Blessed & Destined

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Answers

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



"Okay mom spill! Who was that? Who is the Council? Who wants to poke and prod at us? What's a Destined? What do you mean I don't know what I am? Why can I see visions? How does that lady know about them? For god's sake tell me why the hell I can read Dominic's mind? And-" Dominic silenced me by putting his hand over my mouth.  

"I'm sorry Mrs. Lewis we had three pots of coffee and this one made pancakes and drowned them in syrup." She laughed and I bit Dominic's hand and he pulled back with a hiss. 

"Freaking Piranha!" I laugh and kiss his hand and mom clears her throat. "Honey, I will answer all your questions I promise." She walks up to Dominic and holds out her hand.  

"Hi I'm Emma, Zoey's mom. None of that Mrs. Lewis stuff." Dominic takes her hand. "Dominic Reeds." Mom goes to the door locking it and flipping the closed sign then leads us up to the reading loft we sit at one of the tables. 

"Honey as you have figured out, you aren't normal. You are what we call a Blessed. Blesseds are gifted women that have a Destined or a soul mateWhen you meet your Destined you will develop new gifts and you will be able to read his thoughts and one day he will be able to read yours. With or without touching each other. Blesseds normally find their Destined when they are in their twenties or thirties. You are the first Blessed that has found your Destined at seventeen. That woman, Layla, was a representative of the Blessed Council they are our government. They ensure that our secret is kept. They call meetings of the Tribes, oversee all Tribe activities and we are to report to them whenever there is a new Blessed in the family and when they find their Destined. We were hesitant about telling the Council that you have such extraordinary gifts before you found your Destined. But they found out anyway. I'm afraid that what Layla said is true. They will return and they will be taking you both by force." I gasp and Dominic takes my hand in his. The thought of ripped away from everything I know is awful but when Dominic touched me the panic disappears. 

"Ah yes. Your Destined can bring you balance and peace with his touch. He is meant to protect and love you forever. Once you find your Destined you will want to be with them all the time. It can be very intimate and overwhelming at times but it's for good reason. We are always at our best when we are with our Destined because they are your other half and they complete you. Dominic will also develop some sort of ability so he can protect you. Don't worry about your feelings, you wanting to be intimate is totally normal. You two are actually doing pretty good. When I met your father, I took him to my room and we cuddled for two days and spend the other two doing other things. We were totally infatuated with one another. Still are you're just not there when we are." I cringe hearing about my parent's love life is uncomfortable. I blush thinking about last night and feel Dominic's hand running down my back.  

"I met her just yesterday and I feel like I've known her all my life. But we haven't even been on a date yet and we were acting like a couple in some tv show." I elbow him in the gut.  

"Mom what does this mean?" She lets out a breath. "It means that you are never going to be the same and everything you know will change." I shake in my seat, this is so unreal.  

"My dear I am afraid I will need you two to stay together at all times. I will have security stay with you until this Council business is dealt with. Go home spend some time with your Destined and get to know each other." She gets up and stops at the stairs and smiles. 

"Or make out, whatever works for you. I need to go tell your father what's happened." She leaves us alone and I ponder on what our future will be now. She's right everything has changed. 

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