The Train Yard Mystery

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There is a mysterious glowing figure in the train yard. Everyone believes it is the Ghost of Casey Jones. Amber Foster investigates and proves that the glowing figure in the train yard is not a
ghost but a television reporter in disguise.

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



Amber Foster was stretched out across her bed watching television. Her step sister Josephine Hart came into her bedroom and sat down beside her. “What are you watching?” asked Josephine. “True Ghost Stories,” said Amber. “Surely you don’t believe ghosts are real,” said Josephine. “They have video recordings of the Ghost of Casey Jones walking on the tracks in the Piney Point train yard and going into the the abandoned train depot,” said Amber. “Oh, brother,” said Josephine. “What?” asked Amber. “Amber, you are eighteen years old and should know that ghosts are not real,” said Josephine. “I am going to prove it is real,” said Amber. “How?” asked Josephine. “I will go to the train yard tonight with my camera and take pictures of the Ghost of Casey Jones,” said Amber.


Amber got up from the kitchen table after eating supper. “I am going to the train yard and watch trains,” said Amber as she opened the kitchen door. Her father Jeremy Foster and step mother Karen Foster looked at each other with a puzzle look on their faces. “When did Amber become interested in trains?” asked Jeremy. “I have no idea,” said Karen. Josephine got up from the table. “You know that sounds like fun I think, I will go with Amber,” said Josephine with a nervous chuckle. “Do you get the feeling that Joey and Amber are lying about what they are going to do?” ask Jeremy. “Yes, I do,” said Karen with a sigh.


Amber entered the abandoned Piney Point train depot. “Hello - Hello, is there anyone in here?” asked Amber as she walked through the depot. She found a box sitting on the floor. “I bet there is all kinds of cool stuff in this box,” said Amber as she sat down on the dusty floor. “This is a picture of Harvey Manchester. It looks like he use to be a railroad ticket agent before he became a reporter for KFYI TV News,” said Amber sitting the picture beside her. Next she found an old newspaper article in the box. “City to Tear Down Down Old Piney Point Train Depot by Harvey Manchester,” said Amber reading the article. She sit the newspaper article on top of the picture and found a book on Casey Jones in the box.


Josephine pulled up to the abandoned train depot. She noticed a glowing figure walking down the railroad tracks as she was getting out of the car. “What the heck is that” exclaimed Josephine. She watched the glowing figure disappeared. “It can’t be; it is impossible,” said Josephine. “What is it?’ asked Amber coming out of the abandoned depot. “Don’t do that! You scared the crap out of me,” exclaimed Josephine. “Joey, what is wrong?” asked Amber. “I am either losing my mind or I just saw the Ghost of Casey Jones,” said Josephine. “No way! That is so cool,” said Amber with excitement. “He was walking in the train yard towards the old chicken plant,” said Josephine. “We are going to have to come back tomorrow night,” said Amber.


“Tonight we are going to watch the west end of the train yard,” said Amber as she got out of the car and stood at the Sixth Street railroad crossing. “I can’t believe I am wasting my time being a part of this,” said Josephine with a sigh. “Wasting your time! Joey, think about how popular we are going to be when we prove the Ghost of Casey Jones is real,” said Amber.


“This is stupid, come on Amber let’s go home,” said Josephine after waiting at the railroad crossing for several hours. “Joey, just a few more minutes and if the Ghost of Casey Jones does not appear, I will not ask to come back,” said Amber. “Ok, ten minutes,” said Josephine. “Thank you, Joey, you are the best,” said Amber hugging Josephine. “Be quiet,” said Josephine hearing the sound of a steam locomotive. “What is it?” asked Amber. “I heard something that sounded like a steam locomotive, but that is impossible,” said Josephine.


Josephine and Amber saw a glowing figure walking down the railroad track. “There it is! There it is! The Ghost of Casey Jones” shouted Amber with excitement. “Amber stop,” shouted Josephine as Amber started running down the railroad tracks towards the glowing figure. Amber followed after the glowing figure until it disappeared. “Shoot!” exclaimed Amber.  


Amber started walking back to the Sixth Street Railroad Crossing. “What is this?” asked Amber to herself discovering a car parked in the woods with the trunk up. “KFYI News,” said Amber with a puzzle look on her face as she walked around the car parked in the woods. She took pictures of the car and the contents of the trunk.


Amber sat on the bed examining photos and the newspaper article. “It’s time to do some ghost busting,” said Amber when she examined all of the clues and figured out the mysterious glowing figure in the Piney Point train yard was not a ghost. She went to her parents bedroom and took her father’s revolver.


Josephine was stretched out across her bed reading a fashion magazine. Jeremy came into her bedroom. “Do you know what happened to my gun?” asked Jeremy. “No,” said Josephine continuing to read the article. “Oh-my-gosh Amber maybe in trouble” exclaimed Josephine sitting the magazine down after thinking about Jeremy’s question. “What is going on?” asked Jeremy. “We need to get to the Sixth Street Railroad crossing. I will explain it on the way,” said Josephine.


The mysterious glowing figure was walking down the railroad track near the Old Chicken Plant. “Hold it right there,” shouted Amber standing on the railroad track aiming a pistol at the glowing figure. The glowing figure started to turn around and walk away. “Put your hands up and don’t move or I will shoot,” shouted Amber. The glowing figure complied with Amber’s instructions.


“Oh my gosh,” said Josephine at the site of a KFYI TV news van and several police cars at the Sixth Street Railroad Crossing. “Stay in the car,” instructed Jeremy as he got out of the car.


“What’s going on? Is my daughter, Amber Foster ok?” asked Jeremy to Pine Point Police Officer Tony Tidwell. “Sir, what is your name and how are you related to Ms. Foster,” asked Tony taking a note pad out of his shirt  pocket. “I am Jeremy Foster and Amber is my daughter. Is she ok?” asked Jeremy with worried look on his face. “Sir, we are trying to figure out what is going on. Your daughter called KFYI TV News and told them to meet her at the Sixth Street Crossing that the story of the year was going to occur at this crossing tonight. Then she turned around and called the Piney Point Police Department and told us that she had information regarding a case we were working on and to meet her at the Sixth Street Railroad Crossing but she didn’t show up,” said Tony.


Josephine was watching towards the Old Chicken and saw the glowing figure walking down the track towards the Sixth Street crossing. The Glowing figure had it’s hands up with Amber following behind him with a revolver to it’s back. “Look - Look” shouted Josephine getting out of the car.


“The Ghost of Casey Jones,” exclaimed Tony. “Get the cameras rolling - get the cameras rolling we can’t miss this one” exclaimed the reporter from from KFYI with excitement. Everyone was shocked when the Ghost of Casey Jones walked up to the railroad crossing with Amber behind it. “You captured the ghost of Jones” exclaimed Tony. “It’s not a ghost. It is Harvey Manchester,” said Amber pulling off the face mask. Everyone gasped. Tony walked over and handcuffed Harvey Manchester.


“How did you figure out that the glowing figure walking in the train yard was Harvey Manchester in disguise?” asked Tony. “The clues I found,” said Amber. “Clues,” said Tony with a puzzled look on his face. “I will show you,” said Amber.


Amber walked to the car she was drove to Sixth Street Crossing and took out a manilla envelope. “Clue number one this old picture of Harvey Manchester as a ticket agent,” said Amber handing the pictures to Tony. “Clue number two, this newspaper article written by Harvey Manchester when he worked for the Piney Point Daily News,” said Amber handing the newspaper article to Tony. “The last clue is photographs of a KFYI TV car parked in the woods,” said Amber handing the photographs to Tony. “Where is this car now?” asked Tony. “If you walk down the tracks a little ways you will see parked in the woods with trunk up,” said Amber.


Amber was stretched out across her bed reading the book on Casey Jones that she had found in the abandoned train depot. Josephine came into her bedroom and sat down beside her. “What are you reading now?” asked Josephine with a worried look on her face. “I was reading about Casey Jones. I have to do something to pass the time since I am grounded,” said Amber. “Grounded,” said Josephine with a puzzle look. “Yes, I borrowed my dad’s gun without permission which in a way is stealing, so I am grounding myself,” said Amber. “Well, it’s too bad you are grounded. I was going to watch the movie Mean Girls,” said Josephine getting off of the bed. “Joey, wait, I have been wanting to watch that movie. Ok, I am going to unground myself,” said Amber getting off of the bed and following Josephine.


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