nicola cheers

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nicola really wants to cheer but will her mom understand that not all stereotypes are life guidelines?

Submitted: September 27, 2017

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Submitted: September 27, 2017



“¿Hey chicas, como estas?” I ask as I slide my lunch tray onto the almost-full table, Trying to speak both languages so that the whole table could understand me, we all know how to speak at least a little of spanish and english. “¿hows la classe?”

“Eh, ok,” Lea says timidly, “matemáticas was muy boring,”

My ears are filled with my favorita langues surrounding me. I silently scan the crowd searching for a familiar face.

“Mel, over here!” I shout to be heard over the roar of the crowded café.

“Hey, yo blanco amiga can't sit here, she Blanco,” Anita sneers, “or should I say your little white friend no sit with hispanic girls”

“Are you forgetting that my first language is spanish, Eh?, yo Anita y mi mamá y papá elefante y t??” I fire back my lips curling with distaste. “Oh yo hispanic chica no amigas yo no espanol only ingles si? Lo siento”

What is her problemo? I wonder, Anita is hispanic but my friend the “white girl” can speak better spanish than her?

“I bet you practiced that in the mirror a thousand times before you had the pronunciation down huh?” I say now heated, she has no right to diss my friend like that only because she is a little jealous.

“Yeah,” Lea says her voice now audible, “say something else in el espaol or do you need a mior and a week to practice that”

I smile and wonder where lea got that spunk from.

Anita stutters “uh… uh… amiga… yo...el carpeta?, el yo simpat- no, no...uh..yo amiga stupido… there! Heh, Heh.”

I stifle back a laugh but others seem to not be able to keep theirs back.

“You think were stupid?” Lacy retorts nodding to millicent “ c’mon mil. Let's go find some real amigas.”

I watch Anita’s facer color as she storms after her ex-friends with their, colorful, words falling deaf to her ears.

“Hey Como Estas, What was that?” Mel asks sliding into the empty seat next to me.

“I dunno” I whisper answering both her questions.


I set my bag down on the kitchen counter next to my mom.

“Mom can I do a sport this year, some of my frie-?”

“NO.” Her voice hard and cold mine pleading

“Mamma Bu-”

“NO.” Cold Ice cold, no hint of warmth in this icy tundra.

I go to bed cold, hungry and unwanted.

“Tighter,” Coach screams, “squeeze your butt”

I do what coach says and push up off the ground. I set my gaze to the tree tops and smile as they wave back to me. I snap back to reality and finish my stunt.

“Nicola? NIC!” My mother screams as she shakes me awake, ”Time for school, You’ve better get 100% on your examen or you're grounded!”

“Common Por favor niñita, mommy’s got a estómago hurt” Claudia pleads her accent strong and loud, ”You have to get good grade so mommy can speak ingles too.”

I roll and land on the floor in a pile of sheets. A plan already formed in my head.

I rush into the office and wait at the counter for the ever busy secretary to finish up her call, the Homeroom bell rings over head but I don't hear it. Finally she finishes and I get the paperwork. I touch the envelope in my worn down backpack and hope that I saved enough money from birthday’s and christmas’ and that there’s enough left over from Claudia’s grabby hands to cover the cost.

I run to the girl’s bathroom to fill out the paperwork “CR*P!” I swear as the 1st bell rings and I run to class.


“Hey I’m Nicola, I was wondering who I should give this form to?” I ask to the nearest person who seems to know what's going on.

ON. THE BLEACHERS, GIRLS. NOW! The girl screams to answer my question “Oh and B.T.W. I’m the Assistant Coach C.C. but most girls call me Hard C,ACC or some other choice words.”

I smile feeling that I’ll fit in immediately.

“OK Newbies,” CC yells over the nervous chit-chat, “Now, I know you chipmunks are nervous but today all that we’ll do is stretch and show you are old routine for Comp.”

I’m immediately impressed with the routine and I’m pumped to start stunting.

“OK chips let's line up and I better see some tight cleans or your off the team ” *pause* “Ok, I was just reminded that I can't boot you from the team BUT we’ll have conditioning for a week!”

As she passes over me she mutters FLIER and I immediately start to squeal. I definitely get weird glances but I was too happy to care. I stretch and realize that I’ve lost a bit of my split and that my cartwheels aren't as good.

I get into my stretching routine and I hope that we will begin stunting soon.


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