Blessed & Destined

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dominic

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



"Yes, Mariana I am getting dressed right now. What do you mean I need to wear something cute? You're not bringing another one of Nick's buddies, again are you?" I hold my cell to my ear as my best friend go on about me needing a boyfriend and putting myself out there.  

"Mariana! Cállate! I'm not interested in dating and you know damn well why! Dating equals touching, touching means visions and visions scares boy. Plus, all of Nick's friends are weird." I hear Nick yell in background 'hey!'. 

"I'm wearing those gray jeans and my purple top with the silver print rose." She starts rambling about how boring that is. "Tell you what? You shut up about my dating life and I'll wear that blue leather jacket you bought me." I had push the phone away from my face because Mariana squealed. 

"Okay great see you in five." I hang up and finished getting dressed. I decided to put on some black and silver eye shadow and my wolf pendant necklace.  

I pull my long black hair over my shoulders. I didn't blow dry it so it has naturally curled tips. I grab my bag and put my cell in my pocket and head downstairs. Mom and Dad are chilling on the couch watching Jeopardy. 

"Hey Zo where you going?" I smile at Dad's nickname for me I've always hated it. "I'm going out with Mariana and Nick to the drive in." I slip into my knee high brown boots and fingerless leather gloves.  

"Oh, what are they playing this year?" The drive in always plays some horror movie on Halloween. "The Shining I think." I check the time on my phone. 

"Wow honey you look great. Are you going out with a boy?" Mom asks walking toward me. "No just Mariana and Nick." Mom frowns.  

"Remember when you're out there. Don't get mad and" I cut her off. "Don't get mad and you won't go mad. I know mom you've told me that a million times." She pushes a piece of hair from my face and tucks it behind my ear. 

"My beautiful girl. I'm sorry I just don't want you to give into it like" She always stops short never finishing that sentence. We have had this exact same conversation every time I leave the house since I was nine. I pull her into a hug. "Tell me when you're ready mom." She squeezes me.  

"I hope I never will." She whispers against my hair she returns to the couch and I hear honking and peak out the window, Nick's red Jeep Wrangler is parked in front of my house with Mariana standing up in the back waving her arms. I chuckle and throw on my jacket and grab my bag. 

"Bye guys see you Friday." I spend Friday and Saturday at my parent's house because I work at mom's book store. Belle's Books. I have my own place in town a nice two-bedroomtwo-bathroom house. Burkly Idaho is a small town but it's home. 

There is only one high school, Jamestone High. One Elementary school, Lillypond Elementary, one diner Karma's, one clothing store Sassy's Boutique, one bookstore Belles Books, one bakery Wonderland's Bakery and one drive in movie Pete Parker Moviez. 

My Brother, Cameron, and his wife Alice and their daughter Tia live on the outskirts of Burkly on a horse ranch/potato farm. Alice owns Wonderland's Bakery. She absolutely loves the books. As an engagement gift my brother found the book a copy of the original book and got it signed by Lewis Caroll.  

I remember the day he gave it to her she was like a little girl getting a pony. Cam laughed and said "if I knew you'd react like that I would have proposed with the book and gave you the ring as the gift." It was a wonderful wedding it wasn't like the wedding I had wanted but when I started having visions when I touch someone I decided that I didn't have a wedding in my future or any sort of love life.  

I nearly had a heart attack when I had my first vision. Cam insisted I be taken to the hospital but mom told him that I would be find and she was right. She always seems to know more about whatever this thing is than she is willing to say.  

Ever since that day I wore gloves and tried to limit my skin to skin contact. After getting in a few skirmishes about my gloves and several detentions for arguing. Mom started sending me to Aikido Classes to learn some self-defense and discipline.  

I excelled in Aikido and I got bumped into the adult classes because the other kids weren't able to keep up and my Sensei thought I might hurt someone during the sparing matches so he pushed me to adult classes and to pursue my 6th Dan black belt. I am currently a 2nd Dan black belt. I am good with a bo staff but I prefer to use a Bokuto or Tanto 

As my mind clears and I approach the car I try to move any thoughts of distraction out of my mind and focus on tonight. Most teenagers are either taking their younger siblings trick or treating or hitting up any college parties. Mariana, Nick and I don't really like holidays so we go to the horror movie drive in. 

"Hey Sista! How ya doin'?" Mariana asks me as I climb into the jeep. Her carefree attitude always brings a smile to my face. I had no idea that when I go into Nick's jeep that my life would be changed forever when I save someone else's. "Great let's do this!" I say as I buckle in. 

As we left the driveway and head towards Peter's Mariana begins telling me the latest family drama. Apparently, her mom and youngest brother Miguel got in a huge fight about curfew. Mariana has eight siblings, five brothers and three sisters. Miguel is her youngest brother and the most rebellious. 

Mariana lives with Nick because she couldn't stand another day sharing her room with her three sisters. Nick lives in an apartment in town that has two bedrooms and one bathroom but they only use the one bedroom.  

Nick is convinced that the other is haunted. When Mariana first moved in she thought he was just saying that to get her to sleep in his room but I assured her that he believes it. He even came up with a story. 

Her name was Emily Hamilton she died in that room when she was waiting for her lover to come and take her virginity that night but a thief broke in and killed her. So now she haunts that room a lonely lingering virgin wailing and waiting for her Romeo to come and take away her flower. 

Mariana and I don't believe or encourage the story but we let Nick have his fun. He's pretty convinced he hears her crying sometimes. I tried to tell him that it's just a draft and poor insulation but he always tells me to let him have his fun. He is good to Mariana and he makes her happy that's all I can ask of him. She's like a sister to me her happiness is my priority. 

"So, Zoey you excited about graduation?" I smile and nod at Nick's question. "Yeah, though I'm not sure what I'm going to do after high school. I don't have the money or GPA for college besides I don't want to leave Burkly." I run my finger over my wolf necklace I do that when I'm stressed or nervous. 

"I don't get it Zoey why do you like Burkly so much?!" Mariana yells and I shrug. "It's my home. Everything I am is here, if I leave who will I be?" The car falls into a numbing silence. "Deep." Nick says in a plain voice which makes us all burst out laughing.  

The radio starts playing "Shut Up and Dance" by Walk The Moon. "Ooh Nicky turn it up. This is our song!" Mariana screams so Nick turns it up as loud as our ears can handle and Mariana and I start singing together. 

She took my arm, 

I don't know how it happened. 

We took the floor and she said, 

"Oh, don't you dare look back. 

Just keep your eyes on me." 

I said, "You're holding back," 

She said, "Shut up and dance with me!" 

This woman is my destiny, 

She said, "Ooh-ooh-hoo, 

Shut up and dance with me." 

We finally pull into Peter's and Mariana and I stand up in the back scouting for a parking space. "Oh, Nicky there's a spot, third row from the back two cars from Alexandria's car." Alexandria is Mariana's cousin.  

She's been in love with Nick forever but when it didn't work out between them she threw him at Mariana thinking she would hate him. They fell in love and Mariana and Alexandria haven't spoken since. 

As we pull into the spot Mariana and I fold down the seats. "I'm going to get food and a drink." I get out of the car and turn to them before closing the door. "You guys want anything?" 

"Yeah I'll take some skittles and a sprite." I nod and close the door heading to the snack stand. When I reach the counter, I see a fit young man with short blond hair and dark green eyes. Noah. 

"Hey Zoey, what can I get you?" Noah is my neighbor he's known me since we were four. "A large popcorn, small coke and snickers." Noah nods and hands them over. "Okay that'll be $11.56."  

I give him ten and two ones. "Keep the change." As I turn to leave Noah grabs my wrist. "Hold up." My head snaps to his hand and I drop my popcorn. Crap he's touching me! I'm thrusted into a vision. 

Noah is driving with a younger boy fifteen or so in the passenger seat. Same blond hair but longer and curly and has brown eyes not green. He sits in the passenger seat laughing. Now they are out of the car crossing the street toward Wonderland's Bakery when Noah is knocked onto the sidewalk by the younger boy. He turns around angary but his face shifts into horror. So strong I can taste it bitter in my mouth. The younger boy is pinned between two cars. A black Cadillac and a small parked SUV. 

Blood is dripping down his forehead and out his mouth. Noah rushes to him and grabs his hand. "Hold on Benji help is coming." Benji looks up at Noah and tries to smile. "She said I'd save you." Then he's gone. And I hear sirens. 

"Zoey are you okay? Zoey?" I am pulled out of my awful vision and I can still taste the horror and fear and sadness and Death on my tongue bitter and rotting. My eyes burn as I look at Noah I must have been crying. Suddenly I hear an all too familiar voice. Benji.  

"Noah, what's up bro?" I look and see Benji walking toward Noah in a plain white t-shirt and jeans and the biggest smile. No blood or sadness and I see he and Noah do a weird handshake and I can feel my heart break. 

"Zoey this is my brother--" Without thinking I say his name before Noah can. "Benji." My voice low and haunted Noah looks at me confused. "Um yeah, do you know each other?" I shake my head and Noah shrugs.  

"Well I got to get back to work. See ya guys." He heads back toward the stand and Benji moves to walk away but I grab his arm. 

"Benji make sure to shove Noah to the sidewalk when you cross the street to go into Wonderland's." Benji looks at me confused. "Umm okay." He pulls but my grip doesn't loosen. "Noah's life will depend on it. Promise me you will." Benji examines my face then nods and I let him go. "You'll save him." I turn to go back to the jeep leaving my spilled popcorn on the ground. 

As I wander through the maze of cars my mind thinks back to Benji's last words. "She said I'd save you." I close my eyes and shake my head. When I open them, I see the black Cadillac that will pin and kill Benji.  

I drop my drink and I feel my knees buckle. Suddenly a hand catches my drink before it hits the ground and another hand grab me by the crook of my arm preventing me from falling.  

"Careful. You alright?" I meet the blue grey eyes of a boy that I wouldn't have looked at before at school.  

He has a black jean jacket over a gray stripe shirt and low-rise jeans and grey and green Vans shoes. His hair is dusty brown and is styled like Justin Timberlake's. He's about 5'8 and has a lean athletic build, his skin is caramel tan.  

There's only half an inch between us. If I shift my weight I would pressed against him and a part of me wants to do that. I find myself wanting to reach up and run my fingers through his hair. 

My eyes return to his and they look so lonely and empty. I realize his hand is touching my skin. And I brace myself for the incoming visions but they never come and I look up at him confused. No visions impossible. Suddenly the movie stars and we are pulled from our intense staring contest. 

"Um... Yeah... Thanks." I take a step back putting some space between us allowing my head to clear. I revel in his touch no pain, terror or horrible visions of death and despair in his future. Just his warm hand around my arm. 

"Damn she's beautiful." My head jerks up at him to see if he's speaking but his lips don't move. "Maybe I could—no you idiot, don't kid yourself. No girl this beautiful would ever date trash like you." I flinch at his words that are laced with self-hatred. His hand releases me and he starts to walk away. 

"Zoey." I blurt out and he stops looking back at me over his shoulder giving me half a smile that makes me blush. "Dominic." Then he disappears into the maze of cars. I shake my head and continue my walk back to the car.  

I finally find it and I see Nick and Mariana making out in the back seat. I climb in ignoring them. Suddenly Mariana pulls back and Nick moans in disappointment. 

"Hey where's my skittles and sprite?" Mariana asks as I take a bite of my snickers. "Didn't get 'em." She growls putting her hands on her hips 

"But you asked what I wanted!" I nod taking a sip of my drink. "Sure did, but I didn't say I would actually buy it." Mariana starts mumbling in Spanish. 

redirect my attention to the movie but my mind still lingers on Dominic. The most beautiful man I've ever seen but he calls himself trash. I wonder why? 

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