Blessed & Destined

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - The Nightmare

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



I'm standing outside a conference room and I focus my hearing. "I'm sorry Councilmen, but Emma refuses to corporate." Layla stands in a large room with eleven people sit. "Unbelievable! Didn't you tell her what we discussed." Layla nods 

"I told her that you wanted to talk to the girl and her Destined to try and figure out what is so special about them. She didn't buy it." One of the men growls. "Damn that woman, she would rather start a war than hand over the girl. Can't she see the danger in this situation."  

"What are you saying Damien?" An older woman asks. "I'm saying this is an unheard-of situation. It's unnatural and she poses a danger to our very existence. The only option we have is to take her and the boy by force." Someone slams their hand on wood. "And do what?"  

"Test them, it has been proven that when enough pressure is applied, there will be a reaction. We separate them and apply said pressure." Damien's words are laced with poison. "What are you saying torture them?" He shrugs 

"If that is what it takes, yes. Tell you what, I will run the tests myself." The group mumbles. "Fine, send some of your people to pick up the boy and girl then have them delivered to the Locksworth estate in Germany and there Damien you will be free to run whatever tests you think best. Get answers then dispose of them." I watch in horror as the meeting ends and Damien walks down the hall on the phone.  

"Yes, the council agreed get everything ready. Tell Gabriel he will be dealing with the boy while I handle the girl. We will get answers out of these two by any means necessary." He hangs up and exits the building. "Finally, I will get a Blessed that is truly worthy of me." He mumbles to himself I gasp and I'm pulled from my dream. 

I wake up screaming and kickingDominic wraps his arms around me as I shake in his grasp. "It's okay I'm here. I got you. What happened?" It's official they aren't dreams they are visions and that was a warning. 

"I need to call my mom." I reach for my phone I struggle to dial my mom's number because my hands are shaking. She answers on the second ring. "Zoey? It's two in the morning?" 

"Mom I had a vision, well a dream, anyway the Council is moving tonight and they are planning on taking us to the Locksworth estate in Germany. Someone named Damien Locksworth is planning it all. He thinks we are a threat and wants to test us." My voice shakes. "Mom he got the Council to agree after saying that torture was an option." She gasps and starts cursing in Italian.  

"You know this needs to happen. At least I will know where you are I will send some of the Calaveras to prepare a rescue. I'm sorry you will have to suffer but stay strong." I choke on tears.  

"I love you mom. I have to be there for two months and Dominic is the one who will need to rescue me inside. Goodbye." I hang up and tremble. Dominic touches my hand and I jump at the contact, the vision shook me to my core.  

"God, Zoey what happened you are shaking. I've never seen you this shaken up after a dream." I can't look at him. "It wasn't a dream or a vision it was like I was somewhere else and I was witnessing something that was happening now. Dominic, I'm not just shaken or scared. I'm freakin' terrified." Dominic pulls me into his arms and I start crying.  

His body shield's me, blocking me from the rest of the world. "Dominic, they are coming tonight and it will be horrible." My gut twists at the thought of what tomorrow holds and I feel bile rise in my throat. 

"I will do anything for you, I will fight until my last breath to keep you safe and if this is what we must go through before we can have our happily ever after then so be it. Don't think for one moment that I won't come find you, that I won't save you. Zoey, you are my world, my everything, my meaning for existence and I love you with all my heart soul and mind. You are my Blessed and I am your DestinedI will be damned if I don't save you. Stay strong and I will come for you when the time is right. They don't know that we know they are coming, we have the advantage. I love you, don't let them make you think otherwise." We hold each other and cry knowing what tomorrow hold and pray that we will have the strength.  

"I won't give up I promise. I love you so much Dominic, so much that it hurts, a wonderful pain. I know that it will get worse before it gets better." I bury my face in his chest my heart aches and my head hurts. 

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