Blessed & Destined

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Dominic's Perspective

Chapter 41 (v.1) - Surprise

Submitted: September 28, 2017

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Submitted: September 28, 2017



Zoey's slipping, I can see it, the other night when she went and attacked that man that hit her. That's when it became real, she's slipping into the darkness and I don't know if I can pull her back. 

My precious, sweet, innocent, kind Blessed tainted by evil, damaged by horrible people, she's lost so much lately it's time to give something back.  

Stonight, I am going with Mariana and Emma to set up the place where we are having the wedding. Tomorrow I'm going to marry Zoey. We need something permanent what's more permanent than marrying your other half. 

Waiting out front. I glance at the text sent by Emma and I slip out of the house getting in her hummer and off to Grove Meadows, the magical garden where I plan to marry my true love, my soul mate, my beloved and Destined. 

"You nervous about keeping this from Zoey?" Mariana asked me. "No, it's not hard. She hasn't been in my head in weeks and she barely ever touches me." I couldn't hide my sorrow in my words. "So basically, what you're saying is you haven't gotten laid in weeks?" 

"Jeeze Marianablunt much!" I snap at her she's starts laughing in the passenger's seat. "That explains the bad mood." I cross my arms. "I'm not in a bad mood." I suddenly feel like a five-year-old pouting. 

"Emma, I think Dominic needs a nap." Oh, great now Emma's laughing. "Okay, enough Mariana you and Nick are inseparable you two never fight. You don't understand the pain of no love from your Destined." Emma glances in the mirror our eyes meeting. "Peter and I got in a big fight and I am not kidding. No sex for three months it was awful. And my fault." She pulls into a parking spot 

"No offense Emma but that was haunting." I say as I climb out of the car. "Oh, why's that?" I shrug. "I guess I don't like hearing about my future mother in law's sex life." She grabs my arm and stops me.  

"So, you can talk about your sex life but I can't? How is that okay?" I growl and rub my face with my hands. "Okay let's both just stop talking about our sex life."  Mariana pushes through us. "I making no such promises."  

"Hello!" We are greeted by the Maple Grove groundskeeper. "You must be Dominic?" I nod shaking her hand. "Surprise weddings can be stressful but with everything that's happened I think a wedding is a great idea."  

"Hannah what do you got for us?" Emma is in full wedding planner mode. Hannah pulls out her photobook we spend the next few hours choosing every detail. I look up at the sky that was changing from a dark blue to an orange pink shade, I glance at my phone. 3:55AM. I need to get home.  

"Alright we will leave you to get everything set up ceremony will start at four this afternoon." Emma gives Hannah one last thanks and we get in her hummer. "It's supposed to be eighty-two around the time, are you sure you want to have the wedding outside?" Mariana asks me concerned. "Yes, enough of Zoey's visions haven't come true this one should. Especially the rose petal curtain."  

We pull into my driveway and I try to get inside the house as quietly as possible. Creeping through the house to our bedroom I pray that Zoey is still asleep. I open the door and see her on her side. I slip in trying to close the door as silent as possible. 

"Where the hell were you!" I nearly jump out of my skin. "I... uh...." Even in the dark I could see she is seriously pissed. 

"I had another nightmare and I woke up screaming and when you weren't here I..." Her voice cracks I didn't even think about that. She'd been sleeping so soundly without incident I thought the nightmares were over. 

"I'm sorry." Her anger turned to tears my body moves on its own rushing to close the space between us. To stop her tears. "I'm sorry Zoey I needed to go out." She pulls away to look at me. 

"Is there someone else?" Those words ripped my heart out. "WHAT! GOD NO! You only you, forever and ever." I chanted those words. "Then, where were you?" I can't tell her it would ruin the surprise. So, I plaster a smile on my face. 

"It's a surprise." I whisper against her hair. "I want to give you this surprise to bring some joy back into your life. Even if only for a day." I look down at her and see her doubt.  

"Zoey, I love you. There is no one else out there for me." I plant a kiss on her forehead. 

"You are my world." On her chin. "My heart," along her neck. "My beloved." Her collarbone. "My Destined." Up her jaw. "My Blessed." On each cheek. "My soulmate." Tip of her nose. "My Zoey." I whisper against her lips and place a light kiss there.  

She pulls me down by my neck, crashing our lips together. I beg her with my kiss to love me, to forgive me, trust me and understand how much she means to me. Take each word to heart and taste the truth behind each letter.  

Three agonizing weeks without so much as a glance inside my mind now I can feel her in my mind. I open wide welcoming her, I've been so empty without her presenece 

"I love you Zoey, love you forever, no one else. My Zoey, mine forever and ever. Always, always, always love you. Never leave you, never ever again. My Zoey, my forever." I want her to understand. No. I need her to understand that I love her more than I can bare and that I need her just as much as she needs me. 

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