Blessed & Destined

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Zoey's Perspective

Chapter 29 (v.1) - Breaking News

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



After finding out that I was going to have a baby I decided it was time for me to get my life going again. So, I got up this morning and called my mom, Mariana, Gerard and Gabby and invited them to dinner at my place.  

I want to break the news to them. I have been cooking up a storm all day. I went to the store and bought everything I needed for the Chili I planned to make.  

Corn bread is in the over the Chili is stewing and Dominic is still in bed. I glance at the clock. 4:12 pm. They will be here at 6:30pm.  

Mom and Dad were so excited to know that I wanted them over. They assumed the same as Dominic that I would shut down and shut everyone out but I'm going to be a mom.  

"Hey baby what you making?" Dominic asks yawning. I glance over my shoulder he's in nothing but those cute boxers with the Bulldogs on them. I laugh at them.  

"Chili and Cornbread. Everyone will be here at 6:30." I stir the Chili. "What? Who? Why?" Dominic stumbles for words it's adorable. 

"I invited my parents, Mariana and Nick, and Gerard and Gabby over for dinner. I want to break the news to them." Dominic rubs his head. "Are you sure you want everyone over?" I put the spoon down and cover the Chili. 

"Dominic I'm going to be a mother, I don't have time for moping around and feeling sorry for myself. I need to be proactive. They will be here at 6:30." I turn my attention back to the food I pull the oven opened and check the cornbread still too moist. 

"Okay, fine I'm going to go take a shower." I wave at him and turn on the TV turning to the Pop Music Channel. I sway to the sound of Bruno Mars and set the table.  

The oven beeps and I rush to the sound. Pulling the cornbread out and placing it on the stove to cool.  

6:00pm. Dominic comes out of what was his room that has become our room, his hair dry and styled, in an olive-green button up shirt and tan dress pants. "How do I look?" I nod in approval.  

"Here he comes, hey taste this." I pull a spoonful of Chili and Dominic slurp it down. "Mm, needs more sugar." I nod and sprinkle some brown sugar in and stir. 

"Look at you two, you're like a married couple, Dominic tasting the food and everything." I laugh and turn to face Nick who has a chocolate cake in hand. I pull him into a hug as Mariana comes around the corner. Rushing towards me pulling me into a death grip of a hug. "Oh, I was so worried." Her hug was like be hugged by the hulk. 

"Easy Mariana." I pull away smiling. She glares at me. "What is it! Something is different." She always knows when something is different with me. I look over my shoulder and saw Nick talking to Dominic. I pull Mariana around the corner to the laundry room.  

"Okay block Nick I don't want him ruining the surprise." She nods. "So, you know what happened with me and Damien correct?" She nods frowning. "Well I'm pregnant and I'm keeping the baby." She gasps in horror. "But why?"  

"Because this baby will love me forever and won't care how it came to be only. Dominic and I want this baby." She studies me for a moment then a smile grows on her face.  

"I'm so glad you aren't letting him ruin your life. You deserve to be happy." She wraps her arms around me again this time not as tight.  

"So, you plan to tell everyone today?" I nod as we exit the laundry room rejoined the boys. "That takes some big cajones." I laugh at Mariana's words. "Yes, she does have some cajones doesn't she." Dominic says draping his arm over my shoulder his face covered with the goofiest smile.  

The doorbell rings I rush to the door and open it and there stands the other guests. I greet them and pull Gabby aside. "So, did you decide?" I nod and she smiles 

"You're keeping 'em aren't you?" I nod and she pulls me into a hug. "I'm so happy for you. You are very brave."  

"I wouldn't be able to do this without Dominic. He's ready to be a dad. Speaking of which it's time to get ready to tell mine." Gabby takes my arm. "Don't stress just breathe." We rejoin the group. "Who's ready for Chili!" I wave my hands in the air as everyone grabs a bowl. 

After dinner and Chocolate Cake, Dad claps his hand. "Oh, I almost forgot." He pulls out a Champaign bottle. "Happy birthday sweetheart." I take the bottle and examine it. "Well, pop it open let's drink." I hand the bottle to Dominic and he puts it in our empty wine cabinet. 

Before I can speak Dominic gets up and taps his glass with his fork. "I would like everyone's attention." Everyone goes silent and I stare at Dominic confused. He turns to me and takes my hands in his. He clears his throat. 

"Zoey, you are my world, my life, my heart, my everything. You give me a gift no one else ever can, you give me the other half of my soul. Completing me. We have been through so much and I know that this has been hard and I know that things are changing in more way than one all for the better. So, I want to take this next step before something else comes in and flips our world upside down. I almost lost you last week and the thought of a life without you is impossible for me to imagine. With time comes change and I want to be there through every change that comes our way. So..." Dominic gets down on one knee and pulls out a small black box I put my hands over my mouth. "I want to be there beside you through that change not just as your Destined. Zoey Lewis will you marry me? Let me be your husband and Destined." I choke as tears swell in my eyes.  

"Yes." I shout and he slips the ring on my finger. He stands up and puts his hands on my waist lifting me up and spinning. "I love you." He kisses me like there's no tomorrow. Everyone claps. He sits down and I stay standing.  

"I guess it's my turn. I have an announcement. As you all know I was raped by Damien Locksworth. I want to let you all know that if I am pregnant then I will be keeping the baby." My parents gasp, Mariana and Nick nod in approval. 

"A wise person once told me I could either hate this thing growing inside me or I could accept it as someone who will love me forever not caring where they came from. So, Gabby would you like to make the announcement tell me if I'll be a mother or not." She nods and stands pulling a yellow envelope from her jacket she opens it and pulls out the paper after reading it she smiles.  

"Congratulations you are going to be a mom." I knew already I would, but when she handed me the paper that said it there in black and white it became so real and I began to cry I'm so happy.  

"I'm going to be a mom. Dominic, we are going to be parents." I hug him everyone claps except my parents who look very upset. I sigh frustrated 

"What?" I say and my parents stand. "How could you want to keep that... that... thing!" My mother screams. Of all the people I never thought she would be upset.  

"I won't let Damien ruin my life! I'm having this baby and I will raise him or her and Dominic will be there with me. I won't hate this child because a man forced himself on me. I will not kill this baby and I will not give him or her away. I want to raise this baby to be better than Damian. I won't let him win and I won't take the life of this child. I’m having this baby with or without your support." My mother looks on dumbfounded.  

"Very well, have this child but if it ends up looking like the father then we will never see him." Her words laced with hate and cruelty burn my skin like acid and breaks my heart that my own mother could resent this child of innocence 

"Mom what the hell is wrong with you! Where is the woman who welcome Dominic into my life and loves me! I want that Emma Lewis not this cold and bitter woman that wants me to kill a baby that hasn't even been born yet! Why can't you be happy for me? Why can't you just" I rush out of there pushing past everyone until I'm in Dominic's room or our room. I collapse on the bed shoving my face into the pillow crying 

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