Wretched Minds

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Submitted: September 27, 2017

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Submitted: September 27, 2017



Chapter 1

Is this a dream?

A sick twisted dream?

Could it be possible my ex-lover, the man of my miraculous dreams be standing in my presence? The almighty,Leotol, leader of the western province of Ercanel. It has been so long since I have laid my eyes on him. Even as I looked upon him now my heart pounded wildly and I felt the hole I had slowly patched up become open again.

  It felt like hours of us staring at each other. Him with that signature cocky grin. And then there was me. Meek, quiet, and all around confused.

I carefully gazed at his well-sculpted face. His long blond tousled hair was whipping across his face. His grin still held that boyish charm from when we were younger. His black captivating eyes were like little pebbles from off the land. He still looked the same...But did he still act the same? Was he still the heart breaker that I knew?

  Is this the same ruler that I fell for time and time again?

"You know, Yulissa, you haven't changed much, my dear." His deep voice rose, taunting me. Whispering for me to inch closer to him.

I was stronger than I was long ago. All that time without him. The man continued to speak when he noticed I would not give him any reaction.

"My little dear, why don't you seem happy to see me? You have grown nicely," He stalked towards me, but I kept my ground," Your hair has grown, its more of a russet color now isn't it?" He picked a string of my curls and sniffed it. I flinched back.

He then dropped the hair and rubbed his thumb upon my lower lip. I shivered. He leaned extremely close to me. 
"Your lips are fuller."

He then brought both hands to my sides.
"So much curvier. Sexier."

He brought one hand to my thigh inching dangerously close to a certain area--.

"Stop! Keep your freaking hands off me!" I screeched.

"But you love it when I touch you there. Don't you remember how much fun it was when--" Leotol was interrupted by the entrance door opening.

A small petite figure was standing there.
"Your Leadership I'm sorry for interrupting you and my Lady, but the council told me to send for you both. You are to attend the meeting as of now." The nymph like figure explained.

Oh thank the gods!
I was finally to escape Leotol's attacks.

Or so I believed.

I was slowly walking to the small girl when I heard the infuriating beast speak again. I slowly turned around.

"Thank you, my little friend. Be sure to let them know the love of my life and I will be joining them shortly. Oh and don't let anyone disturb us." And with that he closed the entrance door.

"What the hell is wrong with you? You do not love me. You never have and you never will. I realized that long ago. Why must you spread such rumors? You know as much as I do how you really feel!" I reprimanded Leotol.

He looked at me and smirked.

"That's not true..." I cut him off before he could feed me more lies.

"Save it! I've gone years without you in my life now. Those have been the happiest years of my life. Just because you now rule the entire Western lands of Ercanel does not mean you rule me. You will take over my heart no more!" 





That is all that followed after I told Leotol off. His gaze was serious yet it held a deeper emotion.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

"I... Yuli.. That was the past. You have to forgive me for that. You know my father wanted--" Leotol said but I cut him off with a sharp slap to his right cheek. A small tear streaming down my face because of the nickname he called me.

"That is your damned problem now! You expect everyone to just forgive you without a single resignation of what you've done wrong. It’s not that easy and simple in life Leotol. There are people out there with feelings. And what do you go out and do? You crush every single morsel of hope and love within sight." I reprimanded.

"No! You don't have the right to say that Yulissa! You know what happened wasn't just my fault. You are not innocent in this either." Leotol growled back. I took a step back. I had no idea Leotol had backed me up into a corner. Now are chest were against one another.

"Are we talking about the people that were killed in that genocide or that failed attempt and sorry excuse of a relationship we had. If we can even call it that." I whispered. I was taking small breaths in an attempt to keep myself under control but it wasn't really working.

He knew.

He leaned down to touch me and that's when my father arrived.



Chapter 3

Father always admired Leotol. Only heaven knows why. So it came to no surprise when my father's grin turned wider than an old world English crescent when he took notice of our rather close proximity.

"Leotol, my boy, Yulissa did not inform me of your arrival. What a pleasant surprise!" my father cheered.

"I was as just as unaware of his being here, father. I would of preferred it that way too." I grumbled staring up at the tall man I once called 'The love of my life'.

"Well, Leotol, what brings you here? Since you conquered the last of Zyrenia no one has heard from you." My father questioned Leotol and I could hear the curiosity in his voice.

  Zyrenia was the last continent that stood aside from Ercanel that was a free land. Amongst Ercanel there were seven other lands that were free. Leotol was now ruler over Zyrenia and Nexia, the neighbouring  land to Ercanel. The other lands being Rexil, Posperous, Dexine, and Masom.

My father was the leader of the group that governed Ercanel. That group was now called League of Axis.

"Ah, Merril, you are a sight for sore eyes. But... My reason for being here is rather unpleasant." Leotol no longer held a smirk but a grim expression. Suddenly my whole demeanor felt dark as well. As if the sun that was shining so brightly had left me and took the burning light with it.

I remember when Leotol and I were a bit younger and how are emotions impacted one another.

  At the age of sixteen, I remember laying across my bed with Leotol. He layed diagonally his head rested upon my most comfortable pillow, his right arm under his head and left around my waist. I was currently sprawled on top of his chest. Enjoying the moment.


Embracing one another.

  "Do you really want to rule over all your father has conquered?" I asked shyly. He gave me a sad smile as his intense eyes locked onto my plain, regular ones.

  "You know I have no choice Yuli. It's already been determined for me rather I like it or not. Father is already placing me to be part of the official council." He sighed.

  He was frustrated and watching him go through this was hard on me, as well. I have been trying to comfort him with both of us knowing how this might end. The responsibilities, the officials watching his every move, people determining if he was a tyrant or not. It all could get restless and Leotol was going to need all the help he could get.

So I supported him. I ranted with him. Most importantly, I was there for him.

At this very moment I felt like we were back in time. Me; feeling like I had to be there for him.

But for what?

I know it would just go unappreciated. So why should I bother?

Youlove him... that's why, idiot. My inner me was thinking.

  "As you may know, my Father has put me in charge of some lands. Well, those lands are starting to rebel. We might need some Militia from Ercanel to restrain them. Father's orders." Leotol gave my father a small smile. My father now looked rather pale. It was because of the mention of the militia.

They were supposed to be around to protect yet they did anything but that. They were murderers, inhumane people, and I never wanted to have to deal with them.

They were one of the reasons why Leotol and I were restraining from being around one another in the first place. 

  I remember a time when my life was easy. Well,as easy as an high official's daughter life can be. Now I'm filled with the life of official documents, state meetings, and public displays and events to attend to maintain the image of her family and the rest of important officials.

  The militia were first formed by Leotol's father, Lexus. He formed the group to protect us. Then they started killing people. Even... No!

  I have to forget. I have to...





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