoothly. When it goes back and forth with my weight the wood chair creaks. It brings ease upon me. In the field there are no horses. Just the torches that light the field. In that light, I can see the old well. The painted wood is losing color from the heavy duty of rain over the years. Still, it stands strong like my ancestors have.

Finally, after all these years I am at comfort when I look back at the memories of my family. Even if this castle is breaking apart, I can finally ease myself knowing all these royal duties are over. I shall see them again.

The walls in my old bedroom are falling apart, soon the ceiling shall collapse on me. The smell of gunfire and smoke burns my lungs, but my spirit is infrangible, it's as vigorous as titanium. My road is now full of roadblocks and I cannot move those roadblocks.

My last breath goes out nicely while I shut my eyes. I hear as all around me breaks apart. I hear it but I shall not see because there is no need to try anymore. The ceiling crushes me. It’s as long and painful as a pinch. Moreover, I’m out of this world. I shall join my ancestor’s.



Sorcha stand’s over my grave with son’s hand in her’s. Written upon the gravestone “Lyle the 5th, “Used revenge to cure the lost in his life, but died after doing what was right.” She know’s my mind got infested with pitiful things when I was sent to the mines. She knew my mind was corrupted with disgrace for humanity. I thought it be best to conquer and build up my empire for my family but, it built evil in my soul. I became a monster. My wife confronted it. She had more courage than I ever had. She confronted her problems.

“Where did daddy go,” Alexander asked. He knew what happened - he was a cultured boy, but he didn’t want it to be true even if I neglected him as a son.

Sorcha then answered, “To a place with thy ones he loved most.”

“Did daddy love me?”

Sorcha then comprehend the true situation before speaking, “He could have. Hatred blocked he way to love thy others.”

“What hatred did he have?”

“That’s a question for different day,” She then lifted a pot of flowers and placed it on my grave. Alex then sprinkled cherry blossoms from the river across my grave. Alex’s eyes welled up with tears. He should have had a father like I did. Instead he was bestowed with a men on a quest for revenge.

“Come here son,” Sorcha pulled her son over the well next to my grave. She then pulled out a coin that was made with gold from the Qullea mines. I knew what was coming. “Son, thy ancestors of Quella have take a coin into the water. They do so to create thy hope a better chance with thy generation. Thy do so when nine. Now it’s ya’ turn.”

Alex looked at the well then back at his mother, “Would daddy want this?”

“Of course, but him would want better for ya’.” Alex didn’t hesitate. He closed his eyes kissed the coin, then he threw it down the well. Sorcha smiled while Alex had a tear down his face.

Behind them stood a destroyed castle. With few citizens left over they would build it up again but with a proper ruler. A ruler that learned from the former kings mistakes. A ruler with no broken heart that beared sorrow. A ruler that was named Alexander Haywood. The first and only Alexander to rule.

With the guidance of a strong mother, Alex would not be alone. Today was the start of their journey. Even though the mother’s family made terrible choices of causing destruction and death to please the gods - she knew what was right. Sorcha was able to face her problems head on instead of letting them consume her. She had the strong courage to build a kingdom unlike me. I was proud of what I started even if I never had true feelings for the women I married.

My spirit glides above my grave. I watch as they walk back to the castle. They were going make a difference. This time after the castle is rebuilt it shall not fall again because they have a worthy ruler. Us ancestors exceeded and didn’t exceeded.


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