Blessed & Destined

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Zoey's Perspective

Chapter 21 (v.1) - Continue Assault

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



My head hurts and my body's sore I try and recall but I only want to sink back into the nothingness. I want to be numb and brave like Dominic. God my Dominic who is coming to save me. 

I recall my vision I wonder if he is going to be saving me the same way in that vision. I could feel his eagerness through our connection. I try to focus on him but I can't when suddenly the door flies open and a tall woman with light brown skin and blacker than night hair leans down examining me.  

I realize I'm back in my clothes I wonder for a moment who dressed me but that was the least of my worries. So, I push it aside and try to act tough which only made the woman grin. 

"My name is Gabriella." I pull in a gasp of air remembering who she is. "Well let's get started." She puts her left hand on my forehead and the other on my shoulder she looks into my eyes and I feel a rush of energy go through me then my eyes burn and my head buzzes.  

Then she's gone and Damien enters smiling I struggle against my restraints and he brushes his finger down my cheek. "So pretty. Time to get some results." He stands up and I see Mariana she's tied up her eyes red from crying she looks at me terrified.  

I look at Damien and in his hand a pipe and he raises it to strike Mariana. "NO! Leave her alone please!" He looks over his shoulder at me and smiles then swings the contact roars in my ears. She whimpers and screams against the cloth filling her mouth. Hitting the ground. Tears pour down my cheeks.  

I don't know how long Damien continued his assault on my friend. Blood pours from her nose staining her clothes. All reason that told me that this was Gabriella's doing was gone. Her eyes swell shut, bruises staining her face, I turn away from the horror. 

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