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Chapter 25 (v.1) - Shower Together

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



It breaks my heart to see my Zoey so broken. I wish I could bring Damien back and kill him all over again, but this time slower. He took my innocent, sweet and all loving Zoey and turned her on herself. Now she think's I couldn't love her. He hurt her and he didn’t suffer for it.  

I lay beside her rubbing her back, it's all I can do. I meant every word I said. If she is never ready to pursue that part of our relationship I am totally okay with that. As long as I never have to leave her again, I will be happy.  

When I met her a whole new future was opened to me, marriage, a home, job, family, kids all the things I thought I never would have I was promised by this girl. She's strong, I need to believe she will push through this. I love her more and more for it. 

I pull my phone out of my pocket and dial Emma's number she answers on the second ring. "Hi. I can't be too loud, I finally got her to go sleep. Listen, so I asked her about what happened and we were right." I hear Emma scream as she cries for her daughter's violation.  

"She will need time to heal. Can you set up a doctor's appointment?" I look over and Zoey stirs. "I have to go." I hang up leaving poor Emma to her mourning. Zoey rolls over and wraps her arms around me. Kids may be in our future after all. I don’t move I just let her be. I won't force anything on her. 

I watch as the sun rises, starting the next day Zoey stirs and her eyes flutter open. I meet her chocolate brown eyes. "Hey baby how'd you sleep." She smiles or attempts to. "Fine, I could use a shower." I nod and get up to start a shower.  

"Baby, I know you just want to move on past this whole thing. Your mom set up a doctor's appointment to check things out." She nods almost as if she's admitting defeat. "Zoey. The sooner we do this, the sooner we can move on." She lets out a shaky breath and nods this time more confident 

"I'm sorry baby." She shakes her head. "One thing at a time for now. Shower." She pushes herself off the bed and walks toward the bathroom. I sit down on the bed and pinch my nose. My Zoey. My phone buzzes and I read the text from Emma. 

Doctor's appt set today @ 2:25pm w/ Dr. Parrish B156 Burkly Medical Center 

I let out a breath and type a quick response. 

K thx. I get up and head to the kitchen as I pour a glass of milk I feel a rush of fear flow through me.  

"DOMINIC!" My feet are moving before my brain could process anything. I burst through the bathroom door, it hits the wall and I tear the shower curtain back, Zoey is on the floor of the shower crying. Pulling my shirt over my head I get in the hot water and kneel down next to her.  

"Baby I'm here." Her eyes pop open and she tackles me burying her face in my neck. She's shaking. "I fell asleep." I rub her back she stiffens suddenly self-conscious of her nudeness. 

"Don't worry about it. You're beautiful." She stifles a choke on tears after a few moments she pulls away and looks up at me. "Do you mind helping me?" I nod and help her stand. "Turn around." I grab the shampoo and begin massaging her scalp and she let out a sigh of relief.  

The water drips down her back dirt and muck washed away with the dark shampoo. She turnto face me as her hand reaches for my left bicep staring at the cut, her eyes fill with pain.  

I grab her face in my hands. "NOT YOUR FAULT." She continues to touch the bruises and cut and burns that mar my once smooth body. "You are the one who suffered for these." I say as I stroke her cheek with my thumb.  

"Come on let me condition your hair then we can get out." She complies as I squeeze the thick white liquid onto my hand. I massage her scalp once again running my fingers through her hair as the water continues to wash away the stench of Damien and that hell hole 

Once her hair was clean and she shaves her underarms I turn the water off and grab a towel and wrap her in it.  

I press my nose against her head and take in a deep breath. "You smell like you again." I say holding her close to my chest and for the first time she relaxes. Such a small thing but it feels like a great victory.  

"I'll let you get dressed and I'm going to go put some dry clothes on." I laugh and leave her in the bathroom with a pair of clothes I picked out for her.  

A plain blue t-shirt and a dark green cotton skirt. I slip out of my soaked sweat pants and throw them in the trash. I change my boxers and put on a pair of dark jeans. I heard the blow dryer in the bathroom and I feel proud of her. I feared she might shut down and shut me out.  

I shuffle through my pile of clothes and chose a black t-shirt with Green Day printed on it in yellow letters. feel like I knew Cameron a little. He really like music based on his wardrobe. 

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