Blessed & Destined

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Chapter 35 (v.1) - Shower Love

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



I wait for the bathroom door to close and water to start. "Okay Mariana let's get to work. I know that I have a lot to figure out but this wedding needs to happen exactly like my vision." Mariana starts mumbling.  

"Okay 1pm sharp." I hang up and decide I need a shower. Dominic is still in his. I smile to myself and start taking off my clothes then I sneak into the bathroom I can hear Dominic singing 'Two Is Better Than One' by Boys Like Girls 

I pull the curtain back and slip in behind him. "I'm thinking two is better one." I smile his voice so beautiful 

"I remember ever look upon your face,  

the way you roll your eyes, the way you taste,  

you make it hard for breathing, 

cause when I close my eyes and drift away,  

I think of you and everything'okay,  

I'm finally now believin'." He jumps nearly falling down I laugh and wrap my arms around his waist bringing him closer to me.  

"What you doin' Zoey?" He whispers against my wet hair. "Taking a shower." He smiles. "You have your own shower in your room." I look up at him and kiss him. "Yeah but that shower doesn't have you in it." He smiles briefly before kissing me placing his hand on my cheek tilting my head.  

I hadn't realized how much I needed this kiss. Deep and passionate. I part my lips inviting him in and his tongue brushes against mine and a moan escapes me.  

His hand grazes down my spine to the small of my back pulling me close the water beating down us. He lifts me up and presses my back against the wall his kiss becomes desperate.  

"God I've missed your lips. I need this so bad. I need you." His voice is laced with desperation and actual pain. I hadn't thought it through, I'm taking my time healing and he's left on the sides only able to steal a kiss or two, never able to do something like this.  

"I'm sorry Dominic, I shouldn't have shut you out. I didn't realize how I was neglecting you." His lips ravaged my body going from my lips to my jaw, neck and chest. I gasp when he gently bites my neck. He returns to my lips. "You haven't been neglecting me I've been waiting." I feel a tear slide down my cheek.  

"But you shouldn't have to wait you're my Destined, my soul mate, the only person in existence that can complete me that should love me. Only you. Always only you forever. I wish I could go back in time and slap myself for pushing you away. I shouldn't have been waiting to get better I should have been making up for lost time. Sorry, so sorry. I love you. Love you so, so, so muchm you always and only you. My Dominic, my Destined forever and ever." He continued his pursuit. I feel his weight shift against mine but he stops and pulls away.  

"Do you... I mean are you ready? We can wait." I shake my head. "No, I've made you wait long enough." His eyes soften and his lips crash against mine. After our shower it was almost noon.  

I head to the kitchen and started on a sandwich. I felt his arms come around me and his lips on my neck. Reminding me of the day I made pancakes. "You have no idea how bad I needed that." He whispers against my skin.  

"Needed what?" I tease and he bit my ear. "Thank you, Zoey." I lean against him. "I think I needed that too."  

"Mariana is coming to get me at one. We are going shopping." He frowns and I feel him search my mind so I started reciting the Periodic table. 

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