Blessed & Destined

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 3 (v.1) - The Book

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



I head toward the library and stop just outside the door and stare back at Dominic's door debating on talking to him when I hear water running.  

I feel a part of me pull me to go join him but I remind myself to show him the respect he clearly doesn't have for himself. I can't deny the pull toward him I feel, it's like a part of me knows him. I shake my head and go into the library. 

A 12x14 room with Dutch doors and shelves on each wall the walls are painted purple but you can't really see it behind the books. The flooring is dark oak and in the center of the room is a shag rug with the Death Star on it.  

The right wall that mirrors Dominic's room has my mahogany wood desk and black leather rolly office chair. On the desk is my HP laptop, on the left is a TARDIS lamp/clock, on the right is a Bonsai Money Tree and a family picture. Around the desk is a small nook. 

Opposite to the desk is a black leather two seat couch with velvet sky blue pillows on each end. On the wall across from the door is a window that has a window bench with a Teen Wolf blanket and two Alice in Wonderland pillows.  

One with the word "We're All Mad Here" in big black leathers printed on the dark purple case. The other is white and has the original illustration of the Cheshire Cat in the tree with the word "I've often seen a cat without a grin...but a grin without a cat! It's the most curious thing I ever saw in my life!" I'm a fan of just about everything. 

Each shelf is packed with books of all sizes and genres no particular order I have the classics mixed with the Science Fiction and the horror books mixed with the biographies. My Egar Allen Poe mixed with C.S Lewis and Rhoul Daul.  

My mom calls it the "Wonderland Philosophy" put things where they will go but nothing is in the same spot twice. I glance at the couch that has five books scatter on it. 'Moby Dick, Hunger Games, Jurassic Park, Little Women, The Shining.' I laugh remembering pulling those out and reading them. Binge reading. I take a seat in my leather chair and look at the clock. 10:39PM. She should still be up. 

I pull out my cell and dial my mom's number. "Hey mom I know it's late but I need to tell you something." I wait for her. "Go ahead dear." I take a breath and let it out slow. 

"You know how I have visions when I touch someone. Well I touched someone tonight but I didn't get any visions." She gasped and began mumbling. "No. Too young. Too young." I hear dad in the background having the same reaction. 

"Who is this young man?" Wait how does she know it's a he let alone young? "Instead of a vision I heard his thoughts." She stayed silent for a moment.  

"Who is this boy Zoey." Her voice soft but sharp, I frown. "I brought him homwith me I saved him from getting killed. I think he's homeless but he goes to my school." Mom mumbles something in Italian. I hate when she does that, it means she is telling dad something that she doesn't want me to hear. "Tell me everything."  

I recall everything that happened tonight even the feelings I was having when Dominic caught my drink and we stared at each other. After I finished she told me to come see her tomorrow with Dominic at the bookstore. "It's time for you to know the truth." I waited years for her to say that. I heard the water stop running. 

"Okay mom see you then. I love you." I hung up and opened my computer and began working on my book. Pushing any thoughts of what's happening with Dominic away. 

Liam looked across the yard at the most beautiful girl he has ever seen and wonders if she would look at him. He musters up the courage to go talk to her and as he crosses the yard the music gets louder and their eyes meet Liam feels something click. It's something magical and mesmerizing about the feeling he has for her. 

"Hi my name is Liam." She smiles revealing the most phenomenal smile. "Nice to meet you Liam. I'm Sydney. I just moved into town." Her voice is a melody and her Irish accent only adds to her beauty. "Where are you moving from?" He asks. 

"Well I'm originally from Ireland but we just moved from two years in Thailand. My parents are gypsies thus they travel a lot. They want me to spend my junior and senior year of high school here in the US. Though they might leave again, I'll be staying." Liam smiles knowing she would be here for two or three more years maybe they could have something. The music is so loud it's hard for him to hear himself think let alone have a conversation. 

"Would you mind going somewhere quieter?" She smiles and takes his hand leading him through the house to the basement. Once they close the door the music becomes a muffled hum and Liam lets out a sigh of relief. He turns to look at Sydney and get a really look at. 

Her long fire red hair in a lose braid over her shoulder, her eyes are emerald green and her face is dusted with freckles and is a smooth creamy porcelain. Her nose small and lips are full and pink. Her top is plum and white plaid quarter sleeve and a blue plaid jean skirt over red leggings. Black converse covers her feet.  

His eyes go back to her plump lips and he finds himself reaching for her face and brushing them with his thumb. She shivers under his touch. 

"Liam can I ask you something?" Liam drops his hand and nods. "Do you believe in soul mates?" Her emerald eyes plea that he says yes. "I like to keep an open mind so I suppose I could." She smiles and it makes him melt inside.  

"My mother always told me that in our family we always have a soul mate out there. They don't have to gypsy but there is always one person out there that is your perfect other half when you meet them you know who they are. I asked her how they connect and she said all it takes is one kiss and your souls will be bound forever and you will want to kiss them so desperately that it is all you can think about." Liam smiles warmly as she steps closer and looks up at him placing a hand on his chest and the other on his cheek. 

"Liam, I think you are my soul mate." She licks her lips. "And I really want to kiss you right now." Liam's hazel eyes don't waver from hers as his hand cups her cheek and the other rests on the small of her back. "Then why are you still talking." He tilts her head and leans down to kiss her she stands on her toes meeting him halfway. 

As their lips meet electricity dances through his body. Feeling the connection Liam pulls Sydney closer to him. He parts his lips slipping his tongue out and brushing it along her bottom lip asking for entrance, she grants it and his tongue brushes against hers. She lets out a moan as she runs her fingers through her hair.  

Tilting her head more giving him better access he nips her bottom lip which makes her tug at his hair. Consumed by her, Liam moves them backwards until her back is pressed against the wall and the lamp on the wall shakes when they hit it. She wraps her legs around his waist. He moans as she slips her hand under his shirt. Running her cold fingers down his back. 

Realizing he wants to go further but know that now isn't the right place or time for that. So, he pulls away pressing his forehead against hers as they both struggle to catch their breath. "Well I think that confirms it." He says breathlessly making her laugh. "You're stuck with me now Liam Jacobs." He closes his eyes.  

"I love you saying my name." She gives him a light kiss. "Come on, I want you to meet my mom." Liam smiles knowing that his life is changed forever. 

I'm pulled from my thoughts when there's a knock on the door. "Come in." Dominic walks in looking around examining the room.  

"Wow you have a lot of books." I smile and click the save button on the document then close it. "It wouldn't be a library if I didn't." He smiles examining the books. 

"So, what are you doing?" He asks as I close my computer and he takes a seat on the couch. His hair is damp and flat, his face is freshly shaved and he's changed into an ACDC graphic T-shirt and navy-blue cotton PJ pants.  

"Just been working on my book. I see you showered and shaved." He gave me that dashing half a smile that makes me melt. 

"Yeah thanks for the clothes by the way." I feel blush rush to my cheeks so I get up and pick up the five books off of the couch and put them in their new homes. "So, you write?" I nod placing the books in their new places. 

"A little I haven't published anything but I did post some of my work online." I finish putting away the books and turn to sit on the ouch next to him. "So, I called my mom and told her And she knows something about it and wants us to go see her tomorrow, if you are up to it." Dominic nods. "Yeah I would like to know what's going on." I frown and my mind starts flooding with doubts about his feelings. "Yeah me too." 

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