How to Write a Short Story

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Writing tips on how to conceive and write a short story

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



For the short story writer, the narrative technique focuses primarily on brevity and compactness. He may not have the luxury of adding pages after pages of black ink to say what he has in mind. He has to work within a definite framework and create a wholesome experience that has the capacity to fulfill, enrich and if possible, surprise the reader.

So, a short story is razor sharp and pointed, it is garden fresh and yes, it is a breakthrough.

Leo Tolstoy’s Little Girls Wiser than Men is just a two page story written more than a century ago but it creates an indelible impression on your heart even today due to its simplicity and incredible insight into a routine, everyday event.

Please note that a good story needs to be structured well in order to have a strong appeal. The most famous and apt definition of structure has been offered by none other than Aristotle who famously remarked that every story should have ‘a beginning, a middle and an end.’

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