Blessed & Destined

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Chapter 33 (v.1) - Night Terror

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



I open my heavy eye lids realizing that I moved I'm back in bed with Dominic. I let a sigh of relief escape me and return to my slumber. 

I'm in my front yard watering the flowers when I feel someone's gaze on me I turn around and see Damien standing there, feet from me with a wicked grin.  

"So, you are having our baby." His voice low and malicious causing me to cringe. "No, I'm having my baby and it will be nothing like you. My baby will be like Dominic kind and gentle, not like you cruel and heartless." He takes a step toward me. 

"At least I got to make you mine before I died. Sorry I wasn’t gentle with you but my time was running out. This child will be my legacy." He closed the last of the space between us and brushed his hand on my cheek.  

"I wish I could be there for our baby." I punched him as hard as I could, shoving him away from me.  

I try to run to the door into the safety of my home but Damien has me and is dragging me to the side of the house. I try to pull out of his grip but it only tightens on me he presses my body against the wall I hear fumbling of fabric and cold air rush under my dress.  

"I guess I will have to remind you what I did." I scream as he takes advantage of me all over again. 

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