Blessed & Destined

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Intruders Sort Of

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



"What the heck are they doing here?" I mumble getting out of bed, realizing I'm naked I scramble to find my clothes and end up just putting on Dominic's shirt. "Who?" I open the door and storm out towards the kitchen.  

"What the hell are you two doing here!" I shout Dominic follows me. "Your mom called us saying that you found your Destined and that the Council was going to come after you so she sent us to watch you guys." Mariana explains 

"Wait you're the security that mom sent." I say stunned. "Yep, congratulations sista, you found your Destined." Mariana says hugging me. "Wait what?" Nick comes out of the closet with a bag of Doritos. "Welcome to the D&B club guys." Nick licks his fingers and holds out his hand to Dominic.  

"Hi, I'm Nick, Mariana's Destined, if you got any questions feel free to ask me." My head snaps to Mariana. "You’re a Blessed?" She nods. "Yep." I was feeling light headed Dominic must have picked that up because he helps me to the couch.  

"Okay so you're a Blessed and Nick is your Destined. Why isn't the Council interested in you guys, you're younger than me?" Mariana smiles and a wave of relaxation came over me. "Not really, once you find your Destined you don’t age the same." I freeze 

"How old are you?" She laughs a lovely melody that calms my nerves. "Umm I think I'm one hundred seven this year." Mariana says tapping her chin. "Wait what?"  

"Yeah, I found Nick when I was twenty-seven." I frown, my friend who I thought was seventeen is actually one hundred seven and she is my security detailThis is a lot of information to take in at once. 

"Were you even my friend?" I ask Mariana flinches. "Of course. The Lewis-Thomson Tribe has always been close to the Calavera-Gomez Tribe." I feel so overwhelmed, how am I supposed to process all this. I need Dominic he is by my side in a second, pulling me into his lap, rubbing my back in a circular motion 

"Breathe Z." Everything is changing and I hate change. "Listen, Nick and I are going to put up some sentries, why don't you two go back to Dominic's room and recover." Mariana and Nick get up and go outside, leaving me and Dominic in silence.  

I look up at Dominic, tears burn my eyes. "I need you." He nods and carries me back to his room locking the door. He tears his T-shirt off of me and throws me back on his bed pulling me close to him, skin touching he always knows what to do.  

"Better?" I nod against his chest enjoying his warmth. My mind drifts back to that dream or vision or whatever. "Where are you going?" Dominic's voice brought me back. "Nowhere." I try to lie the words burn my tongue and stain it with a bitter taste. 

"Zoey, I know you better than anyone, I can see your mind is heading off to places it shouldn’t, where are you going?" I sigh. "A dream I had. Or maybe it's a vision. I only have them when I sleep with you." My cheeks burn hot against his bare chest. "What's this dream about?" I bite my lip not wanting to tell him.  

"Z, stop being stubborn and just tell me." I sigh and melt in his arms. "Fine. It's about our wedding." He stiffens and I wait for him to pull away or push me and tell me to get out.  

"Our wedding?" He mulls over the words. "I know girls plan that stuff when they are like nine, but still." He doesn't pull away or tell me to leave. Instead he pulls me tighter reassuring me that he's here to stay. "You thought I'd freak out or something huh?" I laugh exhausted.  

"Told you I know you." I frown and look up at him. "How are you okay with all this? That vision we had it scared me, and my visions always come true, I don't want that one to come true." He pushes me away enough to see my face.  

"Do you not want to marry me?" I sit up and answer a bit faster than I would've liked. "No of course I do." He smiles and I cover my mouth.  

"Okay well, I'll put that on our to-do list. Survive Council, get powers, protect my Blessed, propose, marry the girl of my dreams. Anything else?" I shake my head resuming my place resting against his chest 

"What do you suppose your ability is going to be?" I ask Dominic, he pulls the blanket over us. "Dunno." I recall the scene in the vision the fire that wrapped around him like armor 

"Well we are going to have to call it something." I say as he runs his hand down my arm. "How about Elemental Armor?" I feel Dominic's hand under my chin making me look at him.  

"I love you." He kisses me gently and I relish in the touch. I hadn't realized how much I wanted this, needed this. I pull away and press my head against his. "I really needed that. I love you." Dominic kisses my temple as we snuggle. I welcome whatever wondrous dream comes next. Only to face nightmares. 

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