Scaling the Rock

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My first short story on Booksie. Enjoy!

Submitted: September 26, 2017

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Submitted: September 26, 2017




Marissa groaned in frustration. She’d been at this ledge for over fifteen minutes and could not find any way around it. White powder coated her hands and the rope she held onto for (almost) dear life. How on earth did the other Climbers of the Happy Rock Climbing Club become Rock Masters? For goodness’ sake, Marissa’s test was tomorrow! She had to find a way around this ledge within the next thirty minutes, when her climbing session would have ended. If the rock remained undefeatable… Well, Marissa would not get to be a Rock Master for another two months.

Suddenly, it came to her. If she could just stretch her foot to that ledge, then she could… Marissa fell back to the ground, her rope becoming taut. She had been so close to overcoming the ledge, but at that precise moment, her foot had slipped. The stretch was far. Focus not on the stretch… a Yoda-like voice chanted inside her head. Try again, you will.

Her leg stretched almost into the splits as she pulled her upper body over the ledge. Panting, Marissa hung, suspended for a moment, then heaved herself up and over. Almost there. Now all she had to do was reach the summit.

From the ledge, the wall was a breeze. Marissa scaled the ten feet easily, and on the top of the wall, she stood still, sweaty and out of breath but feeling accomplished. For the last section of the test, all Marissa had to do was dive off the edge above a safety mat with her rope still connected to her harness. After all, Rock Masters got to take trips to real mountains and cliffs, and bungee jumping was a must. Marissa took a deep breath and plunged through the air until her rope snapped her up as her fingertips brushed the safety mat. She bounced a few times, righted herself, then stood on the mat. Marissa unbuckled the rope and watched it zip back up to the top of the wall and over to the other side. Grinning, she exited the climbing area and made her way toward her locker.

“Rock Master… here I come,” she whispered quietly to herself.

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