Rosemarys Garden

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I used to do gardening in Rosemary's garden for quite some time and, you know how it happens, the beautiful area inspired me to write a poem about it.

Submitted: September 27, 2017

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Submitted: September 27, 2017



Rosemary's Garden


In the early morning hours, it dresses up in rays of light

A diamond glittering dress in green and blue and red and white

And many vivid colours more awoken by the sun

The birds start singing everywhere, a new day has begun.


The spring brings snowdrops to the woods, the grass begins to sprout

And trees regain their crown of leaves, the robins fly about

The tulips open, daffodils grow all along the road

Bright Marigolds give vegetable beds a yellow-orange coat

Forget-me-nots begin to bloom, the dandelions too

In places where they shouldn’t be, the pigeons start to coo

White carpets fill the woods with fresh and strong wild garlic smells

Patterns are added to the picture by the blue bells.


May comes with sun and warmth along, the roses open up

Their beauty wins o’er cornflowers and every buttercup

In orange, yellow, pink, red, white their faces can be seen

White lilac adds its scent and beauty to that lovely scene

Daisies lift their heads from stairs and walls made out of stone

These barriers are with roses and with ivy overgrown

The bees are buzzing busily from nectar spring to nectar spring

Birds are nesting, everywhere you hear the love song that they sing.


The autumn shows its face in apples, pumpkins and potatoes

Be quick with harvest or they will be eaten by the crows

The trees are painted, colourful in orange, yellow, red and brown

They form the autumn’s shiny, long, elegant, flowing gown

Golden sunsets come along and quite some rainy day

Trees lose their leaves and fall asleep, with winter comes decay

The colours vanish, grey and greyer turns the garden’s face

On cold days, even snow puts on its filigree of lace.


Eventually, the sun withdraws her spotlight from this jewel

Evening tints everything with blue, the winds begin to cool

The garden goes to sleep, a screech owl starts her longing call

Stars twinkle brightly in sky’s tent, black shadowed trees stand tall

But even if this beauty lies in darkness for the night

The dress of diamonds only waits to be, again, alight.



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