The Satement from the Daughter of a Spy

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Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



These are the accounts of Gracie Stater, daughter of Special Spy Force Agent Rebecca Stater. When she was arrested and taken to the Special Spy Force Headquarters, she gave a full statement and it was recorded into what you are reading today. All questions she asks are written, but the answers are not, for protection. Here is the Statement for the Daughter of a Spy.


I was upstairs when she left. I had gotten hungry from an hour of studying, so I decided to go downstairs to grab something to eat. I was at the fridge when I noticed that the office door was opened. I had actually never been in there. Mom said it was her space and nobody was allowed in.

Curiosity overtook me as I went in. It looked like any old office- bookshelves, a large desk, just no window. Strange. If there was one, it was probably covered by the bookshelves.

I saw a book that was pushed out halfway. I decided to push it back in place. The bookshelf swung open, revealing a trapdoor and a small platform. It had a fingerprint scanner. The computer said, “Please scan finger. You have 60 seconds. Do it or die.”

I was freaked out, but the clock was ticking down. I pressed my index finger at it. It lit up, green, saying, “Welcome, Mrs. Stater.”

The trapdoor slid open revealing a ladder. I investigated. It was another room. Huge computers, a stand with a bulletproof vest, and a whole weponary with guns, knifes, whatever. I was curious.

“Mrs. Stater, Agent Rebecca archived a message for you. Would you like to hear it?” asked the computer.

“Uh… sure?” I said, confused.

“I am sorry. I do not understand that term. Either reply with yes, or, no.”

“Yes.” I said.

“Playing message.” said the computer.

“Gracie.” said a recording of my Mom’s voice. “Honey, it’s your mom. I wanted to tell you something. I’m sorry I hid this all for you. I know you don’t like secrets. But this was all for you, sweetie.

“There isn’t much time. You need to get on the bulletproof vest. Put a jacket over it. It will hide itself. Grab a weapon, small. You need to head to the Park. Someone will be there. Trust them.

“Sweetie, I love you. And I know you will be just fine. Now go, quickly!”

“End of message.” said the computer.

I was stunned. I didn’t know why my mom did this. I still don’t. I don’t understand why. Why did she do this? Why?

I got the vest on. I found my mom’s old jacket. I pulled it over. As I grabbed a small pocket knife, the computer said, “Hostiles three streets down. Please evacuate the facility.”

I ran to the ladder. I climbed up. The bookshelf put itself in place. I ran upstairs, grabbing my phone and a water. I looked out the window. Five police officers were pulling up. We had a huge wall in my backyard, nine feet tall, so I couldn’t jump those.

The door was knocked down. Peaceful, much? I grabbed my knife. Six police officers charged into the house, straight at me. My heart pounded like a hammer as I remembered my mom’s urgent voice. I don’t know if I’ll ever hear it again. Will I?

I ran to the backyard. I was cornered into the wall. The officers had guns pointed at me. I started to sweat. The knife slipped from my hand.

“Don’t move!” ordered a police. Should I tell you what he looked like? Good, because I can’t really remember. I was too scared. My brain was working a hundred miles a minute, like wheels turning, frantically trying to escape.

I found it. One of the stones were sticking out. I could fit my foot, and maybe scramble to the top. But the officers would shoot. I was terrified, but my mom sure didn’t want me here.

I decided to book it. I ran, top speed, to the brick. I thrusted my foot onto it. As bullets landed next to me, I tried to thrust myself to the wall edge. One shouted, “We need her alive!”

I just barely missed. As I fell off, I felt a tazer hit my back. My body felt like it was suffocating. My body tensed like crazy as I gasped for air. I felt like I was just struck by lightning.

When it stopped, I felt someone on top of me. My arms were thrust behind me as if I were a rag doll. As my face was pressed against the cold, hard autumn ground, I coughed. As the cold metal of the handcuffs bit into my skin, I was thrusted upwards with surprising  force.

“Search her.” said one officer. I think he had black hair, but I just… I just couldn’t recall… ugh… I’m exhausted…

I was brought back inside. They searched me. That vest must be the best vest ever, because they couldn’t find it. And luckily, they didn’t. As they finished searching the house, three black vans rolled up. Five men came out. They looked like they were from some sort of FBI Spy force, and it turns out now, I was close, wasn’t I, officers? They had guns. One more stepped out. He was middle-aged, not young like the rest of them. He had a briefcase. He came in.

“Sir, this area is strictly prohibited for-” the officer who spoke was cut off.

“Everyone except us.” he said. “Men, begin a search. We are taking over the investigation.”

My heart hammered against my chest like a drum. Thoughts spinned in my head as I began feeling ill. If mom was found out, what would happen? Would this destroy me? Didn’t she say, this was all for me?

“Now, uncuff this young woman and secure the area.” he told the officers.

“Give me the paperwork and ID first, sir.” he said. “Or else!”

He put his briefcase onto the counter next to me. I saw a brief glimpse of a folder, marked, TOP SECRET FILE OF REBECCA STATER. How did he get that? He found what he was looking for and placed the papers on the counter. He took out a badge. I forgot what it looked like. I was tired and just wanted to rest. Can I please rest?

Okay, okay, so after the officer read the papers, he nodded. “Very well, sir. You heard him, people, secure the area and uncuff the girl.”

They uncuffed me. I was too tired to punch him, so I just sat there and watched. When the officers left, one of the agent-guy- persons came back.

“The on-site facility was found, sir.” he said. “The information was sent to headquarters where it will be archived. The weapons have been dismantled and the facility shut down.”

“Excellent. Do a quick wrap up and get ready to move. You will be with me. The rest of you, you know what to do.” he said.

“And the girl?” he asked, referring to me. I was the only girl in the house right now.

“Yes. She will be riding with me.” he said.

“Okay, hold up.” I said. I was tired and mad. I needed answers. “I find out my mom has a whole weaponary in her office, she’s some sort of secret agent, police arrives, I try to escape. I then proceed to fall off a wall, get taxed, and thrown around like a rag doll. Now, you people show up and decided to search my house and take me away with no questions or concerns for me. And you expect me to cooperate?”

Both looked stunned. The guy who seemed in charge said, “Well, I need you to come with me. We have to ask you some questions. And, you’re in danger. We can keep you safe. Wouldn’t you like that?” he asked.

“I’d like to see my mom.” I said. “I couldn’t care about anything else. In fact, your agency can go to hell.”

“Ma’am, I realize you have had a long day. I understand you just came home from school? Now, you have uncovered a rare secret. And we need to protect it and anybody who knows it. You’re anybody. You’re somebody. We need you.” he said.

“I want answers.”

“You can have them. I will tell you on our way there. And you will be with your mother soon.” he said. “But we need to move.”

I finally gave up. “Fine. But I want a nap when we get there,” I growled.

“Deal.” he agreed.

I was brought to one of the vans I was loaded to the back seat. The man in charge, what was his name? Robert? Really? That seems really… I dunno, ordinary?

So on the way there, he explained everything. I kinda forgot some of it, so… do I have to tell you? I’m tired. Besides, you haven’t given me my nap. Alright!

So, I think I dozed off in the car, but it doesn’t count as my nap! So, I awoke a few hours later. We pulled in here. And you know the rest of the story.


You now know the story. Gracie was reunited with her mom and got her nap. She became an agent three days later and trained for a year before becoming the youngest agent on the field. She then worked until her mother got into a gunfight and nearly died. She began working at the desk and was command for Gracie on the field. She is still working in the field today.



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