Blessed & Destined

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Breakfast

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



Dominic met me in the kitchen with no shirt but his hair was fixed and styled. He started the coffee and got in the fridge and got a plate of grapes.  

"What's for breakfast?" He asks taking a seat at the counter. "Pancakes with eggs and bacon." He smiles. "Haven't had pancakes in ages." I frown wondering if that was true. I snatch one of the grapes from him. 

"You look so beautiful." He says putting another grape in his mouth and I laugh abruptly. "I'm a mess I haven't even brushed my hair." I said placing a plate in front of him. "Well you are an adorable mess." I roll my eyes.  

"How did I go from being beautiful to adorable. Okay watch this." I flip the pancake in the pan then throw it over my shoulder landing on the plate in front of Dominic. He claps and I look over my shoulder.  

"So how many pancakes died before you learned to do that?" I giggled. "Let's just say I would only practice when my parents were out of town. They would tell me they were tired of scraping half cooked pancakes off the ceiling and floors. I mastered it by the time I moved out." I smile at the memory of dad scraping them off the ceiling. I turn back to prepare another pancake. 

"How long has it been since you last dropped on?" Dominic asks amused. "Nine months." He laughs as I flip the pancake 

"So, what makes you mess up? Getting startled? Distracted?" I shake my head. "No that doesn’t work anymore thank goodness. I'm distraction proof for nine months." I scoop up the pancake and prepare to throw it over my shoulder when I jump because Dominic's arm wraps around my waist. 

I growl as I watch the pancake flop and splat on the floor. His lips are by my ear. "Guess you aren't as distraction proof as you thought." He brushes the hair away from my neck and plants a ghost of a kiss there, I muffle a moan.  

"You are too good for me." He says and moves his lips up behind my ear. "You're so perfect and amazing and beautiful and I am so lucky to have found you." I turn in his grasp and take his face in my hands.  

"Dominic, I am not too good for you, so stop thinking that. You are perfect and amazing and am lucky to have found you." He lets out a sigh and surrenders. I get on my toes and press a kiss to his lips. 

I finish making breakfast and we eat in silence. "So what time are we meeting your mom?" Dominic asked with a mouth full of eggs. 

"She said noon." I glanced at the clock 9:32 AM. I looked back to my plate and cut another piece of pancake. "So, we got time." 

Once I was done I put my plate in the sink and head to my room placing a kiss on Dominic's cheek as I pass by. I took a quick shower and changed into some black denim capris and a cherry red spaghetti strap tank top with white polka-dots. By the time I was out and dressed it was 10:22. 

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