Blessed & Destined

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Dominic's Perspective

Chapter 16 (v.1) - Tormented

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



Gabriel had hurt me and by doing so he hurt my Zoey. I hate him I hate them all and I will have their heads on a platter. I close my eyes my body still revolting against the distance put between Zoey and I god it hurts. Like my body is turning on itself.  

The door flew open and I prepared myself for the next wave of torment but instead of Gabriel I saw Raven enter.

She walked about the room like a snake looking for its next meal. She approached me with a sympathetic smile but her eyes said she was as demented as her brothers.  

"So, all this hustle and bustle about an unnatural Destined is about you. I don't get it." I glared at her with pure hatred. "You remind me of that bitch you call your Blessed." Her words sparked a fire in me I snarled and lunged at her but she jumped back laughing.

"Ooh you got a fight in you. That's cute." She left the room and returned with a bowl of water.  

"Let me clean you up." She approached with a wet cloth and began wiping away the blood that had dried. It stung but I didn't flinch. I had numbed myself against pain during my time on the street.  

People assume that if you live on the street you just sleep in boxes and eat out of the dumpster but it can be so much worse. I had been beaten and hurt by so many that I had become numb to the pain.

She drained the water from the cloth and came back with a glass of water and held it up to my mouth I opened my mouth accepting the cool liquid. I closed my eyes and remembered the vision I can use fire as armor. I looked around the room hoping to find a flame but there was nothing.  

The door flew open making Raven jump dropping the bowl with water on the ground.

"Raven get out!" I frowned. This can't be good. "What? Why?" He pulled the car battery and jumper cables over toward me. "I have orders from Damien to continue he says that this one and the girl have some sort of connection she was screaming the entire time I was hurting him. So, our idea is if we hurt him while we hurt her something will happen." I growl and begin to lunge at them.  

"Stay away from my Zoey! Touch her and I swear to god I will kill you! I will kill you and mount your head on my wall!" I didn't know where this anger and savagery is coming from but I don't care.

"How are you going to do that?" Suddenly the speaker beeps.  

"I'm starting in three seconds." Then pain rushed through me but not my own it's hers. My poor Zoey is hurting.

Gabriel shoves the charged jumper cables against my skin and my body thrashes. I can hear her screaming in my mind. 

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