Blessed & Destined

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Dominic's Perspective

Chapter 18 (v.1) - Dominic's Rescue

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



Peter catches me as the chains that held me drop. "I got you son." I'm bleeding but I don't care. He sets me down on the table, two men approach me sorrow and anger on their faces 

"Hello Dominic, my name is Gerard and this is Nelson, we are members of the Council." I grit my teeth and look at them with anger.  

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't rip your head off for hurting my Zoey?" I snarl and Gerard flinches I try to stand but I nearly collapse doing so. "We didn't agree with the passing of the motion for these tests. We were overruled by the others. Emma filled us in on what has transpired up to your disappearance. Now, can you tell me what has happened? No secrets please." Gerard's eyes plead innocence and truth. I sigh and drop my head. 

"We knew they were coming." I say exhausted and Gerard takes a step back.  

"How? They made the decision the day of your abduction." I look up at them. "Zoey, she has visions but lately they have been different. She normally has them when she touches someone's skin. She sees their future the worst thing that will happen to them. When she met me, she didn't have those anymore, instead she has dreams. When you sent Layla, we had a vision. I burst into her cell where she was crying and begging someone to stop. Then we were running through the woods with dogs chasing us. Later she dreamt that you were all in a conference and that Damien declared that he should take us to be tested. Once the meeting was closed she followed Damien and he said that he was finally going to get a Blessed that was worthy of him." I hate the taste of those words. "Later she had a dream of them outside our house. We knew where we were going and what would happen. So, we surrendered." Gerard nods. "Go on." I continue 

"Zoey and I have a connection." He speaks cutting me off. "Yes, all Destined and Blessed have a mental connection." I shake my head. "No, it's more than that it's physical. When Gabriel was hurting me, Zoey was feeling it. She told me that she felt every blow like it was hers and us being apart isn't helping. I--" All air escaped my lungs and I collapse to the ground and begiscreaming my hands on my head. "What's happening!"  

"Oh god what is he doing! What is he doing to my Zoey!" I close my eyes and curl into the fetal position. "can't...She's in pain but she lucid." My skin began to burn and crawl. Bile rises in my throat and pours out of my mouth. Something is wrong so very wrong. Then I pass out. 

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