Blessed & Destined

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Rescue

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



After the movie we got up to throw out our trash. Mariana and Nick are talking behind me as we return to the jeep. Nick stops and checks his phone. "Alright we are gonna head home. You need a lift Zoey?" I shake my head. "Na, I'll walk." We part ways and I walk down the nearly empty sidewalk. 

As I stick my hands in my jacket I notice Dominic walking ahead of me, slowly like he has no particular direction. I see him pass a guy who seems interested in him and begins to follow him. I curse under my breath.  

I have seen enough TV and been in a few situations myself to know that man following Dominic isn't planning on talking. I continue to follow them quickening my pace. Dominic stops at an alleyway and shrugsIs he setting himself up to get mugged? I pick up my pace as the man pulls out a gun. 

My brain said call the cops but something else told me to stop this now. I rush forward as I approach the corner I can hear their argument.  

"Give me your wallet!" The gunman says his voice low and rough like he's a smoker. "Don't have one man!" Dominic says, I see the man has the gun pointed at Dominic's head.  

"Bullshit! Give me your wallet or I'll shoot!" Dominic puts his hands on his head and the man cocks his gun and starts counting.  

"One..." I look around to find a weapon and I see a broom and pick it up and snap off the brush end. Leaving me with a make shift bo staff. 

"Two..." The man punches Dominic knocking him down and he winces at the impact. Something in me snaps and I move. "Three." I say ramming into the man forcing him to hit the dumpster next to him.  

"What the hell!" The man says pointing the gun at me. I duck and smack it out of his hand with the staff. He grabs his hand. 

"Why you little..." He says through his teeth but before he could finish I twist the pole in my hand, knocking the man to the ground then I bang his head on the dumpster knocking him out. I drop the bo and offer Dominic my hand. He rubs his head and takes it. Forgetting and not caring I don't have gloves on. 

"Thanks Zoey." I wait for the visions that never come instead I hear Dominic's voice again. "Damn that was hot. I could kiss her. Stop being stupid you know what you are!" I flinch again at his words and let his hand go as he brushes dirt off his pants. Without thinking I take his hand again. He didn't protest. 

"Why didn't you?" Dominic looks up at me confused. "Why didn't you ask me out I mean?" He stumbled at my words.  

"I... Um... I don't know..." I squeeze his hand. "I don't think you're trash." He gasps. "In fact, I think you're the most beautiful man, I've ever seen." His gaze moves to my lips and his eyes soften with longing. 

"Those lips are taunting me. Stop dreaming you idiot! If she knew that she's standing on what you designated your bed, she would think otherwise and you know it!" I glance down at the piece of soggy cardboard and chuckle. "Sorry, I guess you got me into your bed after all. I didn't mean to stand on it." He pulled out of my grasp and I look down at my empty hand. 

"How the hell did you know that!" My stomach churns I haven't told anyone outside of my family about my abilities before except Mariana and Nick. "The same way I know you think you are trash and that's why you didn't ask me out earlier." I look up at him and shift my weight. 

"The same way I know that you think I'm beautiful and you want to kiss me but you don't think you're good enough for me. And that you found me beating up this thug," I nod my head towards the unconcious dude. "Hot, Dominic, I can read your mind." He stares at me baffled his lips thin as he examines me for any hint of a lie 

"Are you in my head right now?" I shake my head. "No, I think I can only read your thought if I'm touching you. Skin to skin." He didn’t speak and just stared at me then shrugs 

"Alright then." I flinch realizing I just told him something that would have scared most away but he just says alright. 

I reach up and touch my wolf necklace. "So, um listen I live just around the corner, if you want to come crash with me. I have an extra bedroom and well to be honest I'm kind of lonely." I feel my cheeks are hot.  

"Yes." He answers quickly and I smile. I start walking towards my house and I hear him following me and can feel him staring at me. We finally get to my house and I show him around. 

"That's my room and this is the living and there's the library. Over there is the kitchen and through there is the laundry room. Next to the library is your room." I lead him down the hall opening the door and switching on the light 

"There's towels in your bathroom feel free to take a shower and help yourself to anything in the fridge. I'll see if I can find any of my brother's old clothes. I'll be in the library if you have any questions." I leave him in his room and head to my own room.  

change into some black cotton pj pants with bananas on them and a pink satin shirt with a blue elephant on it. I get to the hall closet and get a box with Cam's old clothes and carry the box to Dominic's room and put it on his bed. 

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