Blessed & Destined

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Chapter 46 (v.1) - Moonlight Love-making

Submitted: September 30, 2017

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Submitted: September 30, 2017



What a perfect place to spend our honeymoon. I pull open my suitcase and pull out a simple lime green silk nightgown with pink lace straps.  

I manage to get myself out of the contraption I call a wedding dress left in my black lace bra and grey striped boy short underwear. I prefer comfort over sexy. 

Pulling the soft gown over my head I hang my dress up as best as I can. I sneak downstairs where Dominic is starting a fire. He's out of his tux and in plaid red and blue pj pants and no shirt.  

I lean against the door way between the kitchen and living room and marvel at the beautiful man I am glad to call my husband.  

His perfect chiseled chest and flat stomach and strong arms that flex as he pokes at the fire the color flames dance across his skin highlighting every muscle as his back muscles move. I find myself staring and I quickly pull my gaze and walk further into the room revealing my presence to him.  

He puts the fire poker away and stands up straight as I wrap my arms around his waist resting my head on his shoulder. "Hey." I say in a low voice admiring the fire. "Hey yourself." He turns in my grasp looking at my outfit. "My Zoey." He says as he plants a kiss on my lips. 

"Perfection, angel, beauty, brave, talented, strong." He mumbles these words as he plant's kisses on my face and neck and along my collarbone. Finally returning to my lips I grasp onto him with everything I have.  

He backs me up to the couch as he resumes peppering my skin with kisses. He pulls me up and carries me upstairs setting me down at the foot of our bed.  

He takes in every curve of my body and runs his hands down my arms. His gaze burning with desire for me. I return it hoping he's picking it up. Sure enough, he closes the space between us crashing our lips together his hands running through my hair.  

My hands grip his shoulders as he taunts me with his devilish tongue. Running it across my lips I part them as his tongue joins mine. His hands doing wicked things to me forcing chills to sprout in their wake.  

I make quick work to remove his pants and boxers and he tears my nightgown off of me. Tossing our clothes on the ground he backs me up against the wall I use the wall to wrap my legs around his waist as he continues to ravage my lips.  

Coaxing a small moan from me when he disposes of the final layer of clothing that separates our skin. He pulls away and carries me to the bed laying me down and gently hovering over me.  

His grey blue eyes glisten with adoration the sun had already set and the moon begun to rise. He tells me a thousand times in as many different ways as possible how much he loves me and everything I am to him. 

Moonlight starts to peak through the curtains as Dominic continues to taunt me with his perfect body not giving me the one thing I desperately want. He pulls away and looks out the window seeing the moon.  

Something in him changes and I know he's finally going to give me what I want. He leans over me placing a gentle feather of a kiss on my lips as I feel him cover me. 

"I'm going to make love to you now Zoey Reeds." I smile and kiss him. "Then why are we still talking?" And he does. Something is different this time, maybe it's because we are married, bound in every way. Mind, soul, spirit, body, and now in name I am completely Dominic's. With one kiss my ambivalence shifts to enthusiasm. He's the only man on earth for me, the only one who can breathe fire into me even when I'm cold. From this moment on my clothes are a hindrance, but he solves the problem in under a minute. 

"I love you Zoey Reeds, thank you for loving me." I hear him in my mind as he says it out loud. 

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