Best Friends? Or More Than That?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

After years of not seeing each other for years, Max and Sophie finally reunite.

Submitted: September 27, 2017

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Submitted: September 27, 2017



So obviously, I have a best friend, just like everyone else. He has been away for five years and he is finally coming home. I was really excited and really nervous at the same time, even though I wasn't going to see him until that night. I went totally crazy in preparing my family to receive him and when he finally came the first thing I did was hug him and I said: "Oh my God, I haven't seen you in forever."

"Yeah I know, I've really missed you. So, what have you been up to?"

"Ummm, not much, what about you?"

"There's something I’ve wanted to show for a long time, but you will have to come with me if you want to know what it is."

"Ok, but tell me where are we going first."

"Sorry, can't do that, it will ruin the whole surprise. You'll just have to trust me."

"That's ok, you know I trust you."

He then blindfolded me, grabbed my hand and started to guide me to this mysterious place. We were walking for a quite a while but I didn’t care, because I trust him more than anyone in this world. We even got into a car at some point, but I still didn't care about it. I was just wondering what this mysterious place was, but I couldn't figure it out. When we got there, he helped me get out of the car and he told me to stand there and wait for him to tell me to take the blindfold off. When he told me I took it off and I exactly knew where we were. It was the place where we had met. I had absolutely no idea why we were there, but I wanted to find out so I didn't left, and then he started: "Sophie, this is the place where it all started, the place where we met, and the place where I could finally understand love. Sophie, I know that boy-girl friendship can be quite complicated some times and I guess this is one of those times, because we are here because I wanted to tell you that I fell in love with you in this exact same place and this exact same day. I'm sorry but I just couldn't help myself."

"Wait, you're in love with me? Wow, Max, this is a lot to take in and to be honest I have no idea how to react to this. I didn't expect this at all, I thought that we were just going to have dinner to catch up on our lives, I didn't expected a declaration from you."

"Hey, hey, that's ok, I knew you weren't expecting it, which was the whole point of this to surprise you at our spot. I wasn't expecting any special answer from you, I just wanted to tell you how I feel. So calm down because this isn't the end of our friendship, I've been in love with you for the past five years and I want to be with you, but if you don’t feel the same way, then I still want to be friends with you, no matter what."

"Wow, but you didn't gave me clue that you felt this way for five years, how do you expect me to believe you about his? I mean yes, this is our spot, but we use to come here every single day before you went away, so please tell me how can I believe you."

"Sophie, the first thing that I wanted to do was to bring here and tell you how I feel, because I couldn't hide it anymore and you know that I would never lie to you with something like this. We made a promess that if one of us ever got feelings for the other person we will tell each other, but just if it doesn't go away and for five years I hoped that it was just something that will go away, but it has only become stronger and even stronger now that I'm standing here with you. Sophie, I know you may have no reason to believe me, but I'm asking you to believe me, please..."

"Ok, let’s say that for a minute that I believe you. What do you want me to do? Be with you, knowing that if we broke up that would be the end of our friendship, Max I don't want for our friendship to end."

"Ok, but what if it isn't? What if we get married and have kids? What if this the beginning to something awesome? To something that will only make you happier? I know there are risks at this, but I think that we should give it a shot. You know, the best couples that I’ve ever seen are the ones that were best friends before they started dating."

"But if we are not one of those couples, things can end good but also really bad and I don't want for things to end really bad, I want to always have you in my life. Not like that people that think about someone and think 'Oh, I wonder what her life must be like now' no, I want to always have you in my life."

"And you will always have me, no matter what happens, I will always be there. Sophie, I love you more than anyone I’ve ever loved in this world and I always want you around. I will always need you." He said while getting closer to me.

"I know, I know, I just don't want things getting weird between us."

"They won't get weird, they will just get better." He said while leaning towards me and he kissed me and I kissed him back.

"Oh my God, what did we just did?" I suddenly said freaking out.

"Hey calm down, it’s not like if I have a girlfriend."

"Yeah, I know, the thing is that I kissed you back Max and it felt good, it felt really good, if felt like if it was meant to be."

"Really? Then let's try that again." He kissed me again.

"Look, it still felt good, but I still need to think about this. So just let think straight about this and we will meet here tomorrow at 8 a.m. to see if it still feels the same way."

"Ok, sounds great, see ya tomorrow."

After that we went to have dinner and forgot that awkward for a few hours. Later he dropped me off at my house and while saying goodbye to Max, he tried to kiss me but I pushed him back. I don't why but that night I couldn't get him out of my head, I was just thinking of the possibilities of what could've happened if I didn't stopped him. All night I stopped him from kissing me, but now I wanted to kiss him. I don't know maybe I'm still caught up in the moment or maybe I'm just crazy. This was distracting me from everything, I barely even slept that night thinking about Max. The next morning I woke up really early and went straight to the place where we met and waited for him to get there. When he finally arrived, he said: "Hey! Sorry my parents wouldn't let me out of the house until I finished the giant breakfast me mom made for me."

"Hey, that's ok. Let's just do this and get it all over."

He then slowly leaned over to me, like if this was some crazy romantic moment from a movie. When he finally kissed me, it felt the exact same way as the night before, I don't know maybe I have feelings for Max. This is crazy I can't have feelings for my best friend, this can ruin everything but it can also make things better. I don't know, all of this is insane. When he stopped, he said: "So, how did it felt?"

"It felt the exact same way as last night. It felt like if it was meant to be." I answered.

"Really? Then I guess we should give it a shot."

"I guess we should, but what if it doesn't works?"

"Sophie, stop worrying about things you don't have control of."

"I know that I shouldn't, but you know I can't avoid it."

"Yeah, I know, but try to avoid it, at least this time, for me." He said while grabbing me by the waist and pulling me closer to him.

"Ok, I'll try, for you."

We spent the rest of the day together, in the park. Lying in the grass, thinking about what could’ve happened if he had told me before how he felt. That night our families were waiting for us, we spent the whole day talking and we lost track of time. We had no idea that it was time to go to dinner, until my mom called and asked me where I was, I told her I was on my way. First, Max dropped me off at my house so that I could get ready and he picked me up a few minutes later. We entered the restaurant together, holding hands. When our families saw us, they looked as if they were thinking 'what the hell is wrong with this two?’ I knew it was kind of weird for them to see us like that, but was it that weird? We all had dinner together, but nobody said anything about us flirting all night, they just looked at us. At the end of the night, Max’s mom couldn't hide it anymore, and asked: "Ok, I can't take it anymore, what the hell is wrong with you two?"

"Mom, what's wrong?" Max answered.

"It's just that you guys have been flirting all night and I don't know, I just need an answer, are you two together now?" Max’s mom asked.

"Yes mom, we are together." Max answered.

"Wait, what? Since when?" My mom suddenly asks.

"Since this morning." I answered.

"If you are together now, why didn't you told us?" My mom asked.

"Because it barely happened this morning and we spent the whole the together and we lost track of time." Max answered.

"I knew you two were going to end up together, it was so obvious since the beginning." Max’s little sister Katie said, looking really happy about it.

"Really? Why do you think it was so obvious Katie?" I asked.

"Because you guys are perfect for each other. You like the same stuff, for the love of God you even want to study the same career. It actually surprises me that he told you until now how he feels." Katie answered.

"Wait, you knew I was in love with Sophie the whole time? Why didn't you said anything?" Max asked.

"Of course I knew, I know my brother and I know when you have feelings for a girl. The thing is that this time I know that your feelings for Sophie are stronger than the feelings you've ever had for any other girl. I didn't said anything, because I wanted for you to figure out what to do on your own." Katie answered.

"Are you serious? This whole time you knew how felt and you knew that I needed help to understand all of it, but you didn't helped me? You watched me struggle with this for years, but you still wouldn't help me." Max asked, sounding really mad at Katie.

"No, I didn't wanted to help you, I wanted for you to figure it out on your own, so that you could finally face your feelings for someone by your own." Katie answered.

"Ok, but tell me, how did you knew that I had feelings for Sophie?" Max asked.

"Oh for the love of God, you are always so obvious when you have feelings for a girl. You can't hide it." Max’s mom answered.

"Really? But my question is how did she knew that were feelings towards Sophie?" Max asked again.

"I knew, because you always send so obvious signs about who it is." Katie answered.

"What signs?" My mom asked.

"He always talk about the girl the whole freaking day, he always wants to be with her, he even writes about her, but he only says qualities of that girl. I know Sophie so well that immediately I knew it was her." Katie answered

"Wait, how could possibly know me so well if we don't even talk that much." I asked.

"Because my brother talks about you all the time, and now it's like I know you." Katie answered.

"Wow, do you really talk that much about me?" I asked Max.

"Well, for the past six years I have." Max answered.

"Oh my God you are so freaking cute right now." I said to Max.

"Really? You really think I'm cute?" Max asked me.

"Of course I do, why wouldn't I?" I asked Max.

"Because you're not in love with him." Katie said.

"What do you know? Maybe I love him, maybe I do. Maybe this feeling inside me is real." I said to Katie.

"I know that it is real, because my brother is the most amazing guy you will ever be with, nobody knows you as well as he does, nobody understands you as well as he does." Katie said to me, sounding a little mad.

"How did you knew that? How did you knew that he understands me better than anyone?" I asked Katie.

"Because it's obvious Sophie." Katie answered.

The rest of the night of the night was pretty awkward. Everyone except Max and I was trying to avoid the fact that we were dating. I hated that everyone did that, we were happy, but was like if everyone didn't wanted for us to be happy. I think that were mad us but to be honest I have no idea why. All of this is crazy. I wanted for our families to be happy about us, but I guess they couldn't.

A few months later, our parents said that they wanted to see us. We had no idea why, but we were really worried. Mas said that maybe it was because they wanted to tell us that they wanted for us to break up, but we agreed that even if they say that we wouldn't break up. Finally the night came and we went to the restaurant where they wanted to see us. We sat and I couldn't wait, so I said: "Ok, let’s just get this all over with and tell us why you wanted to see us."

"Fine, we wanted to see you because we talked a lot and we decided that we are happy that you two are dating." My dad answered.

"Wait, what? We thought you called us because you wanted us to break up." Max said

"No, we just want what we always wanted, for you two to be happy." Max’s dad answered.

"Are you serious? You have been angry at us for the past few months and now out of nowhere you are happy for us, I don't believe this." Max answered being really mad.

"Yeah, I mean, it wouldn't make sense for us to be mad at you if that wouldn't change anything, so we decided to support you, even though we're not okay with this." My mom said.

"Mom, you have to stop doing this..." I said.

"Doing what?" My mom asked.

"At first you are always upset with the things I do, but later since you realize you have no choice but to be ok with it, you start supporting me with my decision. Why don't you support me since the beginning?" I said to my mom.

"I can't because you are my little girl, and with every decision you make, you're growing up and you're one step closer to leaving." My mom answered.

"Wow, do you all feel the same way?" Max asked.

"Of course, we don't want for you two to leave." My dad answered.

"You shouldn't worry about that, because even if we leave, we will find our way back here." Max said.

"But what if you don't?" Max’s mom asked.

"We will always find our way back here, this is where we belong, and this is our home." I answered.

"Ok, now you both have our complete support." My mom said.

"Thanks mom." I said.

"Ok, now that we have your approval, I have something important to say, Sophie I've been in love with for five years and yes we are young, but I don't want to wait anymore so..." Max knelt and continued "- Sophie, would you make me the luckiest and happy man on this earth and marry me?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" I said crying.

"Wait, did someone here knew about this?" I asked everyone. My dad raised his hand.

"I knew about since last week, you two always had my support, but at the same I didn't wanted to disagree with your mother. So, when he called and said that had something important that he wanted to talk about, I told him to meet at my office. When he asked for my permission to marry you, I couldn't be happier that he was the one that was asking and I gave him my blessing." My dad answered.

"Thanks dad." I said.

So, that's our story until the day that we got engaged. Those were some really hard days, but can't imagine it any other way, to me, our story is perfect. Max is the guy that makes me happy, the only one that has the capacity of making me laugh in the worst moments, the only one that can get make get out of this world full of pain and go into a new one, where everything is easier. In the end, Max was right, all of that was just the beginning to something so much better.

© Copyright 2020 gloriapadilla5. All rights reserved.

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