Blessed & Destined

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 40 (v.1) - Drowning In Despair

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



I feel like someone has stuck their hand down my throat and ripped my heart out. Not only did I lose my baby but now I can never have kids. There is no way to describe this pain. I'm afraid that Dominic was right this will destroy me. I'm drowning in my own sorrow Dominic is my life line that keeps me from going under but I don't know how much longer I can hold on. 

I'm lying in bed with Dominic sleeping beside me afraid to close my eyes. I don’t dream of Damien anymore, no I relive that damn car accident. Mom and Dad have been interrogating the driver for weeks but he hasn't cracked. 

I close my eyes and flash back to when I got released from the hospital my parents drove me to the compound and I got to look at the man who tried to kill me.  

I recognized him he was at Damien's compound where he kept me. One of the guards I think. My eyes snap open as I feel sleep creeping in. 

I crawl out of bed and drive to my parent's compound. I need to face this guy. I sent a quick text to Dominic telling him I went to the store for ice cream. I grip the steering wheel so tight that my knuckles are white. 

I burst into the room where my dad is grilling the driver, rage powering me. "Dad get out." I say through grit teeth and he backs out slowly. The driver glances at me.  

"Damn, I was sure that was going to work. Guess you're harder to kill than I thought." I feel a new power rush through me and I pray that it is something I can use to hurt him. I look to my fingers and see little bolts of electricity between my fingertips 

I take a step towards the man who's tied to a chair until I'm in his face. "Do you know what you did to me?" I say in a low menacing voice laced with venomous hate. "You took my baby from me." He doesn't flinch. "I was trying to kill you." I ignore his comment.  

"Do you know what it feels like to be told that your child has been killed and that you will never have children again?" He laughs. "Ha, I did a real number on you. At least I managed to kill something." I grab him by the neck lifting him off the ground. "That's cute. You're actually trying to intimidate me."  

"Bitch I'm adorable and I'm not trying to intimidate you, I trying to figure out how I'm going to hurt you." A wicked smile grows on my face. "You didn't answer my question. That's fine I'll show you how it feels." My grip on his throat tightens and I send volts of electricity through him. 

His screams make me smile it shouldn’t but it does. I hear dad's voice in the speaker. "ZOEY STOP IT!" I don't let go. I charge the door knob preventing anyone from interrupting. I look at the monster that took the most precious thing away.  

I send more electricity through his body and relish in his screams suddenly the door bursts open and I'm yanked from the man. I thrash my limbs trying to free myself. "NO! I WASN'T DONE WITH HIM!" I spit. "Yes, you are!" Cam says anger infused with his words 

"I don't know what you are doing here Zoey but you need to go home." Nick's voice is laced with anger as well. They drag me into a dark room and let go and leave. I bang my hands on the door. "Let me out!"  

"What are you doing Zoey?" I hear Gerard's voice and turn around finding him sitting at the metal table in the center of the room. "What was torturing that guy going to accomplish, hmm?" I didn't have an answer. "Why did you attack him?" I revert my gaze. 

"I wanted him to feel the pain I felt." I say my words strained. "What does that accomplish? What would you get out of it?" I drop my head. "Nothing. I just want him to pay for the agony he's put me through." I feel a hand on my shoulder and see Gerard's face. "Tell me." He leads me to a couch in the corner. 

"I don't sleep anymore. I haven't been able to since I was captured by Damien. I would have night terrors of him raping me again. Now I relive the crash and everything that followed. I can't sleep through this pain because every night I close my eyes I relive the pain. It's an open wound that never heals. Always exposed and raw." Gerard puts his hand on mine. "I know what you are feeling." I look up in surprise. 

"I lost my Blessed. Mila, she was murdered by a segregate terrorist group of Destined who didn't appreciate how the council ran things. So, they hurt me the worst way they could." He ran his hand through his hair. 

"My Mila was tortured for weeks constantly being moved. So, every time I got close to finding her she was already gone. Two months I chased them all over Italy. Then one day I was at home and the doorbell rang when I opened it there was Mila her eyes stained with tears and her body covered in blood and bruises. I pulled her into my arms and just as she tried to say I love you they shot her and she died in my arms. It was the worst pain I ever felt." His hands shook and I could see the pain in his eyes.  

"I hunted those segregates killing them one by one. Every time I did I felt slightly better. Once they were all dead I thought I would feel better. I felt worse. I then realized killing them didn't make me feel better, it was numbing the pain. Killing them was my drug and once I ran out I felt the pain again." His eyes met mine.  

"Hurting that man wasn't making you feel better, it was numbing the pain. I don't want you to end up like me." He gets up taking my hand.  

"Go home, be with your Destined, plan your wedding. This life is too damn short don't waste it." He ushers me out the door.  

"You've been in enough danger as of late to know you shouldn't waste your time in this life." He left me alone in the hallway. I was beaten and I need some serious Dominic time. I leave the compound and hurry home. 

When I get back to our bedroom I shake Dominic. He rolls over sleep staining his eyes. His hair messy and clothes wrinkled.  

"What's up?" I sion the edge of the bed and drop my head. "I'm ready to talk now." He sits up and turns on the light. I tell him what I really did tonight, what Gerard said, about the nightmares, my pain. Everything. 

"Dominic, I feel like I'm drowning and no matter how hard I try I can't swim to the surface." He pulls me into his embrace. "I won't let you drownZoey I'm here for you. Stop being so damn stubborn and let me help." I sigh and drop my head. "Okay." He lifts my head with his thumb under my chin forcing me to look at him. "I love you." 

"And I have no idea why." I say and try to laugh but it comes out more like a cough. "Let's see you're, beautiful, kind, forgiving, selfless, honest to a point, so damn perfect in every way. There is no reason why I shouldn't love you." I feel tears falling down my cheeks like a dam burst. 

Dominic proceeds to kiss away every tear and offer an I love you to follow. When I finally fall asleep, for the first time in weeks, I have a dreamless sleep. 

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