Blessed & Destined

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Forever Love

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



"Hello Zo." I stop struggling and look up see my father's grinning face and my mother behind him with puffy red eyes but a brilliant smile on her face. "Daddy?" He nods and I want to hug him but I feel I need to be in Dominic's arms.  

He nods probably reading my eyes. He steps back and I run into Dominic's opened arms. I see two men that I recognize from the vison of the Council meeting. They step forward with warm smiles. The older one speaks.  

"Hello dear, my name is Gerard and this is Nelson we are the Council members who disagreed with this whole nightmare and we are so sorry that you had to suffer." I felt too vulnerable and weak to look at them. So, like a little girl afraid to make eye contact with a stranger, I push my face back into Dominic's chest.  

"I feel too exposed right now, I just want to be with you." I tell him through our connection. "No offense sir, but she's really frightened right now and well she doesn’t want to be around anyone except me." Dominic picks me up and carries me to a van the group follows close behind us. Dominic climbs in with me in his lap and I enjoy his embrace. After being exposed to so much that wasn't real I needed to be with something I know is real and right now that is Dominic. 

"God that was the worst two months of my life." I whisper against Dominic's chest. "Baby, that was only four days." My heart cracks, how the hell did I lose time. "Rachel, she must have put me out for a long time." I grab a fist full of Dominic's shirt in my hand.  

The van comes to a stop and Dominic carries me away from the van. I don't care where he's taking me, he could take me to the gateway to the underworld, I wouldn't care. As long as I never have to go back to the Locksworth estate.  

The door shuts behind us with a click and Dominic sets me on his bed. I look around the room it looks exactly the way we left it.  

"Don't worry we are alone. Zoey why did Rachel put you out for so long?" My mind flashes back to that day and my chest aches I felt wrongDominic lays down beside me planting kisses on my neck I push him away falling off the bed crying.  

Curling my body into the fetal position. I hear his feet hit the ground and run around the bed he's beside me. "Baby what's wrong?" I choke and gasp for air I want to die.  

He says my name again and I shake my head. "I remember what happened." My chest feels hollow and cold. Dominic wraps his arms around me and holds me close and I unclench my body. 

His hand strokes my hair as he rocks me back and forth. "Tell me so, I can help." I shake my head. "Baby please, it hurts that I can't help you." I close my eyes as tight as they would go.  

"When Damien was hurting me, while Gabriel was hurting you he beat me with a belt. I was stripped down to my underwear and bra. Damien flipped when he lost the video feed of you when it came back you were being rescued. He turned it off and knelt down next to me and smiled stroking my face. He said..." I swallowed hard.  

"He said he that he could still have fun with me. Then he brought Rachel in and she took me out. I didn't know what happened then she woke me up and I was on my stomach. Dominic, I think...." He cries against my hair and began mumbling. "I'm so sorry baby, oh god I should have protected you, but oh god..."  

"I passed out when you did and when I woke up your mom said that I said all the things you couldn't." He whispers against my hair then I feel images flood my mind.  

Rachel touched my head and I fell limp Damien forced her out. He removed my chains and threw me on my stomach. I heard fumbling with clothes and then I was outside the room watching Rachel sitting on the ground covering her ears as my screams echoed in the halls.  

"Stop! Please don't do this! Please stop! No don't!" My voice continued for hours.  

I'm gasping for air as I'm pulled from the memory. "He...He..." I couldn't say the words. "I know baby. I'm so sorry." I looked up at Dominic. "How can you still hold me? Still like me? I'm, I'm ruined. He..." Dominic silences me with his lips.  

"I will always love you Zoey. Always. You are my world. My love, my everything. I'm sorry that Damien did this to you but it's in the past and as much as we want to, there's no changing it." I shake in his arms.  

"I don't know how I became lucky enough to have you." He kisses my temple. "You made me appreciate myself, now it's my turn to help you forgive yourself. Damien did this to you, so even when he was gone he would still haunt you."  

"I love you so much Zoey. You and all your scars." I cry tears of pain and relief and joy and regret. "I don't know how I can recover from this. I mean he ra--"I swallow my tongue trying to say the bitter, foul, and rancid tasting words.  

"I know. I won't force anything on you until you are ready." I look up at him again. "What if I never am? Will you still want me?" He kisses my forehead. "Of course." That did it I start crying a cocktail of emotions.  

"Thank you. Love you. Love you so much. Never leave me, never. Always mine. Always." I chant that like a mantra of healing that would ensure my sanity. "Always." 

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