Blessed & Destined

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Zoey's Mom's Perspective.

Chapter 15 (v.1) - A Mother's Wrath

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



I let out a banshee like scream of pure agony and torment Peter bursts into the bedroom. "What's wrong?" He looks around for an enemy my hands shake and my eyes swell with tears as I hand him my phone. He reads it and falls to his knees and tears pouring down his cheeks.  

"Oh god our baby girl. What are we going to do?" I replace my sadness with rage. "We are going to go and save Dominic." I get out of bed and storm into our closet begin packing. "But Zoey's visions said that they have to be there for two months." I shake my head tossing a duffle bag on the bed filling it with clothes. 

"No, it said that Zoey has to be there for two months. Dominic just needs to be the one to rescue her." Peter shifts and looks down at the phone. "Very well I will call the Calaveras and have them prep a rescue." I nod and put on my jacket.  

"Once we have Dominic I will take him to the Council in New York. I swear on my title as this Tribe's Huntress that I will have Damien's head on a pike for touching my daughter and her Destined." I had never been this infuriated before, I'm ready to kill. As the day went on Peter and I made calls and prepared our argument. 

"Damien wants a war, that's what he's going to get." I snarl as I pace in the office. "My love, breathe we will get her back." I can't focus on anything but this burning rage inside me. I never told Zoey what our abilities areI want to kill Damien but I know that the kill belongs to Dominic.  

I can manipulate the human body and mind. Peter can immobilize anyone with a thought and can manipulate the elements in any form. Fire, water, air, earth.  

We had won many wars just the two of us. All our family's abilities are strong, the Lewis Tribe are warriors and the Thomson Tribe are healers. 

Anyone who has gone against us in battle, well, they're dead. "You'd think that they would have learned not to mess with our Tribe when we took out the Vermillion Tribe." I shook my head at the Council's idiocy. "The Council is nothing but fools. It's time to remind them what we can do." When we rescue Dominic, we will be starting the war. 

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