Blessed & Destined

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Prolog (v.1) - RUN!

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



I can't breathe my lungs burn, my legs ache but I keep going. I stumble trying to maintain course. I may have stopped if he wasn't pulling me. He glances over his shoulder to see my exhaustion and realizing I'm having trouble keeping up he slows a little.  

"Keep going Zoey." His hand squeezes mine as I hear the dogs barking and howling as they get closer. Adrenaline rushes through me I push myself to keep going. We reach the tree line and he forces his way through the trees.  

I wince as the branches snag my clothes and scrape my skin. The barking seems to have dimmed which means we have gained some ground. The lights are almost invisible now all we have is the full moon lighting our way. 

I close my eyes and picture my best friend beaten and bloodied on the floor barely alive. They made me watch. How did I let it get so bad? We come to a stop and my eyes snap open and see we are at the creek.  

"If we run in the creek the dogs will lose our scent." I nod because I can't speak I'm too winded and my throat is dry and sore from the crying and screaming for them to stop hurting her for two months.  

Two months of agony without Dominic and suffering a horrid torment. My lungs burn as I pull in large gulps of crisp cold air. We both jump into the water, our clothes getting heave and wet and our hearts racing. My legs are burning more now that we are running in the cold water but my feet are going numb.  

I look at the other side of the creek where there's a hollow tree. I pull Dominic's focus to me as we stop to breathe. "The tree." My voice rough and raspy. He looks at it then back at me. "That'll work." I hear multiple heartbeats adrenaline kicks in and begin pulling him.  

"Come on they will be at the creek any minute now." I'm in full fight mode. "I will never understand how you do that." My body is screaming as I yank him toward the tree. Dominic begins yanking it open as I brush away our footprints and begin making a new trail toward the highway. As I retrace my steps Dominic waves me over to him I rejoin him and he has pulled away some of the bark big enough for us to crawl under. I hear the heartbeats getting closer. 

I duck under the bark doorway choking on the rotting smell. Something has died in here or maybe it's the tree rotting. My eyes water as I position myself on the left side of the tree. Dominic joins me and there is almost no room between us but I don't care we were torn apart for two months. 

He wraps his arms around me and I bury my face in his neck. He looks out a tiny hole in the tree I can feel his heart beating against me. His hand makes it way to my chin making me look at him then he leans down and kisses me. 

Desperation, fear, sorrow, anguish, dread and love flood my mind as he kisses me. No gentleness in this kiss. We are at risk of dying and if the last thing we do before we die is kiss then I am happy. I don't need to see or have super senses to know that they are only feet away from our hiding place. I shake in his arms and cry silent I open my mind to Dominic. 

"I love you Zoey thank you for loving me." I look into his blue-gray eyes and I know they are closing in. I focus my hearing to listen to them talking.  

They are arguing about no tracks no scent. Then one of the men yells noticing my false ones leading toward the highway. My heart pounds in my chest praying that they follow them. "Let the dogs go, see if they can catch their scent!" Another one yells.  

I hear scurrying feet and sniffing as one of the dogs circles our hiding spot and he approaches the tree I hear him growling low. I am not dying this way.  

So, I muster up all the anger and pain I have in me and do the one thing I promised my mother I wouldn't do I let out a growl that makes the dog whimper and run following the other dogs that start howling. "Follow them!" Then silence. We don't speak a word or move I just stand there in Dominic's arms and think back to the day this all started. 

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