Nicola 2

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Nic is back!

Submitted: September 28, 2017

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Submitted: September 27, 2017



As she passes over me she mutters FLIER and I immediately start to squeal. I definitely get weird glances but I was too happy to care. I stretch and realize that I’ve lost a bit of my split and that my cartwheels aren't as good.

I get into my stretching routine and I hope that we will begin stunting soon.

“You Buta, you lie, you sneak, you go behind Mama's back, why you can cheer?”

“Buh-Buttttt I paid for everything. I thought I got everything set in concrete. Ho-How did you find out?” I ask, my hard shell shattering without hope of recognition, exposing how weak I really am.

“You Need MY parent permission!” To that I lower my eyes to show that I am shamed and that I understand that I was wrong.

“Why do you wanna animador? To get a novio? To corner and jump in faldas escasas?”

I feel my face heat but I bite my tongue.


“Por que no me respondes?”


*why you no respond to me?*

“I thought I raised you to be a respectable Hispanic baby girl but noooooooo you just have to cheer *scoffs* Why? Answer me Nicola Why?”


Puedo sentir la ira de la bilis elevar en mi voz, "Porque cuando me animo puedo olvidar que tengo una madre que sólo se preocupa cuando es convient. Por fin, por primera vez en mi vida como yo pertenezco, como yo actually tener una familia" I stomp away before hot tears stains my face.


*I can feel the bile anger raise in my voice, “Because when I cheer I can forget that I have a mother who only cares when it is convenient. I finally for the first time in my life like I belong, like I actually have a family” I stomp away before the hot tears stain my face.*


I open the door slightly only to have it shoved open and a ball of fur shot from the door. I open my eyes to see a tiny black nose and grass all around me. “Nala you scared me” I say holding back a laugh at the pug on my chest. “I hope you didn't let chubbo out” I warn eyeing the door cautiously as I pick up Nala and my heavy backpack. “Purr...Hiss” is all I hear from the ground below me as I walk into the worn-down building I’ve been exiled to. Unsurprisingly it's silent. “Chubbo you know you aren’t allowed out” I whisper as I grab her from her scruff and drag her back inside still unsettled by the unnatural silence. She isn't really fat just when we found her we didn't know she was expecting, “Nala leave preggo alone we’d do the same for you,” As If Chubbo could understand me she mews painfully as she retreats into the darkness of the house. I hold Nala close to me and a silent tear slides down my cheek. Why can't Claudia love me like a real mom would? A real mom would let me cheer so I wouldn’t have to sneak behind her back.


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