Blessed & Destined

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Dominic's Perspective

Chapter 47 (v.1) - Picnics

Submitted: October 03, 2017

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Submitted: October 03, 2017



The next morning, I roll over and find Zoey sleeping soundly. Her breathing silent and steady her hair a tangled mess and the makeup she's wearing is smudged. It's adorable. I slip out of bed and head downstairs to make coffee and breakfast. 

I pull out a pan and start working on French toast and eggs. Luckily Emma and Cam stocked this place with the food I'd need. I get the coffee going as well.  

Finally finishing I pour two cups of black coffee and two plates of eggs and French toast with powdered sugar and syrup on the side. Along with banana slices and strawberries. I carefully carry the tray upstairs Zoey is still asleep. 

I sit on the edge of the bed and set the tray on the nightstand and shake Zoey her eyes flutter open. "Morning Mrs. Reeds, I made you breakfast and coffee."  

She sat up in bed as I put the tray in front of us. "Coffee milady." I hand her the steaming mug, then hand her the plate. After an amazing breakfast and a few morning kisses we descend to the living room.  

"What do you want to do today?" I ask Zoey. "I don't know, how about a hike?" She suggests and I nod. "Sounds perfect." We get dressed and Zoey packs our bags. We head off down a trail from the back of the house.  

As we continued through the woods I could hear the sound of running water. Zoey lead me across a small creek toward some caves. I stop at the mouth of the cave that Zoey is preparing to walk into.  

"Um Zoey are you sure about this?" I ask a bit nervous. We could easily get lost in these caverns. "Don't worry I know where I am going." She grabs my hand and leads me through the caverns. I see sunlight ahead as we get closer I see there's another entrance. When we climb out I'm speechless at the amazing view.  

A waterfall. Zoey leads me around the waterfall across the cliffside I stop and marvel at the view. A lake that's bluer than any blue, crystal blue almost enchanted. Zoey starts descending down the cliffside I hurry to follow her. 

Once we reached the bottom she began pulling stuff out of her bag including a blanket that she lays on the grass hillside overlooking the lake. I take a seat next to her as she pulls out sandwiches and fruit and two thermoses. 

"What do you want, roast beef and cheddar or honey mustard ham and swiss?" I reach for the ham and swiss. "Banana or apple?" I take the green apple and one of the thermoses. We enjoy a quick lunch and enjoy the birds.  

"How did you know about this place?" I asked taking another bite out of my apple. "My parents used to take us to the cottage every summer. We'd always go for hikes and explore the caves. One time we found this place and this became a special spot for us to escape the rest of Idaho. Being here made Burkly seem like a world away." She takes a deep breathe. 

"I'm honored that you brought me to such a special place to you." I say brushing a strand of hair from her cheek she leans into my touch. "Can I ask you something?" Zoey asks. "Of course." My voice laced with concern she's not one to ask permission to ask a question. "Did last night feel different?" Her cheeks turn a soft shade of pink. "Yeah, it felt more... Real."  

"Yeah, I wonder why." She says laying down looking up at the clouds. "Maybe it's because now we belong to each other in every way now." I smile at her thought. We do belong to each other in every way now. 

I pushed all the things on the blanket to the side and moved myself over her propping myself up on my elbows and knees. I forced a gasp from her with the movement which only made me smile.  

I could feel her breathing become low and erratic as my eyes took in every inch of her beautiful face. After the longest moment I lean down placing my lips on hers. I coax a moan from her and pull away. She growled in protest. 

"You know what that does to me. I think we should save that stuff for the bedroom." She rolls us over so she's over me her legs around my hips straddling me. She's much closer to me her lips only an inch away from mine.  

"We are the only ones here." When she speaks her lips brush against mine such a sweet torture. She moves her lips up my jaw towards my ear nipping the lobe. "Why do you torture me like that?" I ask my voice low and dark I'm trying to control myself. "Because I love you too much." 

She pulls away and removes her top and shorts. "Um didn't I say we aren't doing this outside of the bedroom?" She smiles tossing her shoes at me. "I'm going for a swim you want to join me the water is magical." I sit up and strip to my boxers. "Swimming with my wonderful wife hell yeah!" We race down the hillside towards the water. After about an hour or so we decide to get out and head back. 

"Can't we stay a little longer?" Zoey asks splashing me. "No, I have plans for you and we need to be at the cottage to do that." She stands up and starts rushing to the shore. "Come on slowpoke!" I shake my head and follow her. Pulling my shirt over my head and shoving my pants in my bag. Zoey leads us back to the cottage by the time we get there the sun is down. 

Ditching our bags on the couch I swipe her up and carry her upstairs to the bathroom. "Is this that surprise?" I shake my head removing her clothes she turns on the hot water. "No just something I thought we could do in the meantime." I tug her into the shower with me. 

"That was a great shower." She says drying her hair. I glance out the window and smile pulling some blue sweats on I rush downstairs without saying a word and swing open the back door. 

"What's going on?" Zoey asks following me seeing the set up a gasp escapes her lips. In the center of the grassy lawn is a plain blue blanket set. On it two pillows and a basket and two wine glasses and a bottle of wine. I swipe off the outside lights and take her hand leading her toward the cloth.  

"I know we had a picnic earlier but I had this planned before we left and this one will come with wine and an even more amazing view." We sit on the blanket and I turn on the lantern giving us a little light just enough to see each other and the small space around us. I open the basket and pull out a few Tupperware with hot food in each. 

"We got spaghetti and meatballs, mac and cheese with garlic bread." She looks at me surprise. "Did you make this?" I shake my head. "Na I ordered Olive Garden they deliver now." I shrug serving her portions of the spaghetti and mac and cheese along with a glass of red wine. 

"Is this actually wine?" She takes the glass from me. "Yeah, really had to talk your parents into giving me a bottle. They gave this one and said this is the only one we get. It's not that bad." I reassure her we clap our glasses together.

"To us." I say. "To love." She corrects and takes a sip of the wine. We continue to eat our dinner my phone starts buzzing and I pull it out silencing my alarm.  

"It's time." I say cleaning up our meal turning off the lantern. "Lay back." I lay on my back beside her and pull her into my arms. "What are we—" She's cut off when the sky lights up.

"Meteor shower tonight." I say as we both stare in awe at the flying rocks lighting up the night sky. She turns to look at me. "Thank you." She captures my lips as the last few rocks disappear from view.  

"Let's go to bed." She says and I hurry to clean up our mess as she drags me up to the bed. I plant a kiss on her lips then continue to ravish her with kisses and words of love. 

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