Blessed & Destined

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Dominic's Perspective

Chapter 22 (v.1) - Siege

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



We pull into the driveway of the castle estate something in me burns. The thought of trying to find her in that maze is stressing me out. I climb out of the van and stretch as I follow Nelson and Gerard who are leading the group to our goal. 

Suddenly I'm hit with waves of emotion and agony I fall to one knee because of the intensity. Everything is a blur my feet are moving and everyone is following me. I burst through the doors of a shed and descend down the stairs. I turn a corner into the narrow stone hallway that reminds me of some catacombs.  

Suddenly a man with a torch of fire turns the corner he has a rifle at his side he sees me and throws the torch at me I freeze welcoming the flame. As the cool flames engulf me I stand perfectly still people around me gasp as I channel the flames to protect me. I turn to face them showing them my power they all nod.  

I turn back to the man who threw the torch at me and he stumbles backwards I growl and charge tackling him knocking him to the ground. His body engulfed in flames he screams as he burns and I continue moving.  

Any other personnel that roams the halls that dare get in my way meet the same fate. Screams echo as my body leads me to the other half of my soul. My Zoey.  

As a turn another corner I hear her screams and my feet begin moving quicker. Dozens of soldiers block my path I roar and flames shoot from my body, burning them all, flames staining the walls floor and ceiling like a cyclone of flames had ripped through there 

My path cleared I follow her screams finally seeing the door that dares to block my love from me. I feel rage burn my skin and I punch the door with waves of flames following, it bursts and the door flies off the wall shooting across the room crushing Damien. I look around seeing my beloved chained to the wall crying 

Damien pushes the door off of him and growls. "How did you find her!" He demands I don't indulge his idiocy. I turn to him and he flinches realizing his fate is sealed, I take a step forward and he falls back scrambling against the wall 

"NO. Please. No don't I'm sorry. NO! NO!" I grab his head and force my armor forward taking him willingly. As he screams I smile revenge and justice is mine.  

He stops screaming and his body goes limp I let go his body falls to the ground as the flames disappear into nothing I look at his body that is charred like a burger left on the grill too long. I turn to face Zoey who is still crying. 

"Zoey, my love, please look at me." She looks at me and continues to cry. "God Dominic why do I have start to see you now." I take her face in my hands. "It is me my love." She looks in my eyes and I can see her eyes are clouded. Gabriella must have used her ability on her. I press my forehead to hers. 

"Zoey my love, my everything, my world. It is me. I am here and I love you so much. I'm sorry that I couldn't get here sooner." I pull back only enough to look her in the eyes then I plant a kiss on her lips. Proving I am real and here. She whimpers at the contact. 

"Dominic." She smiles, her eyes no longer clouded I reach for the chains and melt them freeing her. I look at her wrists and ankles and see the bruises. She had been restrained for so long that she's bruised.  

"His death was too swift." I help her to her feet and she looks to the same spot I saw her staring at before. "Mariana." I pull her face to look at me. "Safe at home." I plant a kiss on her forehead and take her hand. The group that had followed me were gone.  

"Come on, we need to get out of here." I lead her through the maze of tunnels out the door. Fresh cool night air rushes over us. 

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