Blessed & Destined

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 14 (v.1) - So It Begins

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



I don't know how long we were out it could have been hours. I feel my mind rejoining my body slowly. I slowly become aware of what's happening around me. "Damien what is your plan?" A woman's voice asks him.  

"I want to know what this girl did to become a Blessed so young." She stays silent. "I will start with testing her mentally. If that doesn’t work then I will start testing her physically. If that doesn't work then I will need Gabriella's help." I want to speak but nothing comes out so I continue to listen.  

"Tests? What tests?" He chuckles. "As I told the Council apply enough pressure is to a person and they will eventually crack and break then we will get answers." The woman growls. "It sounds like you're suggesting torture!" She seems upset by this, I thought she was on Damien's side.  

"Tomato, Tomato. Torture, test either one will force results. Gabriel texted me he just picked up the boy from the airport so I would like to get her to her cell." I began to feel my body again we were moving and I was tied down to something in a laid down position.  

I hear a metal door open and my body moved, the restraints are loosened and removed. "Oh, good James did set up the restraints." I feel my body dragged across stone flooring and hear chains against stone, as my body is put to against the wall, my wrists are lifted against the wall and I feel the cold metal against my wrists and on my ankles. 

"Okay, she is restrained wake her up." My heart races as the woman touches my head and my eye pop open and I look around frantically. "Where am I!" I know where I am. "Somewhere your Tribe can't reach you." I look at my wrists and they are cuffed to the wall my ankles are in shackles 

"What the hell is this a dungeon!" I demand answers but Damien smiles. "Enough questions, Rachel fetch my bag." The woman leaves and Gabriel sets up a tv, he flips it on and my eyes stare in horror at the screen. 

"As you can see we have your boyfriend." I growl and pull at my chains. Dominic is shirtless hanging from the ceiling his toes barely touching the ground he is still unconscious. I snarl and spit at Damien.  

"You leave my Destined out of this!" He shakes his finger. "Sorry sweetheart but you two are abnormal and unnatural and so the Council has given me permission to test you. We will start by testing you mentally as he is tested physically." I gasp he is going to torture Dominic and make me watch.  

"No please don't hurt him! I'll do anything just don't hurt him." Damien shakes his head as the woman that looks identical to Rachel walks up to Dominic. Damien presses a button and speaks into the intercom 

"Raven please wake up Dominic." Raven nods and touches Dominic's head and his eye open and he looks around.  

"Dominic, I'm so sorry they are going to torture you and make me watch." I feel his warmth in my mind. He looks directly at the camera. "Do what you will, but you won't break me or my Blessed. Zoey is stronger than you ever will be Damien." A man with dark brown hair walks up to Dominic and examines his figure.  

"How should I start. Brother what do you suggest?" Damien smiles and his words force all the blood to drain from my face.  

"Break him." Gabriel smiles and tears swell in my eyes as he grabs a metal pole and approaches Dominic. "I'll warn you boy I played baseball in college."  

Gabriel prepares a swing and Damien smiles and takes a seat. The first swing hits Dominic and I swear I heard bones break. I flinch but he doesn't make a sound. "Oh god, I'm so sorry Dominic." Dominic doesn’t say anything he just braces himself for the following blows. Never screaming or crying or whimpering. I know he's being strong for me but I'm not as strong and I can feel his pain.  

Damien watches me as I gasp for air because Dominic's pain is my pain and I'm not as strong as him, I cry out at every blow. Damien growls and walks over to the intercom 

"It's not working try something else." Gabriel drops the pipe and disappears from the camera's view. I try to catch my breath. Gabriel reappears with jumper cable I whimper and Damien smiles.  

Gabriel spends the next fifteen minutes electrocuting Dominic making his body spasm and shake like a fish on a hook out of water. Dominic doesn't make a sound but I'm the one who screams in agony with every jolt. Of course, Damien gets off at this. After hours of multiple forms of torture upon my beloved, he gasps for air and my head hangs from exhaustion.  

Damien approaches the intercom again. "Enough for today." He flips off the screen and approaches me grabbing a fist full of hair lifting my head forcing me to look at him. 

"I wonder why you screamed but he didn't. Could it be that you feel his pain? Interesting." I growl and jerk my head forward, slamming my forehead against his face, causing him to let go and roar in pain. Pulling away he wipes his nose and blood pours out, I grin that I made him bleed.  

"Why you little." He slaps me hard enough to stun me. "Your physical tests start tomorrow and you will beg for mercy. But you will never get it." He leaves me I cry in the silence and close my eyes reaching out to Dominic. 

"Dominic I'm so sorry. I screamed for him to stop but he didn’t." Dominic sent his love and it hurt. "I'm fine love, it wasn't that bad.I shake my head disagreeing. "I felt every blow and jolt and slash. It was awful how did you not scream. I screamed so much that my throat is raw and I'm sick to my stomach." I felt his rage and pain and regret. 

"You felt all that?" His voice laced with malice and regret. "Oh god baby I'm so sorry." Tears begin to trickle down my cheeks and I long for his hand to wipe them away.  

"You did nothing. I feel the pain because of our bond. Damien is going to start my physical torture tomorrow. I don't know if I can survive this for two months." I choke on tears. 

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