As The Rain falls

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16 year old boy encounters a little girl abandoned and alone. little did he know that this ordinary girl has experienced things normal humans haven't. Her parents sold her soul to the devil for
fame and money. Now Jamie is caught up in the middle of a battle for her soul as he tries to protect her from the monsters that lurk in the underworld.

Submitted: September 27, 2017

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Submitted: September 27, 2017



As the rain falls I tend to be outside, the rain helps me clear my mind of all of the things that are currently happening in my life. Its perfect. As I walked home from school I caught a glimpse of a young girl, not past fourteen sitting in a corner alone. She sat next to glass, garbage and a vial full of something. But I kept walking… I don’t know why but I couldn't stop, I just...kept walking. The rain fell harder than before, soon drowning out all of the noise from the city. I felt alone, minus the tiny footsteps that followed behind me. I didn't want to look back or something wasn't letting me look back so I froze. Then I turned and was shocked to find the young girl behind me holding a vial filled with an unknown liquid, or more and unknown gas. She cried, but this time was different it didn't look like she wanted to cry. This dark black mist enveloped her completely. The mist spread from her white hair, down her glistening grey eyes, to her torn and ripped clothing and down to her bare feet. So...I cried, but didn't know why. The tears left my eyes like water pouring down a waterfall during a storm. This sense of dread,hatred,love and fear entered my heart like rays of sunshine through clouds after a rainy day. But then my heart dropped to my feet along with all my sanity. I grabbed her hand and took her to my apartment. “ Help me please.” those words she told me right before i lost it all left me rattled. The words just kept bouncing around my head and hitting all of my emotions. Help Me please, i was only 16 and living alone what could i do. Help me Please, I knew that i couldn't but i didn't care. Help me Please, I'll help her even if it means becoming insane. That's the promise i made that day, to help her. I don't know what i was helping her with, but i was going to help her somehow. As we entered my apartment complex we passed the woman living next to me but she didn't seem to notice the girl besides me which seemed odd. I shrugged it off and entered the elevator and proceeded to go up to the 14th floor. As we moved up the silence in the elevator was chilling, so i decided to break the ice with the girl. “My names Jamie, i'm sixteen and live alone so don't be suprised too much when you see my apartment he h-”

“I’m becky, i'm 14 and have nobody to live with.” Her voice was so soft but sorrowful, it sounded like it hurt when she spoke. She proceeded to speak, “My parents abandoned me i was 13.” It sounded like she didn't want to speak but i probed deeper. “, so where are your parents?” “Dead.” Those words left her mouth before i could fully comprehend it was her that spoke. “What do you mean dea-” The elevator door opened before i could finish talking so i cut it and left the elevator. We proceeded down the hall towards apartment 14E and i noticed that she didn't smell. As weird as that may sound she may have had torn and wet clothes but she didn't smell bad. In fact she smelled just fine, she smelled like rain on grass or concrete after a rainy day. As i put the key and turned the knob i could hear her let out a sigh of relief. “I thought you were going to be like the others. Ive had alot of people want to help me but right before we entered they always tried to grab me or force me in.” “That's some scary stuff, but don't worry i’m not like that.” i could hear it in her voice she has been through alot so i want to really help her get through this. We entered my apartment and she froze in amazement. You could see the glitter in her eyes and her face just brighten up even if just a little. All over the walls i have tons of posters of anime, movies and video games. “Sorry about all this but i did warn you, i'm a 16 year old boy living alone so i had to spice it up a bit.” “wow” those were her only words for about 10 minutes as i gave her a tour of the house. “Sorry if this is a bit much but, i don't have family that i care about anymore and you're the only person to ever actually help and want to know about me. Thank You.” her words only managed to fuel the fire burning inside of me. “ Of course you can stay here as long as you want, for now i'll be your fami-... Sorry that's a bit much and sudden.” “No, it's not thank you. You've done more than my family ever has. I'll be happy to at least call you my brother.” She smiled. Her smile lit up the whole room and i just stood there mesmerized not knowing what to say or do. I'm an honest and not to emotional guy, but that's the first time i was ever speechless.  I showed her the bathroom and gave her some of my clothes to put on at least. “Sorry i don't really have any girl clothes, tomorrow we can go shopping. I'll get you some. “Really!! Thank you Jamie.” “ Of course, that's what a brother’s for.” while she took her shower i started up dinner to at least fill her probably empty stomach. While i was chopping up some lettuce i looked up and my eyes focused on the vial she was carrying. It still contained that dark substance that seemed alive somehow. I didn't touch it, it belonged to becky so i didn't want to snoop as the older person here. I continued cooking but the vial called to me. I looked up and in the blink of an eye i was holding the vial in my hand next to my couch. I don't know how i got here or why but i opened the vial. The dark mist rushed out like smoke through a chimney. It surrounded me and entered my mouth, it entered through my nose, my ears, my eyes even my skin. I couldn't breath i felt like i was suffocating... then it all stopped. I could feel something inside my blood moving with me it felt strange. I called out to becky to finish her shower so she can explain to me what the hell just happened. She walked out with her hair still drooping wet with one of my shirts and boxers on. “What's wrong Jami-” her face suddenly went pale. She looked down at the vial which is now empty on the floor and froze. I asked her what was in that vial multiple times before she snapped out of it. “A Demon.”


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