Blessed & Destined

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - The Kiss

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



"What are you thinking about Zoey? You're the one who read my mind not the other way around. You need to talk to me." I hesitantly look up. "It's stupid." He smiles and takes my hand.  

"Zoey, I don't care. You have been in my head so it's only fair that I get to be in yours a little." I smile and laugh he lets go of my hand. "Touche. Alright I was wondering if you feel the same way I do." Dominic shifts in his seat and licks his lips. 

"Depends, how do you feel?" I look down at the couch. "I can't lie to you it just feels wrong." I take a deep breath and let it out slow. "I feel like I've known you forever. I want so badly to lay my head on your chest and listen to your heart beating and feel you rub my back. I want you to kiss me like it would be the only kiss you will ever have. But I just met you and I won't push anything on you." I rub my eyes and look at him. "That was lame huh? Just forget I said anything."  

With one swift movement Dominic pulled me forward and our lips crashed together and my heart jumped at the contact then I just melted into him.  

I wrapped my arms around his neck leaning into him. His arms wrap around my hips pulling me into his lap never breaking the kiss. I run my fingers through his hair and it's as soft as I thought it would be. He removes his hand from my back and moveit to rest on my cheek, stroking it with his callous thumb. 

I feel him part his lips and his tongue dances on my bottom lip. I part my lips and his tongue slips inside my mouth and at the first brush of his on mine my blood boiled. Our tongues did a wicked dance as his hands roamed my body. My cheeks burned and my breathing became erratic.  

His hands slid under my shirt and ran down my spine causing goosebumps. I open my mind to him and he moaned. "Damn she tastes so good. I could kiss her forever." Feeling bold I wrap my legs around himstraddling his hips.  

"You're in my head right now, aren't you?" I tug his hair confirming it. "You are amazing and beautiful and I am pretty sure I'm falling for you. I would kiss you forever if I could."  I pull away smiling as we both struggle to catch our breath. 

"Thank you." I say breathlessly as he stares at my swollen lip while he brushes it with his thumb. "For what?" He asks his voice low. "For giving me an amazing first kiss." His eyes snap up to meet mine 

"That was your first kiss?" I nod as his knuckles brush down my cheek. "Well consider me impressed and honored." He kisses me not as intense but equally as passionate. "Perfect." 

After we part he lays back on the couch pulling me with him. Wrapping his arms around me I lay my head on his chest and his heart beating. "Just what you wanted right." I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sound. "Mmhm." He drapes his right arm around me rubbing me arms as his heartbeat lulls me to sleep. 

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