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Dominic's Perspective

Chapter 49 (v.1) - History

Submitted: October 12, 2017

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Submitted: October 12, 2017



"Dominic what happened to your parents?" I dreaded the day she would ask this how the hell are you supposed to explain that your dad is in prison for killing your mom when she actually killed herself to frame him. What kind of person does that? 

"They...I..." I look down at her face and she's silently begging me to tell her. I hate that she can do that to me. "My dad's in prison." I say and I feel lighter. "What for?" She asks calmly. "Killing my mom. Even though she killed herself to frame him." Zoey sat up.  

"WHAT?" I laugh because she actually looks mad. "Yeah, my dad refused to get a divorce and mom wasn’t the most stable person. She had a major drug problem." I shake my head remembering the countless times I'd come home and she'd be catatonic and I had to carry her to her bed. 

"Dominic I'm sorry. Wait that doesn't explain why you've been living on the street?" Damn she just knows what nerve to do the Irish river dance in cleats on next.  

"I lived with my uncle for a while but he got really sick and had to be put in a care facility. I was in foster care and I ended up with all the bad families. I wasn't afraid to tell on their poor care. The last home I was in they kicked me out said they don't want to deal with an angry kid. I was thirteen." She resumed her spot curled up in my arm. 

"My uncle is the only family I have left." I glance down at her. "I'd like you to meet him one day." I wish he was able to go to our wedding, hell I wish my dad could've gone. He would have loved it. 

"We all got demons in our past Dominic, some are fresh and others are as old as time. Wheater or not we let them continue to hurt us is up to us. They helped make us who we are today accepting it is the easy part moving on and leaving it in the past, that's the part that nothing can prepare you for." 

"Hmm, how philosophical of you." She giggles and I feel her vibrate against my skin I plant a kiss to her forehead. "I love you." She yawns. "I know, I'm pretty awesome." I chuckle in agreement. I feel her drift off to sleep and I relish in her peacefulness 

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