Blessed & Destined

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Dominic's perspecive

Chapter 53 (v.1) - Purge Death's Grip

Submitted: January 14, 2018

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Submitted: January 14, 2018



She was talking to this voice only moments ago. I wonder if Death is a true being or just a figment of her imagination conjured by her exhaustion. Or maybe a Blessed is responsible. I felt the fear and anguish in her mind. 

"Please Zoey don't leave me. I already almost lost you more than once." I pressed my forehead to hers. 

"I love you. Our life together has barely started. Please don't give up don't go. I need you. You do this and you'll destroy me. Tell me that you will tell me when she talks to you again." I didn't fight the tears I'm not afraid to show her how hurt I am that she even considered this.  

"I promise." I pressed a searing kiss to her lips trying to prove myself worthy of her. That she has plenty of reasons to not leave this life. 

"This doesn't sound like just a figment of your imagination and I doubt that it's a deity or spirit or something like that." I looked at my mother in law knowing she had the same idea I did. 

"It could be a Blessed or Destined." I tell her and she nods getting up and reaching the top shelf of the bookshelf pulling a big leather-bound book and starting flipping through it. 

"This is the log of all the abilities that Blessed and Destined in history. We have always existed and we thought it wise to keep logs of this potential danger. I don't know who would go to such lengths to hurt Zoey but I guess we will find out. This sounds like Mental Marinette. It's an ability that is rarely used and often kept secret because of the stupid council they would love to have someone with the ability to manipulate someone's mind. The Tribes are normally the only ones who know if someone with them has it." She stopped flipping and her face grimaced then turned to anger. 

"Raven Locksworth." Her name brings back some horrible memories. She has some serious anger considering I killed her brother. I lingered in Zoey's mind and felt a cold energy flood her mind. I know that energy it's her. Zoey gasps and I feel her enter Zoey's mind. I jump in before she could block me out. 

"Come Zoey. Come I will give you peace, relief and happiness." I stood in the threshold of Zoey's mind she stood across from a dark shadowy figure that held out her hand. I moved quickly to her side and Death/Raven froze at the sight of me. 

"Don't do it Zoey." I grab her hands and she turns to look at me. "I. Need. You." I could see her hesitancy but I was reaching her. I saw as Death loomed over her shoulder and whispered. 

"Lies. I bring peace. Selfish." Zoey absorbed her words and started to pull away. She's not in the right state of mind to fight this. So, I turn my attention to the source of the problem. I step in front of Zoey. 

"Get out of my Blessed's mind Raven Locksworth." Death hissed and I knew I got her. 

"That's right. You may disguise yourself in this cloak of darkness to mislead my wife but I know your touch anywhere." Zoey gasped behind me as Death shifted into a misshapen version of Raven. 

"I knew you were smart. Since you know my power you know that I can manipulate her mind. I could set you on fire and you would die in the real world." I didn't flinch she clearly hasn't been updated on my ability. 

"Find do it. Set me on fire. You will have to kill me before I let you twist your way into Zoey's mind." The black space that we've been standing in turned to a ring of fire. Raven and I in the center while Zoey was on the outside. 

"Burn." Raven whispered and the flames converged on me and I closed my eyes welcoming it. The fire surrounded me and consumed me until I turned the tables and consumed it. Using the flames as armor I chose the fiercest form I could conjure, it had the wings, legs and head of a dragon, claws of a raptor, body of a lion but scales of a gator, fangs of a sabretooth cat, club tail and it was massive. I approached the frozen woman, every step I took shook the ground. 

"Raven Locksworth you hurt and manipulated my Blessed, you challenged my tribe, you took part in our torture and you attempted to get my wife to kill herself. I will purge you from her mind then," I stopped a single step away from her.  

"I'm coming for you." She swallowed and my armor solidified and let out a monstrous roar that shook the ground before charging and engulfing her in the flames she screamed as she dissipated from Zoey's mind and we were both thrusted from her conscious and we're back on the couch in her parents' living room.  

I turned to Zoey who looked ashamed I pulled her to me and she willingly gave in to me. 

"We'll stop her baby. I promise. We'll stop her, finish school, graduate, move and start our family. I will always, always, always love you." She looked up at me her eyes shining with tears. 

"I promise." My hand cradled her face and I pressed my lips to hers. "She won't hurt you anymore in there." I tapped her forehead and she gave me a weak smile I could see how exhausted she is. Her fear of nightmares and lack of sleep took its toll on her. One so young should not look that old. 

I met the gaze of my in-laws and they gave me a curt nod understanding that Zoey needed to break down but not in front of them. 

"I'll go fix your car." Peter tells me as he left the room with Emma in tow. I picked Zoey up and placed her on my lap as I leaned back on the couch laying on our side. Myself on the outer part of the couch cocooning Zoey against the couch. 

"You can cry now love. Your parents left it's just you and me." I whisper and she buried her face in my shirt. I held her tight as she fell apart in my arms, I made sure to remind her I love her as I comforted her. Running my hands through her hair, rubbing her back covering her body with mine, whispering to her telling her how much I love her. 

I don't know how long I held her but I don't care I'm just glad to have her in my arms. I could feel the peace in her mind knowing that Raven was gone and not coming back. If her words were true that my attack hurt her she would be needing treatment for third degree burns on at least half her body. I don't know what we will do when we get our hands on her but I will be there when she's killed. What she's done is unforgivable. 

"Dominic, I want to go home and sleep." Zoey's voice is low and a whisper. I look down at her and see that her eyes are red and puffy, her cheeks are flustered and stained with tears. I brush my thumb across her cheek wiping away a stray eyelash.  

"Okay." I whisper to her and sit up off the couch. I hope that Raven stays out of her head because Zoey needs sleep desperately. She straightens her clothes and then takes my hand giving it a squeeze reassuring me that she's here.  

The drive home was agonizing for me because I wasn't able to hold her or touch her. So, when we got to our room I took her in my arms carried her to her bed and put her down for a nap. 

"You make it sound like I'm a child." She says as I crawl in to bed in my boxers she's in one of my t-shirts. 

"Zoey you are anything but a child. But like all living things you need rest." I kiss her forehead. 

"Promise you'll stay." I wasn't planning on going. I want to be here just in case I have to wake her up. 

"Promise. I love you Zoey." She pulled me to her and kissed me fiercely. I melted against her pressing her into the mattress. After countless heated moments I pulled away only to get comfy and pull her into my embrace.  

Holding her close to my chest. Her body melded with mine and I watched as she fell asleep. I prayed she'd stay asleep and that nothing would wake her. 

Once she was fast asleep my mind started drifting to the fact that we are going to go back to school soon. Damn where did the time go 

It's been barely twenty days since we met, four since our wedding and Zoey got out of the hospital the day of Thanksgiving. The school has been closed since November 2nd because the school was damaged during a storm and the flooring had to be replaced as well as some of the roofing. School newsletter says that it will be opened January 3rd so we have five weeks. Last day of school is June 8th 

People are going to think we are crazy or I got Zoey pregnant for getting married so young. I can't think about that right now I have way too much to focus on. 

"One day at a time Dom, just one day at a time." I tell myself. 

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