Blessed & Destined

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Zoey's Perspective

Chapter 52 (v.1) - Touch of Death

Submitted: January 13, 2018

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Submitted: January 13, 2018



I wasn't expecting to wake up still wrapped tight in Dominic's arms. Usually he's either making breakfast or he's on the other side of the bed. He's got me wrapped in his arms pressed closely against his chest like he's afraid I'll disappear. I try to pull away and his grip around me tightens pulling me tighter. 

Instead of trying to pull away I twist until I'm facing him. His breathing is slow and steady I focus on it and try and match my own and before I knew it I'm back asleep. 

I don't know how much longer I was asleep for but I woke again when Dominic pressed his lips to mine. I reached up and ran my fingers down his cheek but the shape was all wrong. I opened my eyes and Damien was looking back at me. I start panicking clawing at his face he jolts back when my fingers dig into his eye socket. I sit up out of bed jumping to my feet. 

"Y-y-you're not real." I stutter and his smile makes my stomach flip and bile rise in my throat.  

"I may be dead but you won't let me go." I wince at his words and start shaking my head. 

"I want you gone!" I yell at him my eyes snapped open when I feel his hand run down my back. My skin crawls at the contact. His hand glides to my neck and grips it tightly. He throws me down onto the bed climbing on top of me.  

"Let me remind you what I did." His malicious words cause tears to burn in my eyes. His tongue forces my lips apart and slides into my mouth. His hands are moving in a frenzy removing the few clothes I have on. Then I'm no longer under him I'm in the doorway watching as the monster takes me again. My body screaming and fighting.  

My heart starts screaming and pounding violently in my chest. I take off in a run toward the bed but no matter how long I run I gain no ground I'm still in the same place helpless as I watch in horror as Damian violates me. I feel a warm presence behind and I turn and see Dominic standing behind me his face twisted in anger. This is a first. He pushes past me and tries to go to the bed but he's as helpless as I am. 

Dominic falls to his knees in front of me his fist pounding into the ground. Tears fall to the ground as he watches as my dream self is pressed against the bed screaming against the man that damaged me do it again in our bed while we watch. My stomach feels sick and I start to cry. When I choke dream Dominic turns around to look at me. His face is twisted in confusion. He rises and moves to me taking my face in his hands. 

"Baby you need to wake up." I grip his wrists and slam my eyes shut crying.  

"Please don't leave me. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I can't stop him. Please just don't leave me Dominic." I beg him desperately shaking with tears. 

"I won't leave you I promise. I love you Zoey, I married you remember. We are going to adopt a baby. Please baby I need you to wake up. You're screaming bloody murder and you won't wake up." I shake violently as I hear Damien's voice again. 

"Now. You. Are. Mine. Forever." He grunts and I actually start gagging at the sight and sound. 

"You'll never letting me go now." His vile words make my skin crawl and makes me want to die.  

"Please Zoey wake up. I'm begging you. You're really scaring me." I open my eyes and meet Dominic's processing his words. 

"Y-Y-You're real?" He nods his eyes shining with tears and his brow twisted with fear. 

"Yes, I'm real and I won't leave you. I love you please Baby wake up." He presses his lips to mine. 

"Come back to me." He whispers and then I'm back in the body curled up on the bed crying. Damien's hand running down my back his rancid breath against my ear. 

"You're so pretty now that you're mine." His words make my body shudder and squirm. 

"Why can't you stay dead?" My voice is weak and low. My voice scratchy from screaming. 

"Because you won't let me go. Remember why?" His grip around my neck tightens and all air escapes me. He pins me on my stomach and I feel him on me then in me and I screech begging him to stop. 

"Please stop!" He grunts as he moves against me. "No, I may be dead but I will never leave you. I will always be important to you. I got you pregnant with my baby remember." He says through his teeth I flail my arms trying to escape as he moves faster. 

"I lost the baby because of your people!" I shout hoping that he will be hurt by my words. 

"Yes, but now you can't have his babies. I will always be the man only man that got you pregnant." His voice was full of gluttony I feel so tired from fighting. His words hurt because they are true they sting worse than any cut or wound. 

"You ruined me!" He laughed wickedly as he continued his torture. 

"Yes, I ruined you for anyone else. You're always mine." I shake my head as I soak the pillowcase with tears. 

"I hate you! I hate you because of what you did! You did this to me! You ruined me!" He laughed as he finished and fell against me. A distant voice is shouting my name. I'm sinking into myself drowning in the darkness that has been planted in my mind.  

"Forever mine." 

I shoot up out of bed gasping as cold water drips down my face. Then strong arms are around me I start kicking and flailing. 

"Get off! Get off of me Damien! You're dead!" His grip tightens. 

"Baby it's me, please calm down, it was a nightmare." My eyes snapped open and I saw that Dominic is the one holding me. I immediately fell apart. 

"Damien is dead, that was a nightmare. God baby I didn't know they were that bad." I tremble in his arms and sob uncontrollably.  

"It feels so real Dominic. I hate it! I hate him! Why can't he stay dead? Why do I let myself suffer like this? Why do keep him alive?" Dominic held me tightly trying to comfort me. 

"I thought the nightmares stopped?" He finally said. "Me too." I whimper against his chest. Holding on his shirt for dear life. 

"I love you Zoey and I won't leave you." That got me crying again. 

"He's right Dominic. I'm the reason he's still alive. I won't let him go." 

"He's dead." I shake my head and pull back to look at him. 

"He is alive though, he still haunts my dreams. He will always be the only one who got me pregnant. He's also the reason that I can't give you children. He ruined me for you." I hated repeating his words and I've started believing them. I know I shouldn't but I do. 

"I'm so sorry Zoey. I'm sorry that I can't protect you. I can't make him go away. It kills me that I'm helpless. I'm helpless now and I was helpless then." His voice made my chest ache. This will never end. The picture of Damien taking me in our bed makes me want to vomit. 

"Dominic, we need to move." He nods agreeing. 

"I'm sorry that you saw that." My voice is a whimper and trembles. 

"I wish you told me that it was that bad. I could wake you up."  

"If you did that we'd never get any sleep ever again." He pulls me down as we lay down in my bed. I'm afraid to go to sleep. I'm afraid to close my eyes.  

"I don't think I can sleep anymore." I whisper wondering if Dominic heard me. 

"Okay, let's go for a drive." I sit up and look at him confusion on my face. He gave me a reassuring smile and helped me out of bed. I glanced at the time on my phone and it was just past five am.  

"Shower, food, dress, drive?" I nod giving him a weak smile. He takes my hand and leads me to the bathroom and starting a shower. I ran my brush through my long hair. I saw Dominic approach me from behind his arm reached around and stole the brush pulling it from my hand and placing it on the counter. 

Dominic's hand graze my ribcage and slowly lifted my shirt. His face inches from my neck. He helps me undress quickly stripping his clothes before helping me into the shower. There wasn't a moment that Dominic didn't have his hands on me or my body pressed against him. By the time our steamy shower was done, we ate and were dressed and in the car it was just past eight.  

"So where we going?" I ask curiously as we drive down the empty main road. 

"Well first stop is your parents' place." I didn't speak anymore we just drove in silence. my mind started to drift back to the nightmare and the feelings I was having. The poisonous thoughts. Like cancer I can feel them spreading and becoming more and more appealing.  

Death came to me wishing me to come to her. She calls to me like I siren calls a sailor to the jagged rocks. Her gaze coaxing me to her like an enticing lover offering something new and exciting. I close my eyes trying to force the headache that was building away. 

"I don't want to die." I whisper in my mind. 

"Peace, relief, happiness." Her words are hissed into my thoughts like one drips acid. It corroding my foundation that supports my reasons to live. 

"I have reasons to live." I spit back at the voice who just laughs.  

"I have a husband." She hisses. "No children." Her words were like a vice digging into my chest. 

"I have my family and friends."  

"Burdened by you. I offer peace for all." I don't want to believe her but as I try and give reasons to continue she shoots them down. 

"I have a child to adopt." 

"Not yours. Not same." The damn blade is twisting with every argument. 

"Peace, relief, happiness. Come." She reaches her hand out and I mentally reach to touch it. The car jolts forward and I'm pulled from my mind. I could hear her whispering. 

"You will come." My body shakes at the lifeless tormenting words. I won't go. I look around and we are parked down the street from my parents' house. 

"Damn tire blew. Come on we can walk." Dominic and I climb out and start walking down the sidewalk. The air is crisp and cool, grass still has some dew on it and the sun barely visible behind the houses. Dominic threads his fingers through mine as we approach the front door. 

"Hello Mr. Lewis." Dad is in a plain blue long sleeve shirt and grey sweats and tennis shoes. He looks like he's going for a run. 

"Dominic, Zoey what are you doing here?" He asks obviously trying to hide his surprise. 

"We wanted to talk to you about the steps to adopting." Both my dad and I looked at Dominic like a mushroom sprouted on his head. 

"Um yeah come in." Dad held the door open we stepped into the living room just as mom came in tying the robe she was wearing shut. She gave me a smile and pulled me into a hug leading us to the couches. Dominic pulled me to sit in his lap. 

"So, you said that you wanted to talk about the steps to adopting a child from the Blessed tribes, correct?" We both nodded. 

"Peter why don't you go get my laptop." I watched dad leave and return with mom's laptop. She started typing and we sat in awkward silence. 

"Alright, I have some questions before we can start." Dominic shifted in his seat and I could feel his anxiety. 

"Do you have a preferred gender, age or race?" Mom asked I looked at Dominic. 

"I just want a child for us to love and that will love us." He tells me in my mind giving me a smile. 

"Not really." Mom laughed at our response. 

"I'll put newborn to five years of age, no preference on gender or race." I didn't argue she clearly has done this before and she was a mom first. 

"I have to warn you, most of these children are up for adoption because their parents are dead. So, telling them they are adopted is a choice. The oldest we have are six of seven so they will know they are adopted and likely remember the incident. They will be harder to handle and since you two are young and going back to school soon I won't reach out just yet but I'll give you the files on the available children. I'll get the files and drop them off at your place." She closes her computer getting a read on our emotions she puts it on the table in front of her. 

"Zoey your mom may be able to help." I know he's talking about the nightmares. My face grimaces. 

"I don't want to put this on her. It's my problem."  

"No, it's a family problem. You need to tell someone other than me. It's toxic to keep it inside." I feel tears burning in my eyes, I push them back and nod. 

"I have a feeling that you need to talk." I nod and move to sit next to Dominic. 

"Ever since the Damien thing I was having nightmares where it happened again." Dad joined us lacing his fingers through my mom's.  

"That's understandable given what happened." I bit the inside of my lip. 

"After a while they stopped and I was happy. Really happy." I smile at the memories of our wedding and honeymoon. The nights Dominic and I made love in front of the fire place. Dreamless sleep, lovemaking in the morning. Breakfast in bed. 

"Then they started again, last night. I woke up or at least I thought I did to Dominic kissing me when I went to touch his face I realized it didn't feel right. When I opened my eyes, I saw that it was Damien. He laughed at me and taunted me and said that I was keeping him alive. I knew at that point I was dreaming and tried to wake up by telling him he's not real. But he just laughed then told me that he'll just have to remind me what he did to make me keep him alive. He did it again then I was propelled from my body and I was standing in the doorway watching it. I tried to go stop it but no matter how far I seemed to run I was still in the same place." The memories flooded my mind and Dominic wrapped his arms around me as I shook at the intense emotions. 

"That's when I entered her dream trying to get her to wake up. She started screaming and kicking she wouldn't wake up. When I went in there it—" he stopped a moment. "it was so much worse than I thought. I watched as he hurt her all over again. Like her I couldn't go stop it. I fell to my knees because it broke my heart that I was helpless all over again. Unable to stop it. I didn't notice her in the doorway until she choked. I realized that was the Zoey I needed to wake up. I tried to get her to wake up but she just cried and begged me to not leave her." He took in a shaky breath. 

"I thought you weren't real. Everything in the dream seemed so real. You were so hurt by the sight of it I thought for sure that would scare you away. When he couldn't wake me up I was sucked back into my body on the bed as Damien whispered how I was his and that I would always belong to him. H-He said that he will be the only man who got me pregnant and he was also the one who ruined me and stopped me from having Dominic's babies. Then he did it again." Tears started falling and I hid my face in Dominic's chest. 

"She kicked me out of her mind so I had to wake her up by throwing water on her. I wrapped my arms around her and she woke up thinking I was him. I don't know what to do. This enemy is one that I can't defeat." My parents both looked grim and I felt the ghost of death creeping in my mind. I knew I had to tell them about her. 

"There's something else." I started and all three of them were surprised by it. 

"There's a voice or something in my mind. She whispers to me that death is the only way to stop this pain. She can bring peace, relief and happiness. If I take my own life." My mother gasped and Dominic froze behind me. 

"I tried to argue that I won't do it because I have too much to live for. She laughed and I started arguing. Everything I said she shot down and doubt filled my mind and death started sound very appealing." Dominic pushed me out of his lap and made me look at him. 

"Tell me what she said that put doubt in your mind." I was shocked by the fear and anger I saw in his eyes. 

"I said I have a husband." I winced remembering her words. "What did she say?" Dominic urged me on. 

"No children." Her words cut deep. 

"I said I have family and friends." I choked on tears and tried to pull away from his grip but he held me in place. 

"Tell me what she said Zoey." His voice wavered. "She said 'burdened by you. I offer peace.'"  

"I have a child to adopt. She said not mine not same." I couldn't look at Dominic anymore I closed my eyes. 

"She whispered, peace, relief, happiness, come." She held out her hand and I almost took it." A sharp intake of breath from my mom shattered me. 

"Almost? What stopped you?" I could tell Dominic didn't want to know. 

"The car, when the tire blew. before she pulled away she whispered 'I'll come soon.'" I could hear my mom's sobs. 

"You said her. Who's her?" I bit my lip. "She didn't give me a name, but I've been calling her what she emits." 

"What is her name?" I open my eyes hesitantly and met his eyes. "Death." 

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