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Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017



My name is Mark I used to be one of the best Horror Authors of my time. I would sit in almost complete darkness with a candle light. And I would type away. On one particular night as I recall it was Non stop Raining. And I had my nephew over who suffers from Schizophrenia. 
Now we always made sure he took his medicine and wanted him treated like everybody else he was a normal boy Fourteen  years old and was in school. His mother and father were critically injured when a drunk driver crashed into them going 70mph on the freeway a few month ago they're not doing so well. We visit them often and my wife promised his mother we would look after him while they were in the hospital or if they got called up to heaven. 
Although I make much of my living dangling with Horror we are a very religious Couple. Each morning we pray,we go to church on a regular basis. But on this one particular night, Jason  our Nephew had been lying to us he said he has been taking his medication when he hasn't been. It was raining. My wife told me she caught him upstairs yelling at no one. "Go Away!!, Go Away!, Go Away!!" My wife grabbed him and tried to calm him down when he finally realized who she was he calmed down. I was in my study late at night working on my new short story I had a deadline it had to be on the publishers desk by two weeks. I was in the middle of writing when I heard screams coming from The kitchen. I immediately stopped typing and walked outside my office. "Is everything alright?" I yelled out. No answer. I walked back towards my office when I heard a different noise this time. It sounded like bones snapping. I had a very eerie feeling and had goosebumps It felt like I was having Sleep Paralysis But wasn't asleep. 
I grabbed the flashlight on my desk and turned it on and followed the noise. Lightning flashed outside following the sound of thunder. Rain poured down like a monsoon. I entered the kitchen and flipped on the light switch. I dropped my flashlight as I stare at a puddle of fresh blood on the floor and a terrifying message on the wall

 "The voices within made me" 

I turned around and ran down the hall towards my study. The door was locked. Thunder crackled. Jason then approached me with a butcher Knife in his hand. "Jason out the knife down." I said calmly. "No No No No No NNNOOOOO!" He shouted the house shook. I backed up and felt the door against my back as Jason approached me. I was going to have to wrestle the knife away from him if I wanted him or me to survive. He approached I threw both hands up in a surrendering way. He put the knife to his side. 
I sighed and said "Jason it will be alright just drop the knife know." Jason looked up at me and said "I need to make the voices stop." I reached into my pocket and said "please take the medicine they will help you." "No No No!!!" Jason shouted at me. He raised the knife to his throat. I jumped and tacked him to the ground I forced the knife out of his hand. I ran and locked the knife in a drawer nearby. He was shacking and screaming in the fetal position on the floor. I slowly approached him and picked him up off the ground. "No No No Nooooo!" He started to scream. I brought him into his bedroom and laid him on his bed. 
I locked him in the room for the night for his own protection. After I walked to the kitchen to clean the blood up. The rain had continued to fall. But something caught my eyes outside. I dropped the sponge as I saw a few feet away from the window outside as Lightning flashed My wife was hanging from the tree closest to our House. She was dead. I screamed. I ran outside towards where she was hanging. On the side of the house written in blood was,

"someone is in your house"

I got chills. I ran straight back inside towards Jason's Room. I unlocked the door, he was still shacking. I ran up to him and picked him up and whispered to him "Someone is in the house."  He got scared and we both silently walked outside into the hallway and approached the front door of my house. I grabbed my car keys from our hat rack. We ran to the car as the rain still poured down. I put Jason in the front seat and shut the door. I got in the driver seat shut the door and locked it. I turned the car on but it wouldn't move. "Come on." I shouted hitting the steering wheel. When on the screen of my car said "Low tire Pressure." I opened the door and looked at the back two tires they were almost flat. We weren't going anywhere. Lightning flashed and I noticed another message written in blood 

"The Voices" I turned too Jason. He had a gun in his hands now from my glove box. I slowly approached him. He turned to me and smiled. "Drop the gun" I said. "Bye bye" he said to me as he pointed the gun to me. He pulled the trigger. As thunder crackled and lightning flashed. I fell on the ground dead. Jason got up dropped the magazines on the floor. And walked over to the house and shut the door. Jason went right back to his bedroom and went to bed. Completely ignoring the fact he had just killed in cold blood his uncle and aunt.

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