Blessed & Destined

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - The Dream

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



I'm sitting in a chair in a tent Mariana is doing my hair and my mom is talking on the phone behind us. "Okay I'm done. Muy bonita!" I look in the mirror and my hair is draped over my shoulder with a yellow rose hairpiece by my ear. 

"What do you mean you can't send the dress right now!" I frown as my mom starts yelling in Italian. "Don't bother I will send my husband to come get it!" She growls as she shoves her phone into her pocket and storms out the tent. Returning a few minutes later. 

"I told you, you should have just worn mine." I shake my head. "No, everything has to be just like the dream. This is my day and I want a dress of my own." Mom smiles warmly. "Oh, my baby girl, all grown up." She wipes a single tear away from her cheek. 

Suddenly dad comes in with a gray garment bag and hangs it up. I get up excited as he slowly unzips it revealing a beautiful strapless, A-line white satin gown with a sweetheart neckline with white ivy design over a silk navy blue. Flower and bead embroidery along the bottom and the lace-up back. 

"Oh, it's just like I dreamed." I squeal jumping up and down. "Okay dad get out I need to get this on." Mom usherhim out as Mariana helps me into the dress. It's a lot heavier than I thought it would be but I don't care it looks amazing on me.  

"Okay shoes." Mariana pulls out my black knee-high leather boots I bought just for today. 

Cam sticks his head through the tent. "There's my beautiful sister, everything is ready we are just waiting on you." I let out a deep breath as Cam leads me across the yard to a gazebo with a curtain of white rose petals. I lace my arm through Dad's, who is waiting for me. 

"You ready Zo?" I smile and take the bouquet of red and white roses. "Dad, I've been ready since the day I met Dominic." The curtain part and I take a step down the gazebo steps. 

I'm pulled out of my amazing dream by the sound of my alarm on my phone going off. I open one of my eyes and scramble to reach the phone and hit the stop button. I blink a few times to get a hold of my surroundings then remember where I am.  

I feel a strong and familiar hand on my back I look up at Dominic's grinning face. "Morning. Sleep well?" I nod recalling my dream then it hit me. Or was it a vision? I said has to be just like the dream.  

Pushing any prophetic dream notion out of my head I sit up. "Best sleep I've ever had." Dominic sits up and watches me stretch. "That so?" I nod. "I got to wake up with you, didn't I?" He leans forward and kissed me.  

"Best sleep I've had in long time." My eyes soften, probably true. I got up off the couch and try to straighten my clothes and run my hands through my hair but fail. Dominic laughs. "I'm going to go change." Dominic said planting a kiss on my cheek as he leaves. I decide to go get started on breakfast.

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