Blessed & Destined

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 31 (v.1) - Sleepless Writing

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



I can understand why my mom reacted that way but it doesn’t make it hurt any less. My phone buzzes against the wooden bedside table. I glance at the Caller ID but I know who it is. I hit the power button silencing it. 

I close my eyes. I find my hand placed on my stomach. "I won't let you ruin me, Damien." I whisper into the silent room Dominic's breathing is low and steady.  

I'm relieved that he can sleep, I know he's been having trouble as of late staying up watching me sleep. He stirs and rolls over throwing his arm over me. I laugh silently when I try to lift the dead weight. Eventually I was able to squirm out of his grasp and sneak out.  

I can't sleep right now there's too much on my mind and I get restless when my mind is working. So, I head to the kitchen and start a pot of coffee once it beeps I grab the pot and a mug and head to my Library.  

Opening the door with my elbow I turn the lights on and plop down on the office chair. Placing the coffee pot next to my computer and starting it up I find myself opening my book document.  

Pouring myself a cup of piping hot coffee I begin typing furiously. I didn't realize how much I missed writing until I started typing. I didn't glance at the clock not caring what the time was I was flying through this book.  

My heart banged against my chest as I tried to follow Logan's lead running through the brush and water and sticks and rocks barefoot it didn't bother me. I needed him. My body felt numb as I pushed myself forward. I could hear his heartbeat in my mind like a church bell going off in my head.  

I came to a brief stop when I approached a thicket of bushes it was too dark to see what kind I didn't care I could practically feel Logan on my skin. I rushed through the thicket my ears ringing and my mind focused on one thing.  

Getting back my soul mate. I burst through the bushes falling forward into chilly water I force myself up and look around ahead of me is a camp four or five tents are set around a large bonfire. 

I inched closer and saw all the men go into the largest tent I looked down at the lead that was attached to my aura and followed it the farthest tent. Two large men circled the tent holding rifles. I grit my teeth I snuck closer to the tent and could hear chatter inside. I made sure to keep myself low to the ground and out of sight and light of the fire. I focused my hearing. 

"I'm impressed Logan, most men would be begging for mercy or dead with all the blood you've lost." I recognize that voice it's Amelia she's Thomas's wife and their clan inquisitor. She's a sadist.  

"I'm not most men. Sydney will find me and I will rip your heart out." A wave of relief rolled over me knowing he's alive and angryAngry keeps him alive.  

I back away from the campsite and headed towards the tent that I saw one of the men carry what looked like explosives in it. I lifted the tent and glanced under there wasn't anyone in there so I slipped under it making sure not to make a sound.  

The armory was filled with ammo, explosives, grenades and boxes that were unopened. I pulled the lid off of one of them and inside was a group of bladed weapons. Ax, spear, sword, daggers everything. I reached for the only one that called to me a katana.  

I lift the sheathed blade and pulled the blade out examining it. I had never been one the like weapons but this blade was beautiful. I smile and sheathe the blade and close the box sneaking out of the tent I went back to the river my heart pounding in my chest. 

I watched the two guards that circled Liam's tent like sharks never seeing each other as the rotated. I pulled the blade from its sheath and approach the tent staying in the shadows as long as I can. I kneel down and hold the blade at an angle against my chest. I wait for the one of the guards to turn the corner.  

Once he does I grab him by the wrist and pull him around the next corner I had half a second to end him before the other guard makes his round. I put my hand over the man's mouth and use his weight to fall back on my blade. He went limp and I forced his body toward the other tent into the shadows I wait for the other guard to turn the corner.  

He turns and before he can make a sound I swing my blade slicing his throat his hands go to his neck and he falls to his knees I stab him through the chest and catch his body before it hits the ground. I focus on the tent and hear Liam growl he sounds gagged.  

I hold the blade by my side and slip through the tent barely moving the flap I see that Liam is down to his boxers his body covered in cuts and his face swollen with bruises his head is low he has a cloth in his mouth gagging him. I glance over and see Amelia going through a box filled with bloodied knives of all sizes I slip behind some boxes that are in the corner and crouch low.  

The lantern that is lighting up the tent is by to her on the table she's humming a sinister tune that makes me cringe. I send my magic out calling the flame. "Out." I whisper barely a sound and a breeze rushes through the tent the flame goes out and Amelia curses.  

I take the moment to sneak towards her she tries to light it but my power is forbidding a flame to form. She growls lighting another match. I rush behind her and whisper against her back. "Morietur."  

She stiffens and before she can scream I slam my hand over her mouth and run the blade through her knee she buckles over screaming against my hand. I hit her with the hilt of my blade she falls to the ground. I hear Logan mumble against the gag. I walk around him and with a swift swing of the blade I slice the ropes that hold him to the metal chair. I remove the gag from his mouth.  

"Who's there?" His voice coarse and my eyes have adjusted to the darkness I lean forward planting a kiss to his dry lips. He lets out a moan recognizing me. I pull away and head toward Amelia. Waving my hand at the lantern. 

"Ignium." The flame reignites lighting the room. Amelia is on the ground eyes shut. I smile and grab the ropes that held Liam tying them around her smaller figure then putting the gag in her mouth. I place a sack over her head leaving her in the corner.  

I feel Liam's gaze on me and as much as I want to talk to him we need to get out of here. I peak through the tiny slit in the tent and see there is no one around. I nod and head to the back of the tent passing Liam.  

"Grab her." I whisper and he picks up Amelia placing her over his shoulder. I swing the blade at the tent wall slicing a slit I push the fabric forward and climb through the opening stepping over the guard's body. "Watch it." I point at the body and I hear an intake of air from Liam. 

I grab the guards body and drag it into the tent where Liam was. I rejoin Liam and motion for him to follow me. I lead him to the river, once we get to the river and continue up stream toward the camp where I left the rebels.  

We stop at the cliffside and at the river I kneel next to it and rinse my blade in the running water. I hear a thump as Liam drops Amelia's body then I hear his footsteps get closer. I don't want to face him right now I drop my head and sheath the blade. His hand rests on my shoulder.  

"Sydney." His voice clearer but still a bit rough. "You're bleeding." His hand touches my shoulder I stand up and glance down my body. "God what happened?" My clothes were covered with holes and my skin had multiple cuts that had dried blood 

The thicket I ran through there must have had thorns. "I ran through some rough brush relax it's nothing." I glance up and see the sky is pink the sun is coming up.  

"Come on we need to get Amelia up the mountain before she wakes up." I approach her body and slip the gag from her mouth and put it over her eyes. "Better her mouth off than see where we are." Liam picks up her limp body and I lead him up the narrow path up the mountainside. Finally reaching the cave behind the waterfall I enter the cave causing everyone inside to jump.  

"We thought that they took you!" Sandra walks up mad as hell. "I'm sorry I needed to get him." I turned my body so everyone could see Liam who was still in nothing but his boxers and a limp body over his shoulder. Two men approach taking Amelia's body. 

I glance over my shoulder but Liam is talking with Jason. I stare at his body all the cuts and bruises because of me. My face twists with pain, I growl and go over to Sandra.  

"I'm going to take a bath." I don't give her time to respond I just storm out of the cave I head to the spring and strip the scraps that were once my clothes and walk into the water. I begin to scrub my skin and I watch the water turns red with my blood. I wince the water stings and my wounds reopen.  

I hear footsteps and jump when Liam pops out of the brush with a change of clothes and a towel. "Hey red what you doin?" His voice soft and deep. "Taking a bath." He smiled and pulled his clean shirt over his head.  

"Mind if I join you?" I roll my eyes. "Doesn't matter you're clearly going to anyway." I continue to rub the blood off my skin then I hear a splash then his warm arms around me. He presses his nose to my neck and takes a deep breath.  

"I missed you so much red, why won't you look at me?" I close my eyes and lean into him. "Because I've changed."  

I stop typing and glance at the clock, 5:49 AM. I feel my eyelids get heavy and then I rest my head on my cool desk. 

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