Blessed & Destined

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Zoey's Perspective

Chapter 27 (v.1) - Truth

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



I follow Dr. Parrish through the halls until we enter a room with a blue leather chair. "Take a seat." She goes up to a cabinet and fishes through it pulling out three vials with different colors and a small needle.  

I take a seat as she wraps the elastic band around my arm and pokes for the vein. She slips the needle through my skin a small pinch follows. As the tube fills with red and enters the vial 

"Do you want my help with deciding?" I look up at her confused as she changes the vials. "There is a test kind of thing that can help you decide."  

"I don't know what I want or what I should do. I'm not sure I should be making this decision." She gives me a warm reassuring smile.  

"Did you know I'm a mother?" I shake my head which probably wasn't the best idea since I got dizzy after. "Yep his name is Liam, he is the sweetest boy in the world, he looks just like me." Her eyes soften 

"My baby Liam. Best thing that ever happened to me. He was the result of a college party and some alcohol." I frown realizing the relevance.  

"I was raped, I won't deny it. I went through the exact same thing you are. I didn't know what I wanted, I hated the man for doing that to me. But the moment I was told that I was pregnant, I was freaking out the doctor that told me said that I could look at this in one of two ways. This thing that was growing in me was because some guy forced himself on me. Or I have a life growing inside me that when he or she comes out will love me forever and not care how he came to be. I could resent the father but I shouldn't resent the child, so I chose to keep him. Now he's fifteen and has a girlfriend, I taught him to treat a woman like a person, and then a princess, and then a Greek goddess and then a person again." She swaps to the last vile.  

"So, it's up to you. You can resent the child because what the father did and end it or you can accept this baby into your life and teach him or her to be everything the father wasn't. I raised Liam on my own. But you have your Destined so if you keep your baby, if you have one, he will be double as lucky because he will have a father as well." She takes the needle out and puts the vials in a freezer.  

"My ability is to know someone's intentions, I got it when I found my Destined, Justin. Dominic will be a fantastic father if he is given the chance. My other ability is the reason I got into medicine. I can diagnose someone before the science is even done but I have to do them anyway for protocol and what not. I can tell you now if you want." She waits for my answer I look at the floor avoiding her eyes 

"Come on let's get back to your Destined." We enter the room and Dominic sits in the chair rubbing his arm. "Damn that needle hurt." I laugh an action that felt alien.  

"You get beaten with a pipe, electrocuted by jumper cables multiple times, burned, whipped and cut for days and you don't make a sound but one little needle in my skin and you are complaining? Dominic Reeds you are a mystery." I kiss him on the lips for the first time in a long time. "Well I will send the blood to the lab and have the test run then I'll get back to you." She turns to leave. 

"Wait." She stops and I let out a breath. "I want to know now." Her face is blank as she closes the door placing the clipboard on the counter. "You're positive?" I nod. "I need to know." Before I lose my nerve. 

She places her hand on my stomach and closes her eyes. I feel her energy flow through me except it doesn't feel vile like Gabriella, no this feels kind and like sunshine. The energy is pulled away and she takes a step back. She looks me in the eyes and I wait for her to answer. Dominic takes my hand. 

"You are pregnant." I wait for panic or sadness or denial but none of it comes. Instead I sigh of relief. "So, I guess you have some decisions to make. Here is my number call me when you make your decision or if you have questions." I nod and take the piece of paper with ten digits on it. 

"Thank you Dr. Parrish." She shakes her head. "Please call me Gabby." I nod and she leaves. The room buzzes with numbing silence. 

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