Blessed & Destined

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Chapter 45 (v.1) - The Cottage

Submitted: September 30, 2017

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Submitted: September 30, 2017



"Ready to go?" Hannah asks kneeling next to us. "Yep." She claps and takes off ushering people out. The Manor doors fly open and everyone is standing on one side of a rope throwing rice at us as we make our way to the Hummer Limo. I stop before climbing in and throw the bouquet. 

I turn and see who caught it and I see Mariana's scarlet red face just as Nick walks up he gets down on one knee and proposes to Mariana right there. Who proposes at someone else's wedding? 

I smile knowing my best friend got her happy ending too. I blow her a kiss and climb into the large vehicle taking a seat next to Dominic.  

The moment the door closes Dominic pulls me into his lap planting kisses all over my face and neck and any bare skin he could get to. Anything else that was going on wasn’t processing because I am totally one-hundred percent infatuated by Dominic Reeds. He pulls away from me and smiles taking my face in his hands and kissing me with all the love he could muster.  

Great I'm going to lose the bet, goodbye five dollars. I'm too happy to mope about five bucks I'm too busy being ravaged by the most amazing man, in existence. After about two hours of making out like some after prom date, the car comes to a stop in front of a small cottage just outside of Burkly.  

Dominic helps me out of the car. "Wait what about luggage?" He picks me up carrying me towards the small building. "Already here I had Cam drop it off this morning." He opens the door shutting it with his foot. He puts me down and I get to explore the small space. 

From the outside its a two-story house white stone outer walls, thatched roofing, two brick chimneys and a rounded oak door. The interior even more mesmerizing. The walls are white painted wood, the flooring is solid oak wood flooring.  

On either side of the door is a rounded window with white curtains. Directly in front of me is a two-seated grey couch with plain white pillows. In front of the couch is a glass round coffee table, on a black wool rug on the far wall in front of the couch is a stone fireplace.  

To the right is a small kitchenette a single sink under a small square window, counter space over the right cabinet, on that counter is an old coffee machine, a stove/oven sits to the left of the sink and in the corner, is a small fridge.  

Just outside the kitchenette is a single wood table with two turquoise stained wood chairs. Beyond that is a washer and dryer around the corner. Across from that is a single staircase that leads to a loft with a king size bed covered with white quilt with red roses.  

On either side is a small one drawer nightstand with a single white lamp on each. At the foot of the bed is a pink satin bench. On the left of the bed is a small closet where I see our two suitcases.  

Next to that is another small door that leads to a bathroom with white octagon tile a simple green tint marble sink with plain oak wood cabinets and a single mirror the toilet is between the sink and shower/tub with a plain cream shower curtain and a blue shag rug.  

Across from the toilet on the wall is a single towel rack. Above the bed are the rafters and a single fan. In the left back corner of the room is a wood stove.  

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