Blessed & Destined

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Cam's Perspective

Chapter 38 (v.1) - The Crash

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



Nick and I surprised Dominic with a bachelor party not a very big one just the three of us chilling at Dominic and Zoey's place playing pool. "Sorry we didn't plan something bigger." I apologize to Dominic, he shakes his head.  

"No, man this is perfect just me and some bros chilling." Suddenly Nick drops his stick and falls to the ground crying. I turn to Dominic and he's doing the same. They both scream their Destined's names.  

I pull out my phone and call dad. "Dad something's happened to Mariana and Zoey find them quick." I hang up and help Nick and Dominic to the couch. They are in shock their hands shaking and look pale. I grab Dominic's face and make him look at me. Not the most masculine thing to do but this is my sister we are talking about. 

"Dominic, you need to force your way into Zoey's mind. Find out where they are and what's going on." Dominic continues to shake. "Zo.." I slap him. "Focus." Dominic snaps out of it and focuses.  

Then he and Nick are on their feet running out the door I follow them and just around the corner is Mariana's car upside down. A black hummer is implanted in the side of the small jeepShattered glass all over the dashboard and ground around the car. 

I snap into guardian mode. "Dominic! Nick, get the girls out of the car." I rush to the black hummer and pull the drive out of the front seat. We all pull still bodies from the car wreckage. I glance at Zoey and her shirt is soaked with red. 

I call my dad and then dial 9-1-1 and give them the address. I throw the driver who's unconscious on the neighbor's lawn the boys are next to their girls examining the damage.  

Dad drives up and rushes out of the car with mom. They examine the situation and rush to us. I stand and explain the situation.  

"Is that him? The man, who caused this?" Mom is staring at the driver I nod. She walks over to him and drags his body into the back of their hummer. Dad examines the hummer that rammed into the girls.  

"This is a Tribe vehicle." He says through gritted teeth. "I wasn't expecting retribution for what happened to Damien. He wasn't liked by many." I say and hear sirens.  

"You should get out of here deal with the driver I'll stay." Dad grips my shoulder and gives me a curt nod. Mom kisses me on the cheek and they drive away. 

Two minutes later two ambulances and a police car arrive on scene. I watch the medic's carry Mariana and Zoey into separate ambulances their Destined ride beside them. I do my best to explain what I know of the situation to the officer.  

Once I'm alone I rush to my car and head to the hospital. I pray that my sister and her best friend are okay. 

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