Blessed & Destined

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Taken Too Soon

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



I don't know exactly what is waiting for me but I am ready to face it. At least I thought I was I had no idea how bad it really would be or how much it would change me. I actually managed to fall asleep again. 

Damien stands outside my house with a wicked smile that makes me want to scream. With seven other people dressed in black they circle my home.  

"I want the girl taken to the estate in Germany, but the boy will go to the one in California." My heart begins racing and panic over flows me as I realize they aren't just going to take us, they are going to separate us. "We will move in fifteen minutes." I pull myself out of the dream and grab my phone and text my mom. 

"They are taking me to Germany but Dominic to California. Mom we are going to go surrender.I hit send and roll over to face Dominic. I run my eyes down Dominic's face taking in every detail because in fifteen minutes, he will be taken from me and I won't see him for two months. Two agonizing months. His eyes flutter open. 

 "They are outside and they are going to come in fifteen minutes and they aren't just taking us, they are separating us, you are going to California and I'm going to Germany. I'm scared." Dominic closes the tiny amount of space between us and kisses me. A goodbye kiss and it hurts.  

"You just spoke in my mind without touching me." I smile against him and pull him closer. Knowing that I can talk to him whenever I need to I feel like I can survive this. "I promise I won't shut you out ever again." I promise and take a deep breath taking in his scent memorizing it, savoring it, absorbing it. I sit up. 

"We aren't going to be taken in our sleep, get up and get dressed." He nods. I slip into some jeans and a grey tank top and pull my hair into a pony tail. Dominic puts on a plain black T-shirt and Camo green cargo pants.  

I take his hand in mine as we leave our room and head for the front door. We stop and I look up at him asking the silent question, you ready? He nods and I pull open the door as we step outside onto the street, seven people in black clothing stand around Damien. I put on my warrior face. As Damien turns to face us. 

"Damien Locksworth! My name is Zoey Lewis, Daughter of Emma and Peter Lewis of the Lewis-Thomson Tribe." Dominic steps forward squeezing my hand. "My name is Dominic Reeds, Destined of Zoey Lewis of the Lewis-Thomson Tribe."  

"And we surrender." We say at the same time and Damien examines us. Then that wicked smile spreads on his face. "Excellent." I shudder under his gaze.  

"We will go with you willingly and we are prepared to answer any questions." I see a gleam of mischief in his eye. "Things have changed. I will be taking you, Zoey Lewis, and I will test you. My brother Gabriel with be taking Dominic and testing him." I gasp trying to play along.  

"NO! You can't separate us. I need Dominic, I'll be in agony please don't separate us." I beg trying to seem pathetic. "The decision is made and everything is prepared. Take them." I see four people come around us. "NO!" Dominic roars and pulls me to him and kisses me hard because it will be our last for a long time.  

Two pairs of gloved hands wrap around my arms pulling me from him. I scream at the top of my lungs pulling and jerking, in an attempt to get out of their grasp. Dominic goes into full protective mode and roars pulling out of the two that have him and run to me but three big bodies put themselves between us and they help the two others drag him away as a black van pulls up and they throw Dominic in it.  

There's a woman in the van, she pulls off her glove and touches him and his body goes limp. I scream, I know he's probably unconscious but it doesn't matter my brain isn't in charge. Then a woman that looks exactly like the one who touched Dominic does the same to me and everything goes black.  

No visions or dreams just darkness, a prison. I reach out for Dominic's mind. "Dominic!" I plea that he answers. "I'm here. God Zoey, it hurts so much. What is happening?" I feel the pain too.  

"I think it's because you were taken away from me. It's like my body is turning on itself. Dominic, I don't think I can survive two months of this." I don't want us to suffer this but what I envisioned must come to pass. "I know Z, hold on I am here, no matter what I am here. Talk to me." I want to cry but I can't so I tell him everything and anything. What I feel, what I fear, what I hate, what I want. All of it. 

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