Blessed & Destined

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Dominic's Perspective.

Chapter 26 (v.1) - Doctor's Appointment

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



The bathroom door opens and Zoey steps out with mostly dry hair as I slip my grey and green vans shoes on. "You look beautiful." I sasweetly she seems to wince at my comment. I get up and hand her a pair of blue Nike flip flops.  

"I figured you wouldn't want to go through the struggle of wearing tennis shoes or heels." She smiles like my Zoey and slips on the flip flops. She stands on her toes and kisses my cheek. "There's my Zoey." She blushes and pushes a piece of hair behind her ear. I glance at the clock. 1:30.  

"Your doctor's appointment is at two twenty-five we should probably get going." She nods and we walk through the house toward the garage. We drive in silence the radio plays classical music. I pull into the empty parking lot of the Burkly Medical Center. I park in the closest spot and help her out of the car. She stays close to my side like a scared child. 

We walk through the doors and I go up to the desk where an elderly woman wearing pink scrubs sits. "Excuse me we are here to see Dr. Parrish." The woman glances at me then types on her computer. "Name."  

"Zoey Lewis." She nods and hands me a clipboard. "Fill this out please and wait." I nod and take the clip board and begin filling out the form as I sit next to Zoey across from a young woman who looked only a few years older than us, who held a newborn in her arms. 

After filling out the form and returning it to the lady at the counter I sit next to Zoey and watch her stare at the newborn with both dread and longing. I take her hand in mine reminding her that I was here no matter what. 

"What if I'm pregnant?" I look at her shock at her question. "What do you mean?"  

"If I'm pregnant with Damien's baby would you want me to get rid of it or would you want to keep the baby?" Her question is a good one I squeeze her hand.  

"Whatever you want. If you want to have this baby and raise it, I'm with you. If you want to remove it, I'm with you. If you want to have the baby but adopt it out, I'm with you." She actually sighs and lays her head on my shoulder. The door swings open and a tall thin woman with glasses and blond hair pulled back into a pony tail, stood in the doorway glancing at the clipboard in her hand. 

"Zoey Lewis." We rose and approach her she smiles. "Come with me." We follow her to down a hall passing four rooms she opens the door. I put my hand on Zoey's back and lead her through the door. Dr. Parrish closes the door behind us and puts the clipboard on the table. 

"You are Zoey?" She asks with a warm smile and soft voice. "Yes." She puts a stethoscope over her neck and begin doing the regular tests. She glances at me. "And this is your Destined?" Zoey gasps shocked that her doctor knew.  

"Relax, I'm a Blessed. I heard something about one of the Councilmen taking a human and a Blessed to test them. When Uncle Gerard and Nelson told me that they needed me here ready to possibly treat someone I knew that it must have backfired." She took the clipboard in hand and starts writing.  

"So, tell me Zoey what happened?" Zoey's heart was beating so hard I can feel it. Zoey shakes her head grabbing the top of her head.  

"Dominic will you tell her for me?" I nod sorrow overflows me. "She's not sure if she can tell you right now is it okay if I told you." Dr. Parish looks at me then nod 

"Damien Locksworth took us. He tortured both of us and then when Gerard and the others saved me he--" I have to say it. "He raped Zoey." The words are bitter and the sentence burns me Zoey chokes on air.  

"I see. Well before I run some tests I need to know. If you are pregnant with Damien's baby what would you want to do?" Zoey looks at me asking me to answer for her I take her hands in mine. "Sorry baby, this is your call not mine." Zoey clenches and unclenches her fist. "I don't know." She says in almost a whisper.  

"Okay, well why don't I go ahead and do those tests and we can cross that bridge when we come to it. How's that sound?" Zoey nods. "Okay well please follow me and we can do some blood tests." Zoey follows the doctor out leaving me in the cold room.  

"Don't worry Zoey I'm with you no matter what." I feel her relax as I sit in the chair. I actually felt the prick of the needle. 


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