Blessed & Destined

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Zoey's Perspective

Chapter 42 (v.1) - Reconnect

Submitted: September 30, 2017

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Submitted: September 30, 2017



I have stood at the threshold of Dominic's mind unsure if I should enter countless times, wondering if he would want me to. So many times, I have walked away. When he kissed me, I felt every raw emotion more real than any vison.  

His need, pain, sadness, loneliness and love. Of all the emotions swirling around in him love is the one that shines the brightest and tastes the strongest. Like honey and sunshine. Refreshing and warm magical. 

When he opened his mind to me and I hear his words I broke. How could I have been so blind to not see him breaking? I was too busy drowning I didn't even see his hand offering to rescue me. Two times in our life together I have left him alone, without love, abused.  

I will spend the rest of my life with him making up for all this time, where I have left him alone. No more. I didn't even notice we were moving until I felt the bed against my knees. His hands roaming my body trying to get me out of these clothes. I ran my hands through his hair feeling the thick strands in my fingers. His scent and mine merging together becoming one.  

"Need you. Need you. Need you now.That was all the proof I needed he does love me more than I could comprehend he's been reduced to three-word sentences that's how primal this need is. "You will have me." 

I gladly help myself out of my clothes and make quick work of removing his. Tossing our clothes across the room. Our bare flesh mingling together. I feel every strong muscle on his body flexing and contorting as he lowers his body over mine. I'm engulfed in him, my mind numb, all the world is gone, there is only me and Dominic and this fantastic moment. 

Like all the other times we made love, I could feel the changes. Our connection renewed, our love strengthened, our bond reinforced and our desire satisfied. There is no amount of time I can spend with him that will satisfy me, I will always crave him, need him, want him. Dominic is what makes me alive.  

His scent burned into my mind, his voice an echo in my ears, his taste a lingering sensation on my lips, his touch a burning desire staining my skin, his name etched into my soul, his love branded into my life, everything I am and ever will be he is a part of it. We may never have children but I will always have him. 

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